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America At War

Reverand Oliver quote, from the movie, 'The Patriot.'


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·This Is War·
September 11, 2001

September 11, 2002

·Do You Still Remember?·
September 11, 2003

·Remember 9/11: Stop
sanitizing the killers
September 11, 2004

·The Clash of Ideologies·
September 11, 2005

September 11, 2006

·September 11, 2001:
What We Saw
September 11, 2007

·Patriot's Day Message·
September 11, 2008

·Peace Through Strength
Ronald Reagan
September 11, 2009

·A Rear-guard Action·
September 11, 2010
·The Last Crusade?·
September 11, 2011
·Political slogans are
not enough.
September 11, 2012
·Elie Wiesel: Stop Iran
from Going Nuclear
September 11, 2013
September 11, 2014
·Stop Pretending Terrorism Has
Nothing To Do With Islam
September 11, 2015
·Fifteen Years after 9/11,
and America Still Sleeps
September 11, 2016
·Terrorism: When Truth Disappears·
September 11, 2017
·Another Year of the War in Afghanistan·
September 11, 2018
·The New Face of Terrorism in 2019·
September 11, 2019
Ron Paul: Twenty Years On, We've Learned Nothing From 9/11·
September 11, 2021

America At War is hosted by a long term registered FR activist
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The Rain Is Falling... As In The Days Of Noah

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Salem the Soldier's Homepage

"There is no longer any room in the world for a merely external form of Christianity, based upon custom. The world is entering upon a period of catastrophe and crisis when we are being forced to take sides, and in which a higher and more intense spiritual life will be demanded of Christians." — Alexander Berdyaev (1874-1948)

The American Flag

"...A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war,
and a time of peace...." [Ecclesiates 3:8]

A collection of resources, in response to the Islamic supremacist attack on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and America, for the American Christian Church leadership and ministerial community. We walk the spiritual wall around the nation and the Christian community therein. That wall has now been breached!

This site, being a community effort, is being constantly updated as the worldwide scenario unfolds, changing events warrant it, and the war is executed.


"Jesus said unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. "[John 14:6]

"Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that enters not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbs up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber. ... Then said Jesus unto them again, Verily, verily, I say unto you, I am the door of the sheep." [John 10:1 & 7]

"Be watchful, and strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to die: for I have not found thy works perfect before God." [Rev. 3:2]


The Clash of Ideologies"It is also my hope that this book will help both Christians and non-Christians to clarify their own values as they compare the scriptures of the Bible and the Sura of the Qu'ran, as well as their historical framework, as they witness the 'Clash of Ideologies' between the worlds of Christianity and Islam. ...And so it is today, in the name of wealth, churches are accepting all religions as equal. It was then as it is today expensive to be a believing Christian."

"This book is about the call of Christians and Jews alike to study the history and to 'Wake Up!' and not bow blindly to circumstances. For both, whatever happened in history was always a signal to check again through the moral and defining lens of God's Word. They prayed for deliverance, for a change of kings and battle lines. They interceded against the sins of people, so that God's will would be done where it was not yet done on earth."

"The 9/11 Commission report argues that we have to fight this war on two fronts. We must use intelligence, military, financial and diplomatic capacities to fight Al Queda. That is where most of the media attention is focused. But the bigger fight is with a hostile belief system that cannot be reasoned with, but can only be 'destroyed or utterly isolated.'" [David J. Jonsson - The Clash of Ideologies]

"From a global perspective of current events affecting the Church, our times are not unlike those of two thousand years ago. At the end of the first century, forces inside and out weakened the early Church. Natural disasters, persecution, and the rise of numerous heresies threatened it. Then, within a period of six centuries, a new force arrived on the scene—Islam. For most Muslims, the Qur'an is their manifesto. The "Clash of Ideologies" thus began and continues today." [Back cover - The Clash of Ideologies]

Leaving Islam: Apostates Speak Out (Hardcover) by Ibn Warraq.

AMERICA AT WAR is listed in Ibn Warraq's "Leaving Islam - Apostates Speak Out." We are included in the "Sites Critical of Islam" area under appendices. If Muslims are free to practice Islam within the United States, they are also free to leave Islam, without threat or coercion, in a sincere individual quest for truth. May we all continue to have an impact in this regard!

Church Security emblem
  Church Security Issues  

In the geo-political arena, when Israel finally moves to strike Iran, there will be repercussions here in the United States. Islamists are already attacking Christian churches across the Middle East, and indeed the globe. An attack on Iran by Israel will automatically be connected in the Islamic terrorist's mind to American support for the Jewish state. Islamist proxies within the U.S., some already visible, will no doubt be incited to engage in overt actions against the most visible representation of America's Christian heritage—not "malls" or "sports events" or any other target secular thinkers within law enforcement might come up with—but our many churches. Especially large, high-profile, Biblical, Evangelical independent ministries.

It is imperative the "sheep dogs" of the Spirit-filled Church in America prepare themselves to face this inevitable threat. We all know Islamist terrorist elements are out there, shielded by the suffocating political correctness in American secular culture as well as legal attack dogs like the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) who at this point have escaped the noose of legal justice.

Below are some resources from a growing pool for church security professionals to start to address this new critical aspect of ministry administration:

  • California Penal Code Section 302
    [Check your state's penal code for similar laws and prosecute aggressive offenders! Or prepare to endure the consequences.] (a) Every person who intentionally disturbs or disquiets any assemblage of people met for religious worship at a tax-exempt place of worship, by profane discourse, rude or indecent behavior, or by any unnecessary noise, either within the place where the meeting is held, or so near it as to disturb the order and solemnity of the meeting, is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars ($1,000), or by imprisonment in a county jail for a period not exceeding one year, or by both that fine and imprisonment.
    Sheepdog Seminars for Churches
  • Sheepdog Seminars for Churches
    We are building a community of leaders who God has called to protect His flock.
  • Carl Chinn - Evil Invades Sanctuary
    Chinn works for LONG Building Intelligence—providing technical security solutions for commercial facilities throughout Colorado. He also travels and speaks at national conferences on the subject of real life lessons learned in the ministry security incidents experienced. - Author's extensive study maintained on website referred to by the Washington Post as the most comprehensive collection of serious criminal attacks on churches available in 2009.
  • National Association of Church Security
    National Association of Church Security provides strategies, education, tools, training, intelligence, and networking necessary to maximize safety and security for a variety of ministries.
  • Congregational Security Inc.
    CSI is a premier umbrella organization assisting religious institutions with an array of security needs.
  • Christian Security Network
    To provide Christian churches, schools, ministries, and missionaries with training, information and resources to become safer and better prepared in today's world of risks.
  • The National Organization of Church Security and Safety Management, LLC
    NOCSSM is the oldest and most respected name in Church Security. NOCSSM reflects real world professional church security experience in some of the largest churches in America.
  • Church Security Member
    Join the Church Security Alliance. Discover best practices for church security, safety, and medical team development.
  • Church Security Alliance
    Churches can no longer afford to ignore their security. If you have been asked to assist in writing church security policy, provide security, build a team, or do anything related to church security, then you need to see these three videos.
  • www.ChurchSafety.com
    Learn more about ChurchSafety.com and how its tools, resources, and expert advice will help your ministry.
  • Inter-Faith Intruder Response
    Our mission in providing "Inter-Faith Intruder Response" as well as "Church Security" training/consulting is based on Matthew 10:16 (NJKV version)
  • Church Security Services (CSS)
    Providing Church Security Resources and Defensive Tactics - Church Security Services was formed to help churches handle dangerous situations that occur on your church campus.
  • Savior Protection Ministries, LLC
    The primary focus of Savior Protection Ministries is to equip the Faith Based community to maintain safe environments and protect them from potential harm, spiritually, physically, and civilly.
  • Tina Lewis Rowe - Church Security
    Since I developed the document, How to Conduct a Safety and Security Assessment of a Place of Worship, it has been distributed on various sites including this one—and forwarded by many people to other congregations—to well over 5,000 places of worship of all sizes and in all settings. That is very gratifying!

    Author Pablo Birriel has a powerful, compassionate and surprisingly Christlike take on protecting our churches and leaders. The Ministry of Defense is a practical and thorough guide to security in the house of God. Current affairs show an increase of violence against churches and men and women of God. This book will show any security operative how to effectively protect his or her ministry, members and leaders from an extensive list of attacks and events from fire and medical emergencies to armed attackers and explosives.

    Si vis pacem, para bellum - Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus

America At War

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America At War

These Are Priority Items To Read!

Nabeel Qureshi    

  • "Reaching Muslims Through Jesus."

    Nabeel Qureshi shares his testimony of converting from Islam to Christianity and why the resurrection makes all the difference. His riveting testimony on Good Friday, March 29, 2013, before the congregation of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California.

  • "Taqiyya and Kitman - Then no Arab, Christian or otherwise, can ever really be trusted."

    Did "Son of Hamas" Mosab Hassan Yousef dupe the counter-jihad movement?

    "Few have missed the online cluster that has ensued between well-known "ex-terrorist" Walid Shoebat and Mosab Hassan Yousef, son of jailed Hamas terrorist leader Sheikh Hassan Yousef. Both are high-profile converts to Christianity, live in the United States, and well-known as speakers in Evangelical Christian forums. I have heard them both speak.

    The tumult ensued when Shoebat, writing at PajamasMedia.com, citing largely circumstantial evidence (old video interviews), basically accused the young believer Yousef of being a fraud and "double agent." The requisite sinister picture of Yousef accompanying the article rounded out the solemn tone of Shoebat's article.... "

    Why Allah Can't Fight For Himself [.PDF]
    Why Allah Can't Fight For Himself [.PDF]



            This is a .PDF file I recently found on an old computer of mine. It was produced in 2002 by then online friend, Paul J. Tetreault, Jr., Esq. It was originally produced to be printed out as a pamphlet to be handed out. It shows, from the Koran, why in Muslim's minds, killing infidels (unbelievers) is logical and merciful, than shows from the Bible the proper response of Christians to this. An excellent resource!

    08 May, 2011

    IRANIUM - The Movie


    "If you can't hear the drums of war you must be deaf." - Henry Kissinger

            The Iranian regime has and continues to threaten the United States, Europe and the world at large. Since the Islamic Revolution in 1979, Iran has actively executed, supported and funded acts of aggression against U.S. and Western interests worldwide. These actions are clearly outlined in the preamble of the Iranian constitution:

            "An Ideological Army in the formation and equipping of the country's defense forces, due attention must be paid to faith and ideology as the basic criteria. Accordingly, the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps are to be organized in conformity with this goal, and they will be responsible not only for guarding and preserving the frontiers of the country, but also for fulfilling the ideological mission of jihad in God's way; that is, extending the sovereignty of God's law throughout the world (this is in accordance with the Koranic verse "Prepare against them whatever force you are able to muster, and strings of horses, striking fear into the enemy of God and your enemy, and others besides them" [8:60])."

            Iran has proven through its actions and the actions of its proxies that it intends on upholding the words of their constitution.



            The Coming is Upon Us, an Internet movie produced by the Iranian government, portrays clearly the Shiite eschatological (end times) beliefs of those in power. I suggest all Bible believing Christians who understand Bible prophecy watch this. These people, by the millions, are deceived, and being deceived. [II Timothy 3:13]

            Furthermore, they are fully intent on "eliminating the Zionist entity" (Israel) so their Imam Mahdi can return.

            According to Ezekial chapters 38 & 39, they are about to smash themselves, en masse, on the rocky reality of God ordained Jewish existence. May the Holy Spirit continue to call them out of this suicidal course, into a real and dynamic relationship with the TRUE Imam Mahdi, Lord Jesus Christ! Many are listening!

    'Denied, Disrupted, And Diverted' - Detoured 'Off Mission' in perilous times. Lessons from Christianity in the Southern Sudan

  • "Denied, Disrupted, And Diverted"  
    "Detoured "Off Mission" in perilous times. Lessons from Christianity in the Southern Sudan"

    ..."The encroachment of Islam in America culture is just another, although more overt, symptom of our national decay, taking root in the rot of already decades present progressive liberalism and religious pluralism-and these present in our own churches! That's our fault. The one feature of Dr. Hammond's writing is he puts the burden of responsibility where it belongs-on the Spirit-filled Church; as I argued in A Rear-guard Action, Islam once again a power the Lord providentially permitting on His Church as a prod/correcting force ever since the 7th century.

    Rather, put thirty million Evangelicals on American streets, testifying the Gospel message. We already have them. Put thirty million Evangelicals with a Biblical world view, working outward from well funded churches and seminaries bankrolled by finances not diverted into secular "activist" organizations and useless politician's campaign coffers. Put thirty million Evangelicals on the streets with a first century book of Acts world view, rededicated to the transformative power of the Word of God, "declining neither to the right hand, nor to the left" (II Chronicles 34:2 - Proverbs 4:27) engaging the culture and this world with the truth. Give it a year. See what happens."

  • "Holden in the Gap"
    "An Evangelical Response to the Rise of Islam in America"

    "As Evangelical Christians we don't believe the Koran was inspired or holy, and therefore not the Word of God. Jesus' final words on the cross were "It is finished" (John 19:30), the work of man's redemption completed, and "Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved" (Acts 4:12), thus the individual avoiding an eternity separated from God by only submitting to His singular plan of salvation.

    Right now—right now, as we sit here, the eyes of the world are on America through global media, watching to see how issues like the Ground Zero Mosque, the proposed burning of the Korans at the Dove World Outreach Center, or the Islamic Center of the Temecula Valley debate plays out. This is indeed a "golden Gospel opportunity," as Holden stated, on many different levels. May we seize this day!"


  • "Holden in the Gap - Off Mission"
    This document is the sermon notes to the 11 October, 2010, lecture I was asked to give by Joe Holden
    to his Evangelism and World Religions class at Veritas Evangelical Seminary.

    A Rear-guard Action

  • "A Rear-guard Action"

    "...Any other method or effort to stop the spread of political, expantionist Islam in America, whether the growth of Muslim "enclaves," Shariah law and the development of "parallel Islamic societies," or the building of the Cordoba Mosque at Ground Zero, will simply be ineffective. They will build that mosque at Ground Zero, regardless of national protest, and what if they don't? They'll just build fifty more someplace else. Does anybody have any real credible ideas to halt the spread of this hostile ideology? I just read another article, one of thousands like them, bluntly titled "Islam Must Be Stopped In America." Seriously? In today's crippling PC socio-political environment?...."

    Ilario Pantano

  • America At War

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    America At War

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    of maintaining this site

    Recommended Reading!

    What I am
    reading now:

    Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld that's Conspiring to Islamize America.

    Islamic Economics - Author David Jonsson

    Islamic Economics and the Final Jihad, by author David J. Jonsson!Islamic Economics and the Final Jihad, by author David J. Jonsson

    The Rise of Nuclear Iran: How Tehran Defies the West



    Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld that's Conspiring to Islamize America.



    USA: The Serpent is Crushed!



    Son of Hamas: A Gripping Account of Terror, Betrayal, Political Intrigue, and Unthinkable Choices
    Son Of HAMAS

    Inside the Revolution: How the Followers of Jihad, Jefferson & Jesus Are Battling to Dominate the Middle East and Transform the World - Joel Rosenberg



    Middle East Rules of Thumb: Understanding the complexities of the Middle East, by Steven Carol


    The Secret War with Iran: The 30-Year Clandestine Struggle Against the World's Most Dangerous Terrorist Power.


    Shackled Warrior: Israel and the Global Jihad


    Secret Believers: What Happens When Muslims Believe in Christ.


    The Terrorist Watch: Inside the Desperate Race to Stop the Next Attack - Kessler


    World War IV: The Long Struggle Against Islamofascism.




    The Clash of Ideologies


    World War III - Unmasking The End Time Beast (Paperback) by Simon Altaf


    Islam, Peace or Beast (Paperback) by Simon Altaf


    War Crimes: The Left's Campaign to Destroy Our Military and Lose the War on Terror - by Robert 'Buzz' Patterson


    The Nuclear Sphinx of Tehran: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the State of Iran - Yossi Melman


    Epicenter: Why Current Rumblings in the Middle East Will Change Your Future - Joel C. Rosenberg


    Religion of Peace?: Why Christianity Is and Islam Isn't


    The Al Qaeda Reader


    Defending the West: A Critique of Edward Said's Orientalism - Ibn Warraq


    Armageddon, Oil, and Terror


    The Day of Islam: The Annihilation of America and the Western World


    Power, Faith, and Fantasy: America in the Middle East: 1776 to the Present


    Jews and Gentiles - Author Milton Himmelfarb


    Jewish Enemy: Nazi Propaganda during World War II and the Holocaust by Jeffrey Herf


    Battleground: Fact & Fantasy in Palestine - by Samuel Katz


    Allah's Bomg


    America Alone


    A Christian's Response to Islam


    Because They Hate - Brigette Gabriel


    Jihad Incorporated: A Guide to Militant Islam in the US


    Tide of Terror: America, Extremism, and the War on Terror.


    The Unseen Face of Islam: Sharing the Gospel with Ordinary Muslims at Street Level


    The Islamic Invasion - Morey


    The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism: Adolf Hitler and Haj Amin al-Husseini


    The Clash of Civilizations


    The West's Last Chance


    Infidel - by Ayaan Hirsi Ali


    The Fight for Jerusalem: Radical Islam, the West, and the Future of the Holy City


    Now They Call Me Infidel: Why I Renounced Jihad for America, Israel, and the War on Terror


    Countdown To Terror


    Death to America: The Unreported Battle of Iraq


    Shadow War


    Islam Unveiled - Robert Spencer


    Judgement Day! - Dave Hunt.


    A Cup Of Trembling - Dave Hunt


    Countdown To Crisis - Timmerman


    Antichrist: Islam's Awaited Messiah


    America's Secret War: Inside the Hidden Worldwide Struggle Between America and Its Enemies, by George Friedman, founder of STRATFOR


    The High Cost Of Peace...


    The Age of Sacred Terror: Radical Islam's War Against America


    American Jihad, by Steve Emerson


    Onward Muslim Soldiers




    Why I Am Not A Muslim - Ibn Warraq


    Leaving Islam: Apostates Speak Out (Hardcover) by Ibn Warraq.


    Arabists : The Romance of an American Elite (Paperback) by Robert D. Kaplan.


    Prophet Of Doom



    If you are interested in an exciting, revealing, and intriguing look at 911 and its aftermath, I recommend you read this book.


    Winning the War Against Radical Islam by Robert A. Morey


    The Terrorist Among Us - Jihad In America: The Video


    Extreme Islam


    Hatred's Kingdom


    Who Are We?  The Challenges To America's National Identity


    The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades)


    Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis


    Unveiling Islam


    The Everlasting Hatred: The Roots of Jihad


    The Sword of the Prophet: History, Theology, Impact on the World


    Islam and Terrorism: What the Quran Really Teaches About Christianity, Violence and the Goals of the Islamic Jihad


    American Jihad, by Steve Emerson


    Londonistan - Melanie Phillips


    While Europe Slept : How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within


    Future Jihad : Terrorist Strategies Against America


    Islam and Dhimmitude - Bat Ye'or


    The Dhimmi: Jews & Christians Under Islam - Bat Ye'or


    The Decline of Eastern Christianity Under Islam: From Jihad to Dhimmitude : Seventh-Twentieth Century


    Christianity And Islam: The Final Clash


    Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters : White Slavery in the Mediterranean, the Barbary Coast and Italy, 1500-1800 (Early Modern History)


    Soldiers of God: With Islamic Warriors in Afghanistan and Pakistan


    The Dark Side of Islam


    Preachers of Hate - Timmerman


    Selling Out America - Timmerman


    Hitler, Chamberlain and Appeasement ...


    Eye to Eye: Facing the Consequences of Dividing Israel


    Jerusalem Countdown - Hagee


    Unholy Alliance : Radical Islam and the American Left (Hardcover) by David Horowitz.


    Knowing the Enemy : Jihadist Ideology and the War on Terror


    Tactics of the Crescent Moon: Militant Muslim Combat Methods


    Militant Tricks: Battlefield Ruses of the Islamic Insurgent


    War, Terror & Peace In The Qur'an And In Islam: Insights For Military & Government Leaders


    Unholy War : Terror in the Name of Islam


    What Everyone Needs to Know about Islam - Esposito


    Phantom Soldier: The Enemy's Answer to U.S. Firepower


    Winning the War on Terror : A Triumph of American Values


    America's Victories : Why the U.S. Wins Wars and Will Win the War on Terror


    Islamic Imperialism : A History


    Ghost Wars: The Secret History of the CIA, Afghanistan, and Bin Laden, from the Soviet Invasion to September 10, 2001


    Defeating Jihad: How the War on Terrorism Can Be Won - in Spite of Ourselves


    Why I Left Jihad: The Root of Terrorism and the Return of Radical Islam


    The Truth About Muhammad: Founder of the World's Most Intolerant Religion, by Robert Spencer

    The Truth About Muhammad


    U.N Related

    Surrender Is Not an Option: Defending America at the United Nations


    Nations United: How the United Nations Undermines Israel and the West


    The U.N. Gang.


    The Beast On The East River.


    The U.N. Exposed.


    Diplomatic Divorce.


    Inside The Asylum [UN]


    Our Nation Betrayed - by Garland Favorito


    On this November 22, 2008, join us in observing Victory in Iraq Day!

    The Real Jimmy Carter: How Our Worst Ex-President Undermines American Foreign Policy, Coddles Dictators and Created the Party of Clinton and Kerry

    The Real Jimmy Carter: How Our Worst Ex-President Undermines American Foreign Policy, Coddles Dictators and Created the Party of Clinton and Kerry

    The 'Infidel Revolution' at Salem the Soldier's Homepage!

    Middle East Radio Forum (MERF) is a lively talk-radio program with listener participation about historical and current events as to the Middle East with an emphasis on the Arab/Israeli Conflict. It is broadcast live from Phoenix every Sunday at noon KKNT 960 AM and available worldwide on the Internet at www.kknt960.com.


    Ahmadinejad asserts that the US and Israel will be destroyed » StopAhmadinejad



    Americans Against Hate


    Islam: What the West Needs to Know - An examination of Islam, Violence, and the Fate of the Non-Muslim World - Available from Amazon.com!

    Islam: What the West Needs to Know - An examination of Islam, Violence, and the Fate of the Non-Muslim World.



    NYPD Report: Radicalization in the West: The Homegrown Threat


    "Prayers for the Assassin is Robert Ferrigno's biggest and boldest novel so far, a white-knuckle thriller that I couldn't put down. Here is Ferrigno-gambler, prophet, illusionist, and one of our bravest storytellers-at his spectacular best." - T. Jefferson Parker, author of The Fallen


    We are, at launch, only a website with some unusually revealing and important video footage we think many people need to see. ... Because those of us working on the opening dossier at this site are primarily American, French and Israeli Jews, that constitutes the initial core inspired to put up this website and to manage the material that comes in about Pallywood.


    Lebanon: Myths and Facts


    We, the undersigned, call on the international community to indict Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for incitement to commit genocide, as per the UN Genocide Convention which classifies 'incitement to commit genocide' as a crime against humanity.


    I will not submit




    The Israel Project (TIP) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization impacting world opinion to help achieve security and peace for Israel. We fight the war of words and images to make our global Jewish family safer. With offices in Washington D.C. and Jerusalem, TIP stays ahead of the news cycle through core communications efforts in the United States, France, Germany, England and Russia.


    The Lions Are Back ~ WorldNetDaily Article


    Boycott CITGO Venezuela owned gasoline!


    A Wise Man once said:
    President Ronald Reagan
    "I don't think you can overstate the importance that the rise of Islamic fundamentalism will have to the rest of the world in the century ahead-especially if, as seems possible, its most fanatical elements get their hands on nuclear and chemical weapons and the means to deliver them against their enemies." --Ronald Reagan

    "Self defense is not only our right, it is our duty." --President Ronald Reagan

    Focus on the Family's The Truth Project.



    The Christian Response ----------
    Back To The Top
    Defend Freedom!·America at War· [Interview]
    An interview I conducted with Lieutenant Colonel Tom Pardue Sr. US Army (Ret.),
    former Vice-president of Americans For Constitutional Integrity.

    Army Air Force senior pilot
    In-depth commentary on American foreign policy, terrorism in the United States, and the growing militant Islamic threat, from a Biblical and Constitutional perspective.
    03 October, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·Boorish Anti-Muslim Protesters Aid Islamists·
    Islamist Watch

    Ed. note: One of the main reasons I disassociated from ACT! for America was their aggressive community posture and tone encourages this type of behavior. Some of the interaction between attendees and a published author who was speaking at the last meeting I attended left me appalled.

    Propaganda victories for CAIR, handed to them on a silver platter, were inevitable, as Islam is peculiarly well-adapted to thrive in our crippling PC culture. ACT! for America, blind to that, has achieved little to achieve long-term success; winning battles but losing the war. Furthermore, their program is completely stripped of the Gospel. I do not endorse them.
    10 April, 2011
    Defend Freedom!·Why is the Muslim World So Resistant to the Gospel?·
    "The future shape of the world appears to be a world view competition between Christianity, Islam, and Western Secularism. For Christians, both of these worldviews represent real and lasting challenges to evangelism. Neither of these is a particularly new challenge, and the Christian encounter with Islam is now over a millennium in duration...." [Albert Mohler, Jr.]
    10 April, 2011
    Defend Freedom!·A Rear-guard Action·
    "...Any other method or effort to stop the spread of political, expantionist Islam in America, whether the growth of Muslim "enclaves," Shariah law and the development of "parallel Islamic societies," or the building of the Cordoba Mosque at Ground Zero, will simply be ineffective. They will build that mosque at Ground Zero, regardless of national protest, and what if they don't? They'll just build fifty more someplace else. Does anybody have any real credible ideas to halt the spread of this hostile ideology? I just read another article, one of thousands like them, bluntly titled "Islam Must Be Stopped In America." Seriously? In today's crippling PC socio-political environment?...."
    11 Sept, 2010
    Defend Freedom!·A Response to 'A Common Word.'·
    Since the people involved with A Common Word see fit to relentlessly ping my server logs to their web site, I offer these many excellent rebuttals to this decidedly un-Biblical document. We need to preach the uncompromising Gospel to the lost Muslim world, not "dialogue" as the term has come to be understood. Jesus and Paul didn't "dialogue" with people in the words of apostate Rick Warren. They preached the Gospel and called all to repent and believe the Gospel.
    03 July, 2008
    "...The other day I was listening to a radio talk show (conservative) and the host asked the listening audience, "What would you do if you were forced to convert to Islam at the point of a gun?" One caller, claiming to be a Christian, said "If it were me, I'd probably convert." ... In the old days, Christians chose death over renouncing their faith in Christ. Yet modern Christians should do whatever it takes to skirt death? And this would include "temporarily" converting to another religion! ... Not all Christians are worried about the here and now; they're more concerned with pleasing God. As I write this piece, Christians around the globe are being tortured, mutilated and murdered for refusing to renounce their faith. They are the real martyrs." - Marsha West
    22 September, 2006
    Defend Freedom!·Islam: A Critical Review·
    An extensive commentary on Islam, by "Steve Omega" - This document has now been distributed world-wide!
    Defend Freedom!· THE BIBLE AND ISLAM - Sharing God's Word with a Muslim ·
    A Basic Guide - by Bassam Michael Madany. This online book was written as a message for Christians witnessing to Muslims. It relates the Gospel genuinely, relevantly, and intelligently to the Muslim heart and mind.
    04 February, 2007
    Defend Freedom!·Muhammad: From Prophet To Conqueror·
    In the days since the September 11th attacks, there has been a greater focus on Islamic teachings on peace and war. Frequent pronouncements that Islam is "a religion of peace" have been made by persons ranging from Muslim activists to the President of the United States (Bush). While there are a great many people committing violent acts in the name of Islam today, most of them are extremists of questionable sanity and their views are rejected as heresy by other Muslims. Yet some Muslims, such as author Salman Rushdie, have questioned why there is not greater outrage in the Muslim world over terrorist acts.
    14 May, 2005
    Defend Freedom!·The Clash of Ideologies ... A Review·
    "...The Clash of Ideologies" is an armory of Church history, Biblical truth, and ideas, in one place, presented by an experienced teacher in the context of the modern day war of ideas in opposition to Islam. Jonsson states, "It is also my hope that this book will help both Christians and non-Christians to clarify their own values as they compare the scriptures of the Bible and the Sura of the Qu'ran, as well as their historical framework, as they witness the 'Clash of Ideologies' between the worlds of Christianity and Islam."
    11 Sept, 2005
    Defend Freedom!·Why America Must be "Under God" - under the One True God of the Judeo-Christian Bible·
    "...About the best we get from Rush Limbaugh, O'Reilly, the Fox News Channel, etc. is that "God" in the Pledge doesn't refer to any God - so insert your own. If your god says kill Christians and Jews, as allah, the god of Islam does, fine. If your god says don't step on bugs, as buddha does, or that some people are spiritually unclean and untouchable, as the thousands of gods of Hinduism do, that's fine too.

    Clearly, the O'Reilly position cannot be right. You do not get "all men are created equal" under Hinduism, nor do you get even a right to life under Islam if you are a non-Muslim without paying a tax called "Jizya," required by Surah 9:29 in the Koran. If "under God" means insert whatever you think is right or wrong, all we get is conflict, not a basis on which to establish law and government."
    19 October, 2005
    Defend Freedom!·Doors into Islam·
    "...A year after the September 11 terrorist attacks, Christians in many countries report fresh momentum in the spiritual battle of presenting the gospel to the world's 1.2 billion followers of Islam. While not all stories of Muslims finding freedom in Christ are as dramatic as Samuel's, the church has entered a new era of opportunity." [ChristianityToday]
    19 August, 2002
    Defend Freedom!·Looking At Islam·
    "...I hope you've found this dialog enlightening, for nothing else than to clarify the Christian perspective on a few points. Please let me know what you think, for thinking rationally should never hurt the cause of truth, but only strengthen it." [ComeReason Ministries]
    23 October, 2005
    Defend Freedom!·The True Story of The Patton Prayer·
    "...In Gideon's day, and in our own, spiritually alert minorities carry the burdens and bring the victories." [Posted at Free Republic]
    19 July, 2004
    Defend Freedom!·Waging Peace - War, Christianity, & the Divine Order
    by Louis Tarsitano

    "A simple summary of this consistent Christian doctrine regarding war may be found in the Articles of Religion of the Church of England, adopted in their present form in 1571: "It is lawful for Christian men, at the commandment of the Magistrate, to wear weapons and serve in the wars." Behind this summary lies the whole history of what is called 'the just war doctrine.'..."
    12 Jan, 2003

    NOTE: If you are a pacifist or dove, before writing me in attempt to change my well-researched views on self and national defense, please read my response to a pacifist on this Free Republic thread where I posted the above article, then follow all links to the other areas on Salem The Soldier's Homepage posted at the thread. Outside of that, I can't help you.

    Defend Freedom!·What is the Christian perspective on war?·
    There are two dominant positions on war that conscientious Christians have embraced throughout Christian history. There are variations on each, but, for the sake of brevity, this answer will focus on the two main views and explain them in general terms: Pacifism versus Just War Theory.
    10 June, 2004
    Defend Freedom!·A Christian View of War - Commentary from Ron Gleason·
    Today, some of our young Christians and non-Christians might question whether the US should even be at war. That's a legitimate question and it needs a biblical answer. Our difficulty is that so many of our young people have been pumped full of liberal nonsense and drivel that they believe what they've been taught comports with reality.
    20 September, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·Witnessing to Muslims - EffectiveEvangelism.com·
    ISLAM is the world's second largest religion with a following of over one billion people called Muslims. The word "Islam" actually means "submission to God." Therefore, a Muslim is one who strives to submit to God.
    04 March, 2006
    Defend Freedom!·The Truth About Islam·
    Observations by Dr. David R. Reagan [Lamb and Lion Ministries]
    10 March, 2002
    Defend Freedom!· The New Inquisition·
    Dave Hunt - The Berean Call Newsletter
    "...Christ gave His life to save sinners, and His followers must be willing to lay down their lives to bring this good news to the world. Biblical salvation is a free gift paid for by the death of Christ, who said, "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature" (Mk 16:15). That command includes today's one billion Muslims. They present a tremendous (and inescapable) challenge to every Christian. But how can we bring the gospel to those who may be killed for believing it, or who may kill us for offering it to them? To die fighting infidels is the only sure way for a Muslim to gain Paradise. Yet Christ also died for Muslims, and His love compels us to share the Good News!"
    01 Sept, 2010
    Defend Freedom!·Islam's Peace·
    Dave Hunt - The Berean Call Newsletter
    "That Islam is "peace and tolerance" is the most popular lie in the world today. Intellectuals in the West who defame Christ parrot the most fatuous praise of Muhammad, in spite of his legacy of murder, pillage and rape. ... That our leaders promote this lie, and that so many believe it without one fact to support it, bodes ill for America and the world. We only ask Muslims for one example of where and when Islam ever brought peace and tolerance -- and please don't threaten us with death (the standard Islamic persuasion) for asking!"
    01 March, 2003

    Defend Freedom!·Temporal "correctness," eternal incorrectness·
    Dave Hunt - The Berean Call Newsletter
    "...Is "political correctness" deliberate lying or voluntary insanity? How do we explain the lie (with 'no' example to support it, and 'hundreds' refuting it) that "Islam is peace"? Without violence, by which it began, spread, and now maintains itself, Islam would be an obscure cult, not a world religion."
    04 June, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·Cry Out For Liberty·
    Dave Hunt - The Berean Call Newsletter
    "This is not "fanaticism." It is Islam. Muhammad said, "Whoever relinquishes his faith, kill him." Upon Muhammad's death, thousands of Arabs attempted to abandon Islam, into which they had been forced by the sword. ... All Muslims ought to be ashamed! The leadership of Saudi Arabia ought to be ashamed! How can Muslim countries sit in the United Nations and talk of freedom when they won't allow it? How can Muslims take advantage of the liberties in the free world to build their mosques and worship freely, to speak out against any who disagree with them, while knowing in their hearts that the religion they promote would suppress those very liberties if it took over?!"
    03 Feb, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·Defensive War in a just Cause SINLESS·
    A Sermon Preached On the Day of the Continental Fast, Philadelphia, 1775
    11 October, 2006
    Defend Freedom!·Uprooting Terrorism·
    Examining the foundational, spiritual causes for the attacks against America. [Frontline]
    26 September, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·"Nuts!"·   [Personal Commentary]
    A Biblical response to the fear-mongers among us who would shackle us with their fear laden portents of doom and destruction during the war on terrorism.
    29 May, 2002
    Defend Freedom!·The Arabists Among Us·
    "While the "Arabist" position has been well entrenched in the State Department for decades, it was given an industrial-strength adrenaline shot during the tenure of Secretary of State James Baker. That same pro-Palestinian bias remains and appears to hold hostage our current Secretary of State, Colin Powell."[Christians For Israel, USA]
    26 October, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·The Value of the Individual·
    Internet friend Jim Baxter responds to an email excerpt, linked below, mailed out by Dave Hunt and The Berean Call. Like much of Jim's work, it was a insightful and invaluable commentary addressing the very foundation of American uniqueness and liberty; the value of the individual, and too important to simply be relegated to the in-boxes of Jim's email list recipients. The culture wars in American society; Socialist/Marxism and Islamism opposed to Christian liberty; rage around the very principals Jim articulates here.
    28 April, 2007
    Defend Freedom!·Meet Me In The Stairwell·
    You say you will never forget where you were when you heard the news On September 11, 2001. Neither will I....
    18 September, 2002

    America At War

      Author David J. Jonsson -------------------------
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    Defend Freedom!·ISLAMIC ECONOMICS AND THE FINAL JIHAD - The Muslim Brotherhood to the Leftist/Marxist - Islamist Alliance·
    By M. Baker.
    "...In the early months of 2006 as the news of the Dubai Ports World (DPW) (a maritime company controlled by the UAE government) acquisition of Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company (P&O) and their subsequent control of 24 terminals at six major U.S. ports broke from the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, a firestorm of controversy broke nationally. The detractor's response was attacked as "xenophobic hysteria," bigotry, and racism against Arabs (snarl words usually employed by the radical left against their hapless targets), by free market proponents, yet the majority of Americans, their sons and daughter at war with Islamic terrorism, instinctively sensed a threat. Few were able to clearly articulate why.

    That threat no longer remains veiled. David J. Jonsson, author of "The Clash of Ideologies — The Making of the Christian and Islamic Worlds" has thoroughly and meticulously exposed the threat in his newest work, 'ISLAMIC ECONOMICS AND THE FINAL JIHAD - The Muslim Brotherhood to the Leftist/Marxist - Islamist Alliance.'"  Personal Commentary.
    28 April, 2007
    Defend Freedom!·The Clash of Ideologies ... A Review·
    By M. Baker.
    "...The Clash of Ideologies" is an armory of Church history, Biblical truth, and ideas, in one place, presented by an experienced teacher in the context of the modern day war of ideas in opposition to Islam. Jonsson states, "It is also my hope that this book will help both Christians and non-Christians to clarify their own values as they compare the scriptures of the Bible and the Sura of the Qu'ran, as well as their historical framework, as they witness the 'Clash of Ideologies' between the worlds of Christianity and Islam."  Personal Commentary.
    28 January, 2005
    Defend Freedom!· Part One - Barack Hussein Obama's Contribution to the Clash of Ideologies. [A Series]·
    Presidential candidate Barak ObamaThis Has Become the "Change" Election The question for America, and the rest of the world, is whether this is all empty rhetoric - or whether something real is happening. But before giving Barack Hussein Obama the keys to the White House, Americans might like to know a little more about the content of his dream.

    There is not a scintilla of anything to be mistaken for modesty in Barack Obama's pitch for the White House. Stripped of rhetorical ornament, it says vote for me because I am me. Mr. Obama exults in the uniqueness of his personal story. To vote for him is to imagine a changed America. That explains why he defines the nature of the contest.

    An America that chose as its commander-in-chief a 46-year-old African-American with Hussein as his middle name would be a different place. There lies his political strength; and his weakness.
    26 December, 2008
    Defend Freedom!·From the Church (Mosque) to the Schoolhouse to the White House·
    One might ask why it is important to understand the relation between the Leftist/Marxist — Islamist Alliance and the Emerging Movement among Churches and Mosques. It is because it indicates the movement of a historically conservative church and other organizations into the fold. These Emerging Church and Mosque Movements are the elephants in the pew. The Radical Islamist Movement has realized that the tactical weapons of terrorism and suicide bombing may not be achieving their goal for world domination, and that seduction, economics and political action are more effective in winning the war. In the letter: A Common Word Between Us and You the strategy is apparent in their conference of September 2007 held under the theme of "Love in the Quran." In this essay, I address how the Leftist/Marxist — Islamist Alliance is approaching the goal of achieving a one religion and one-world government.
    11 November, 2007
    Defend Freedom!·The Leftist/Marxist - Islamist Alliance Aligns Against Jerusalem·
    The West has a world view based on the analysis and actions influenced by looking through the lenses of politics and economics, whereas the Islamists looks at the world through the lens of ideology. It is time for the West to place importance on looking at events happening around the world through the lens of ideologies. In the case of the Muslims, their world view and subsequent actions are shaped by their vision for world domination, the establishment of Islamic kingdom of God on Earth — the creation of worldwide Caliphate and the End Times. - An inability to understand the ideology behind political Islam could spell disaster for the West.
    16 October, 2007
    Defend Freedom!·Indonesia - Russia Opens the Pacific Front·
    While the politicians and the press are focused on war in Iraq, scant attention is being directed to the greater geopolitical events occurring worldwide. The battleground is already being occupied by the enemies of freedom and liberty. The Russian deal to supply weapons to Indonesia descended on the APEC summit table like a slammed fist....
    16 September, 2007
    Defend Freedom!·Sovereign Wealth Funds — a Potential Tool of Asymmetric Warfare·
    Liberal democracy, led by the United States may have emerged triumphant from the struggles of the 20th century. But the rise of the non-democratic powers of Russia, China and the Islamist states utilizing the combined power of control of energy resources and the growth of Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWF) leaves the liberal democracy's ultimate victory and future dominance in doubt. Overseas investments by Sovereign Wealth Funds have always had the potential to cause alarm in the destination countries. Because they are driven by governments of the totalitarian and Authoritarian Great Powers, they compel countries to take immediate attention.
    10 August, 2007
    Defend Freedom!·Appeasement — The Liberal-Islamic Strategy - The Global Strategy of the Russian-Iranian Cabal·
    If you believe: "Your Life Can Be Wonderful if we get out of Iraq now!" the events going on around the world become a haze as you watch the latest golf scores or read the propaganda for the latest appeasement journal or cable news cast. ... All you hear are the speeches of the latest "Tokyo Rose" complaining about the U.S. and its war mongering, blood for oil or unfair treatment of terrorists. ... There is a group that wants to destroy our way of life in our life time.
    30 June, 2007
    Defend Freedom!·Nationalization - A Plan for World Domination·
    Islamic Economics is the stealth sword of Islam. It is more powerful than the Weapons of Mass Destruction and terrorism. It is immune to negotiation. The stealth sword is being applied for the Islamization of the West and the whole world. The goal is to create the "Islamic kingdom of God on earth." The implementation of Shariah law would have a dramatic affect on your life and that of the entire Western Civilization. Understand the nature of the evil and do not be blindsided.

    The twentieth century has witnessed the emergence of an economic doctrine that calls itself Islamic economics. The doctrine is significant because it advances the sprawling and headline-grabbing movement known as political Islam, Islamic fundamentalism, Islamic Finance, or simply Islamism.
    25 May, 2007
    Defend Freedom!·U.S. Policy Toward Iran and Russia - The Jihadists and the Militant Fundamentalists·
    "...After September 11, Bush explained that the attacks showed that the friend of your enemy is also your enemy. As he put it last September, "America makes no distinction between those who commit acts of terror, and those that harbor and support them, because they're equally guilty of murder."
    Bush failed to note the converse of that reality: the enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend and ally. Here the distinction generally relates to Sunnis and Shiites. We fail to grasp that just because Shiites and Sunnis are rivals don't mean that they will join forces with the U.S. to fight one another, or won't join forces with one another to fight the U.S. to accomplish their goal of establishing the Islamic kingdom of God and return the caliphate. This and the failure to recognize the goals of Russia have and will continue to cause the Americans no end of difficulty. We also fail to recognize that that these forces have also joined with the Leftists."
    20 May, 2007
    Defend Freedom!· Global Threats Leading to the Leftist/Marxist – Islamist Takeover·
    "...The future enemies of Europe and the United States will be a mutation of current and past foes both domestically and internationally. In confronting these forces, knowledge of their ideologies, objectives and determination will make all the difference. The domestic foes may be either sympathizers or via actual operatives. In the period following the downfall of the Soviet Union, this is the first time that favorable conditions have emerged on the side of the Leftist and Islamists around the world to challenge the hegemony of the West.
    31 March, 2007
    Defend Freedom!· Will Arab Muslim "Allies" Support the West in a Time of Crisis?·
    "...Shaikh Khalifa reiterated that the UAE totally rejects the use of its land, air and territorial waters to attack any country. "We have reiterated to our Iranian brothers in a letter delivered recently by the foreign minister that we are not a party to the conflict between Iran and the United States and that we shall never allow the use of our soil for any military, security or intelligence activities against them," he said. ... The Gulf Cooperation Council, a loose alliance of six Gulf Arab states, has also called on its members not to offer support to any U.S. action against Iran. ... The U.S. has denied any intention to attack Iran. But the public refusals of several countries to allow the United States to use their lands if any such action looms could affect U.S. military options, or require shifting of resources, if tensions did seriously escalate.
    29 March, 2007
    Defend Freedom!· Using The Oil Weapon And Sanctions To Avert War With Iran·
    "...America is the magnet for bright and ambitious people. It also makes America a target. The U.S. is also becoming one of the last hold outs of the traditional Judeo-Christian ideology. America takes it for granted, but it is not as available in other countries of the world. Ultimately, it's an issue of culture. The only people who can hurt America are themselves, by loosing their culture and will to win. If they give up their Judeo-Christian culture, they will become just like the Europeans. If they lose it, there isn't another America to pull us out.
    14 February, 2007
    Defend Freedom!·Wakeup America — Understand the Mind of the Jihadist·
    "The war on terror might be lost not on the streets of Baghdad but in the corridors of Congress. A divided America and Anti-Americanism serves our enemies well. Soon we may see a vote in Congress that says, "We can't stop the surge plan, but we don't support it." It is time for America to understand who the enemy is, the murderous ideology that is driving them and their strategy for success. This would be the Islamist's greatest fear.

    It is important to understand that the goal of the Jihadists is — following in the footsteps of Muhammad — to create the "Islamic kingdom of God on Earth." The primary goal is not to conquer lands but to Islamize the world. The drive is to instill Islamic law (Shariah) into both Muslim society and the entire world, and ultimately to recreate society under their interpretation of the law. The strategy is to utilize the sword of Islam. The sword may include terrorism, but more importantly it is bringing together groups of people with a common hatred, which can cause the ultimate decline in the will of the populous. This cabal has coalesced as the Leftist/Marxist — Islamist Alliance. As we will see, pacifism, self-hatred, complacency and appeasement deserve attention; equally important is the use of Islamic Finance to gradually make the West comfortable with accepting living with Shariah law."
    25 January, 2007
    Defend Freedom!·"President Bush's Speech — The Global Impact of Iran and Iraq.
    This is Mr. Jonsson's response to President Bush's recent address to the nation and "The New Way Forward in Iraq."

    "...Diplomacy and military strength may deter the expansion of the threat of a global confrontation, but the West must address its lack of energy security and dependence on 'energy interdependence' instead of 'energy independence.' The foreign policy of the United States and Europe must address the energy, the environment, foreign trade, financial, immigration, homeland security and defense tracks in a unified manner. Similarly, addressing the crisis in the Middle East, including the Israel-Palestine solution also involves solving relations with Russia, China and Eurasia. This will require commitment and pain now to our way of life. It will require sacrifice. The alternative will be even worse."
    12 January, 2007
    Defend Freedom!·Islamic Economics and Shariah Law: A Plan for World Domination·
    "My goal today is to put you into the mind of an Islamist—to think like an Islamist. It is only possible to understand the events occurring by understanding their thinking and what it would mean to live under Shariah law. There is a well-worn cliché "It's the economy stupid" that appears around election times. So it is with Islamic Economics and the Clash of Ideologies we are witnessing today. See also: Islamic Economics and the Final Jihad: The Muslim Brotherhood to the Leftist/Marxist - Islamist Alliance"
    20 December, 2006
    Defend Freedom!·The Grand Chess Masters—The Bear and the Dragon·
    "While the Iraq crisis continues, the strategy of the Grand Chess Masters—Russia the bear and China the dragon, along with their pawns the Leftists, Marxists and Islamists, continue to develop and put in place their strategy for the ultimate goal of world domination. ... The game has started and the strategies for "Checkmate" are in place. It is time for America and the West to wake up. The "Cold War" has not ended, the nuclear armed totalitarian regimes have united, and this time they have added the Islamists who are willing to die for the cause."
    16 November, 2006
    Defend Freedom!·Nuclear Proliferation—Options In A Perfect Storm·
    "Nuclear proliferation is once again at the top of the U.S. national security agenda, spurred by the progress of weapons programs in North Korea and as the Iranian government announced last week a doubling of its uranium enrichment program. The chief of the judiciary, Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi, praised "the fasting people taking part in the rally [who] are chanting slogans such as 'death to America' and 'death to Israel.'" His speech was on Quds Day, an Iranian holiday introduced by Ayatollah Khomeini that is marked on the last Friday of Ramadan...."
    05 November, 2006
    Defend Freedom!·The Thailand Coup — Creating A New World Order·
    "The Sword of Islam may not take on the form of war and or terrorism, but take the form of political action, bloodless coups, finance and media propaganda. The actions are to achieve the same goal—the establishment of the Islamic Kingdom of God on Earth and implementation of Shariah law. In the case of Thailand it was a 'bloodless' coup led by Muslim Gen. Sonthi Boonyaratkalin ostensibly to remove a corrupt democratically elected government...."
    27 September, 2006

    Defend Freedom!·Caliphatism - Establishing the "Islamic Kingdom of God on Earth"·
    By David Jonsson.
    In his short story, "The Metamorphosis," Franz Kafka described the transformation of a human into a vermin. He could also have written the plot for the mutation of the Christian nations into the coming new caliphate--one world under Islam--a world without borders. After all, Gregor Samsa found himself transformed into an insect one morning. Thus, Samsa lies in a room, examines his new physical state, and considers how he will be able to explain being late for work. Samsa does not waste any time thinking about why he has become an insect and how to escape the situation. Instead, there is only apathy, quiet resignation--the man accepts the undeniability of the surreal situation. He lies quietly with shallow breath--thinking, feeling, and acting as if he were unchanged. ...There is not that much of a difference between the metamorphosis of a person into an insect and that of a group of states into a caliphate.
    09 September, 2006
    Defend Freedom!·Energy Independence and Global Warming in a Time of War·
    By David Jonsson.
    Old-fashioned Gas PumpWe have a choice. There are too many crises coming to our front burner at the same time: Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Iraq, and Nigeria to name just a few. Thomas Sowell commented in his article, Point of No Return?: "It is hard to think of a time when a nation — and a whole civilization — has drifted more futilely toward a bigger catastrophe than that looming over the United States and western civilization today."

    "Nuclear weapons in the hands of Iran and North Korea mean that it is only a matter of time before there are nuclear weapons in the hands of international terrorist organizations. North Korea needs money and Iran has brazenly stated its aim as the destruction of Israel — and both its actions and its rhetoric suggest aims that extend even beyond a second Holocaust."

    "Send not to know for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee."
    04 September, 2006
    Defend Freedom!·Axis of Appeasement — The Inconvenient Truth·
    By David Jonsson.
    "On January 20, 2002, President George W. Bush in his State of the Union Address stated: "States like these, and their terrorist allies, constitute an axis of evil, arming to threaten the peace of the world. By seeking weapons of mass destruction, these regimes pose a grave and growing danger. They could provide these arms to terrorists, giving them the means to match their hatred. They could attack our allies or attempt to blackmail the United States. In any of these cases, the price of indifference would be catastrophic." ... Today, we are seeing the allies of the United States possible becoming the "The Axis of Appeasement." The question remains to see if the allies joined for freedom and liberty will support a battle against the forces of evil."
    22 August, 2006
    Defend Freedom!·The Origins of the Next Great War are Visible·
    By David Jonsson.
    "With every passing year following the events of 9/11 the rise of Leftist/Marxist-Islamist Alliance has increased global instability. By the beginning of 2006, nearly all the combustible ingredients—far bigger in scale than those leading to World Wars 1 and 11 and the Gulf Wars of 1991 or 2003—were in place."
    07 August, 2006
    Defend Freedom!·Iran, Lebanon, Russia, and India—It is about Power and Oil!·
    By David Jonsson.
    "In a recent article, "Iran Reaches the Mediterranean," I indicated that for Muslims, three cities of the Christian faith have particular significance: Jerusalem, Constantinople and Rome. The fall of Constantinople is described in detail in my earlier book, The Clash of Ideologies-VThe Making of the Christian and Islamic Worlds. Iran with its relations and support of Hamas and Hezbollah now has access to the Mediterranean and is the neighbor of Jerusalem. Italy was the first country from which Iran withdrew is funds. In my new book, Islamic Economics and the Final Jihad –The Muslim Brotherhood to the Leftist/Marxist – Islamist Alliance, I discuss how this Alliance is coalescing on a global scale through the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and Mercosur in South America. Although, the world is focused on the potential for destruction by Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), the real potential for an economic holocaust exists as discussed in the book: Islamic Economics and the Final Jihad. The asymmetric War being waged is occurring simultaneously through terrorism, military action and economic means. The conflicts in the Middle East can not resolved leading to sustainable peace until the U.S. and the West develop a strategy for energy security and self-sufficiency...."
    26 July, 2006


    Defend Freedom!·Structural Changes—Destruction Of The U.S. Dollar·
    By David Jonsson.
    "...The destruction of the Dollar is a complex issue. In most cases, the proponents of the destruction fall into the camps of marketers of gold and followers of Peak oil theories. In most instances the case is based on looking at one particular event and not connecting the dots among multiple simultaneous events. Any one event would not make the sky fall. I like many others discounted the theory on that basis. Unfortunately, the perfect storm of destructing the Dollar are also occurring at a time and contributing to the Perfect Storm which is ushering in the New World Order—the post post Cold War Era.

    The goal of the Leftist/Marxist – Islamist Alliance is also to create a new world order. This alliance or Cabal realizes that they may not have the military might against the greatest military power and hence plan to use economic, energy, transportation infrastructure and political action to achieve their goals. Therefore a critical element of the plan is replacing the Dollar as the world's reserve currency. The Cabal brings together the members of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) and its related organization the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), and Mercosur as well as other lesser participants."

    26 March, 2006
    Defend Freedom!·Dubai Ports—Strategic Implications·
    By David Jonsson.
    "...Once there are Islamic financial institutions and linked transportation infrastructure, how long will it be before Muslims insist that the state and business direct all their monetary dealings with Muslims through these institutions, for example, boycotting businesses with Jewish connections en route? How long before Muslims, extending the logic of their concentration in places like Bradford and Leicester, seek to establish their own law within these areas, the germ of a state within a state? And how diverse would such a state be?

    Once the international ports are controlled, how long will it be before the ports require that products shipped through the ports comply with the principles of Shariah (Islamic law)? Control of shipping and air infrastructure is a critical strategy for the progressive control of world economies."

    24 February, 2006
    Defend Freedom!·Give Me Energy Security And I Will Give You A Foreign Policy·
    By David Jonsson.
    "...The world stands today at the precipice dividing the eras of the post-Cold War which we have know since 1989–one of expanding democracy and free markets–and a new world order which is unknown and certainly a much less prosperous and friendly place. The geopolitical uncertainties of the future could have far reaching consequences. The control of the words energy infrastructure may well determine the future of the Western world. No war has been won without the availability of energy and food. Both are now being threatened. The control does not concern only how Russia and China deal with Iran's nuclear ambitions, but extends to events in Africa and Latin America as well."
    11 February, 2006
    Defend Freedom!·From San Francisco to the Lacandon Jungle·
    By David J. Jonsson.
    "...Prior to the recent events in Latin America, I believed that we could develop a plan with Latin America. In the recent months since, I think we have a problem. Latin America is infinitely more strategic than Iraq, but we seem to have lost it. We may have even lost the initiative in Asia. The strategies for the global Islamization, power and dominance include control of currency, oil resources, free trade zones, transportation, media and financial markets. ... The incorporation of Venezuela into the Common Market of the South (Mercosur) is a historic step in the economic integration of Latin America. Venezuela was upgraded from associate to full member at Mercosur's 29th summit meeting, held on Dec. 8-9, 2005 in Montevideo, Uruguay. Mercosur's four founding members are Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. Its associate members include Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru."
    10 January, 2006
    Defend Freedom!·Iran Reaches the Mediterranean·
    By David Jonsson.
    "...The totalitarian temptation remains powerfully in place. Muslims across the world are drawn by the apocalyptic teachings of Islam with its slogan "Islam is the solution." That was the case from Iran in 1979 to Algeria in 1992 to Turkey in 2002, to the Paris riots in 2005 to the Palestine Authority this week."
    28 January, 2006

    Defend Freedom!Author David Jonsson's response
    to President Bush's October 5, 2005, speech on Islamic terrorism at the
    Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington, D.C.

    Defend Freedom!·Virginia Tech Shooter - ISMAIL AX·
    ...There are many theories being proposed as to the meaning of the words -- ISMAIL AX found written in red ink on the inside of one of Cho Seung-Hui, a 23-year-old senior's arms, the gunman suspected of carrying out the Virginia Tech massacre that left 33 people dead. ... I would propose for consideration that the ISMAIL AX may have reference to Ismaili - a member of a branch of Shiism that follows a living Imam and is noted for esoteric philosophy. It may take a while before the motives are known and if there is any relation between Cho and the Islmaili sect of Shiism.
    17 April, 2007

    America At War

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    Defend Freedom!Games Muslims Play
    Given Islam's violent history and the unfavorable contrast of its oppressive practices against 21st century values, Muslims are hard-pressed to repackage their faith in the modern age. Some of its leading apologists have come to rely on tricks involving semantics and half-truths that are, in turn, repeated by novices and even those outside the faith.
    Defend Freedom!Top ten reasons why Islam is not the religion of peace.
    Ever since 9/11, Muslim leaders who have access to the national media have told us that Islam is the religion of peace and that violence does not represent the essence of Muhammad's religion. Even President Bush and Britain's Prime Minister Blair have repeated this assertion, saying that Islam has been "hijacked" by a few violent fanatics. Is this true? ... Sadly it is not, for empirical, observable facts demonstrate beyond doubt that Islam at its founding is filled with violence—in the life of Muhammad himself and in the Quran itself. Hence, these Muslim apologists must stop misleading unsuspecting Westerners, and they must be honest about the heart of their religion, for once and for all.
    Defend Freedom!·The Prophet Of Doom·   
    Prophet Of Doom
    Islam rises and falls on Muhammad. He is the religion's sole prophet, Islam's solitary example, Allah's lone conduit. Without Muhammad, Allah, the Qur'an, and Islam would be unknown. Yet the picture the Islamic scriptures paint of this man is not flattering; his words aren't believable. According to the Qur'an and Hadith, Muhammad was a thief, rapist, and terrorist. It's hardly the example you'd want your neighbor to emulate.
    26 January, 2005
    Defend Freedom!· The Study of Political Islam by Jamie Glazov - Interview·
    The term "human being" has no meaning inside of Islam. There is no such thing as humanity, only the duality of the believer and unbeliever. Look at the ethical statements found in the Hadith. A Muslim should not lie, cheat, kill or steal from other Muslims. But a Muslim may lie, deceive or kill an unbeliever if it advances Islam. ... There is no such thing as a universal statement of ethics in Islam. Muslims are to be treated one way and unbelievers another way. The closest Islam comes to a universal statement of ethics is that the entire world must submit to Islam. After Mohammed became a prophet, he never treated an unbeliever the same as a Muslim. Islam denies the truth of the Golden Rule. ... By the way, this dualistic ethic is the basis for jihad. The ethical system sets up the unbeliever as less than human and therefore, it is easy to kill, harm or deceive the unbeliever.
    05 February, 2007
    Defend Freedom!·Mohammed's Koran -- Jesus' New Testament·
    2:190-191 Fight in the cause of Allah those who fight and persecute you, but commit no aggression ... and slay them when and where you get the better of them ... Matthew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.
    20 August, 2006
    Defend Freedom!·Islam: Cult or Religion?·
    Can 1.2 billion people be wrong? Well, in logic we have something called "argumentum ad numerum". It states that something is true if a lot of people believe in it. But argumentum ad numerum is a logical fallacy. Truth cannot be established by the consensus of the majority. In fact many arguments have been proven to be false, even though everyone in the world once accepted them as true.
    13 March, 2005
    Defend Freedom!·The "Noble" Koran Online· 
    It is better not to listen to the liberal media or Islamic apologists. Just read the whole thing for yourself, not just small, select quotes.
    21 September, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·Sunnah and Hadith·
    The Sunnah is the second source of Islamic jurisprudence, the first being the Qur'an. They go together.
    21 September, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·The Downloadable Koran.·
    I have downloaded this program and it is safe. Good to have at hand when researching other's commentary, both pro and con.
    15 March, 2010
    Defend Freedom!·Islam Review·
    This site is about Islam, and not about Muslims. Our purpose is to demonstrate that the fundamental teachings of Islam, as shown in the Quran and Hadith, and taught by Mohammed, are both anti the Christian faith, and also anti the American way of life. We realize, however, that while the teachings of Islam referred to in this site are practiced by many Muslims, there are other Muslims who may have different interpretations, and thus do not follow them to the letter....
    21 September, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·Answering Islam·
    A Christian-Muslim Dialogue
    17 October, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·Common Islamic Assumptions·
    Evaluated by Isa Muhammad [Answering Islam]
    21 October, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·The Fatwa·
    Fatwa ~ World Islamic Front for Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders (Christians). Posted at Cornell University.
    21 October, 2001
    21 September, 2001
    The greatest threat to the Church today is presented by Islam. [Frontline]
    21 September, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·JIHAD - ISLAMIC HOLY WAR·
    The relentless and often vicious persecution by Muslims against Christians is seldom recognised or understood. Many assume that the concept of Jihad, or holy war, espoused by Muslim leaders like the Aytollah Khomeini and demonstrated in terror bombings are aberrations not truly representative of Islam. [Frontline]
    21 September, 2001
    The Middle East is the world's most volatile region. Its inhabitants experience some of the worst oppression in the world today. In the last 45 years, the Middle East has spent well over half a trillion US dollars in purchasing armaments. At least 12 million people have been killed or maimed in over a dozen Mideast wars. One out of every three barrels of oil sold by the Mideast has gone to pay for weapons. [Frontline]
    21 September, 2001
    For one thousand years Christianity predominated in Northern Sudan. From the sixth century to the fifteenth century Christianity was the official religion of the three Sudanese kingdoms of Nubia, Alwa, and Makuria (later Dotawo). For nine hundred years the Christians of Sudan successfully resisted the southward expansion of Islam. [Frontline]
    21 September, 2001
    Is there Slavery in Sudan and if so, what is Frontline Fellowship doing about it? Are you involved in buying slaves to set them free? What is Frontline's position on slave redemption? [Frontline]
    21 September, 2001
    In response to Charles Carlson of "We Hold These Truths" based in Arizona who has published numerous articles denying the persecution in Sudan and slandering missionaries who are serving the persecuted, we wrote this letter. [Frontline]
    21 September, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·Islam and Christianity·
    A comparative view of the two belief systems.
    07 July, 2004
    Defend Freedom!·Islam, U.S.A.·
    Are Christians prepared for Muslims in the mainstream? -�[Christianity Today]
    21 October, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·Islamic Fundamentals·
    Christians have a responsibility to understand our Muslim neighbors and their beliefs - [Christianity Today]
    21 October, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·How Muslims See Christianity·
    Many Muslims don't understand Christianity — especially the idea of salvation by grace through faith. [Christianity Today]
    21 October, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·Engaging Our Muslim Neighbors·
    The Church faces a challenge not just to understand Muslims, but to befriend them.�[Christianity Today]
    21 October, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·The Muslim Challenge·
    Muslims are not a vast, faceless ethnic group to project our hatred upon, not a new enemy to replace the Communists, but children of Abraham, people created in the image of God, people in need of a Savior whose name is Jesus. [Christianity Today]
    21 October, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·True Islam Unmasked·
    By Barbara Stock.
    "...What constitutes an insult to Islam? Basically, any non-Muslim is an insult to Islam. If someone does not believe that Mohammed was a prophet, that is considered an insult in Islam. Uttering any doubts that the Quran is not a perfect book written by God through Mohammed, is considered an insult to Islam. Depicting any picture of Mohammed is considered an insult to Islam. It doesn't take much to trigger mass hysteria and Islamic mobs screaming, "Death to the world."
    29 January, 2006

    Provides an in-depth historical and Biblical response to doctrines of Islam and counters claims of Islamists. Includes an encyclopedia of Islam.


    America At War

    CAIR -----------------------------------------------
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    Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld that's Conspiring to Islamize America.·Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld that's Conspiring to Islamize America·
    Author David Gaubatz, a former federal agent, is a U.S. State Department-trained Arabic linguist and counter-terrorism specialist who has held the U.S. government's highest security clearances. Paul Sperry, a media fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution, is former Washington bureau chief for Investor's Business Daily, and author of Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives Have Penetrated Washington.
    03 Jan, 2009
    Defend Freedom!·Desperate Muslims launch 'Hail Mary'·
    On the heels of a major setback in federal court, the Council on American-Islamic Relations is "throwing a Hail Mary pass" to keep its "Muslim Mafia" lawsuit alive by issuing subpoenas to a prominent counter-terror expert, says a lawyer for the two men who probed the Muslim group's terror ties in a sting operation. ... "The timing of their request is a sign of desperation," said Daniel Horowitz, representing former Special Agent P. David Gaubatz and his son Chris, who recovered thousands of pages of incriminating CAIR documents meant for a shredder while posing as a Muslim intern.
    23 Feb, 2009
    Defend Freedom!  •Boorish Anti-Muslim Protesters Aid Islamists
    Remember: to advance their agenda, CAIR and its allies need film of boors yelling insults at Muslims. Those lacking sufficient self-control to distinguish between true radicals and everyday Muslims arriving at a dinner or going to a mosque would do us all a favor by staying home.
    31 March, 2011
    Defend Freedom!  •Foreign Agents: What CAIR, Anna Chapman, and Rep. Mark Siljander Have in Common
    Shortly after 9/11 CAIR released a carefully qualified statement: "We do not support directly or indirectly, or receive support from, any overseas government."

    Unfortunately for CAIR, FARA 611 (b) defines a "foreign principal" far more broadly than just a foreign government. It can also be a foreign political party, partnership, association, corporation, organization, or even an individual based outside of the United States.
    18 July, 2010
    Defend Freedom!·CAIR And The Muslim Mafia·
    A group of investigative reporters have opened the proverbial can of worms for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). The investigative team, organized by Dave Gaubatz and including his son, Chris, and a small band of researchers infiltrated CAIR's national headquarters for six months and spirited away over 12,000 documents and 300 hours of video that has been compiled into a book that clearly demonstrates CAIR's plan to cripple and destroy the constitution of the United States from within....
    03 Jan, 2009
    Defend Freedom!·House Leaders Wary of CAIR After FBI Shuns Islamic Advocacy Group·
    A leading member of the House of Representatives is asking the FBI to explain why it did not notify Congress that it had cut ties with the Council on American-Islamic Relations ... Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., is seeking answers from the FBI on its ties to the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which the bureau called a front for radicalism.
    03 Jan, 2009
    Defend Freedom!·FBI Cuts Off CAIR Over Hamas Questions·
    The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has cut off contacts with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) amid mounting concern about the Muslim advocacy group's roots in a Hamas-support network, the Investigative Project on Terrorism has learned.
    03 Jan, 2009
    Defend Freedom!·CAIR Revealed·
    Trail Of Terror: We've wondered why the Council on American-Islamic Relations director has spurned Senate invitations to answer terror charges. Now we know.
    01, Sept, 2007

    Defend Freedom!·The Council on American-Islamic Relations·
    CAIR's mission is to enhance understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding.
    29 July, 2005

    Defend Freedom!·ADL Statement on the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)·
    The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Washington, D.C.-based non-profit organization with offices around the country, defines its mission as "to enhance understanding of Islam, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding." Since its founding in 1994, CAIR has with some success sought to position itself as a prominent community organization facilitating government outreach to Muslim Americans.

    Unfortunately, CAIR's credibility as a community relations agency promoting "justice and mutual understanding" is tainted. Founded by leaders of the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP), a Hamas affiliated anti-Semitic propaganda organization, CAIR has never been willing to unequivocally condemn Hezbollah and Palestinian terror organizations, which the United States and international community have condemned and isolated.
    19 March, 2007
    Defend Freedom!·CAIR WATCH Launches·
    Here’s a web site whose time has come: CAIR Watch,
    whose motto is "Keeping an eye on hate."

    10 October, 2006

    Since the early 80's, the terrorist organization Hamas has had a presence within the United States. Many groups connected to Hamas have come and gone. They include: the United Association for Studies and Research (UASR), the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF), the Global Relief Foundation (GRF) and KindHearts.

    Another organization, the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP) was shut down in 2005, after it was found liable for the murder of an American boy who was killed during a Hamas terror operation in Israel. Eleven years prior to its closure, three leaders from the IAP created the Council on American-Islamic Relations or CAIR.

    CAIR Watch, a project of Americans Against Hate, was founded with the mission to expose the extremist nature and terrorist ties of CAIR, in hopes that it will be shut down, just as the others were before it. You can help in this endeavor.

    Defend Freedom!·CAIR Fifth Columnists and Multiculturalists·
    In the realm of terrorism, the threat to America is not just concerning dirty bombs and terror cells. It's not just about planes flying into buildings or suicide vests. No, the threat is a lot greater than that -- a solid infrastructure finely cultivated into our society, paid for, at least in part, by Saudi royalty. It was created not to promote the values of our nation, but, instead, to impose Islamic law. A large part of that infrastructure is the Council on American-Islamic Relations or CAIR. On one fine spring day this month, two institutions that we as Americans rely on -- one from each of America's coasts -- gave CAIR the things that it so ardently craves and needs to survive -- cover and legitimization.
    27 June, 2006
    Defend Freedom!·CAIR's Extremist Makeover--CAIR may have a new logo, but it's hosting Mohammad Khatami.·
    Tomorrow night, September 8th, CAIR will be sponsoring an event featuring the former President of Iran, Mohammad Khatami. Khatami, during the recent fighting in Lebanon, described Hezbollah as— "a shining sun that illuminates and warms the hearts of all Muslims and supporters of freedom in the world." Indeed, no matter what CAIR says, the core is still well intact.
    07 September, 2006
    Defend Freedom!·War On The Homefront·
    So what are we to make of the claims of a prominent spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Ibrahim Hooper, who has publicly denied that Islamofascist imams in some U.S. mosques preach and teach in their schools the destruction of America? In response to a question from CNBC host Larry Kudlow last Thursday, Hooper declared "I've been in a lot of mosques in America. I've never heard that. It's not something that's I know of in the Muslim community. It's put out and bandied about by anti-Muslim bigots constantly." ... This is, of course, patent nonsense. Most, if not all, of those convicted of ties to terror (a population which includes, by the way, three former CAIR officials) have been associated with radical imams and mosques, Islamist missionary organizations like Tablighi Jamaat, and/or Saudi-funded campus or prison recruitment operations."
    22 August, 2006
    Defend Freedom!·CAIR: Islamists Fooling the Establishment·
    "...But there is another side to CAIR that has alarmed many people in positions to know. The Department of Homeland Security refuses to deal with it. Senator Charles Schumer (Democrat, New York) describes it as an organization "which we know has ties to terrorism."[2] Senator Dick Durbin (Democrat, Illinois) observes that CAIR is "unusual in its extreme rhetoric and its associations with groups that are suspect." Steven Pomerantz, the FBI's former chief of counter-terrorism, notes that "CAIR, its leaders, and its activities effectively give aid to international terrorist groups." The family of John P. O'Neill, Sr., the former FBI counter-terrorism chief who perished at the World Trade Center, named CAIR in a lawsuit as having "been part of the criminal conspiracy of radical Islamic terrorism" responsible for the September 11 atrocities. Counter-terrorism expert Steven Emerson calls it "a radical fundamentalist front group for Hamas."
    08 February, 2006
    Defend Freedom!·CAIR, Assault and Videotape?·
    An attendee of the "Stop the Terror Rally" sponsored by the Council for America-Islamic Relations, Ohio, held at the Federal Courthouse in downtown Columbus, Ohio, on Friday July 28 says she was twice assaulted by CAIR National Vice-Chairman, Dr. Ahmad Al-Akhras, when she asked too many questions about the organization's apparent support for Hezbollah terrorists. Fortunately, she caught it all on tape and has put the video online so the public can see the reaction of one of CAIR's top officials.
    09 August, 2006
    Defend Freedom!·A CAIR Miscellany·
    Here's an occasional updating of outrages said and done by the Council on American-Islamic Relations. [Prof Daniel Pipes]
    29 July, 2005
    Defend Freedom!·CAIR: 'Moderate' friends of terror.·
    In reality, CAIR is something quite different. For starters, it's on the wrong side in the war on terrorism. One indication came in October 1998, when the group demanded the removal of a Los Angeles billboard describing Osama bin Laden as "the sworn enemy," finding this depiction "offensive to Muslims." [Prof. Daniel Pipes]
    29 July, 2005
    Defend Freedom!·CAIR Founded by "Islamic Terrorists"?·
    The Council on American-Islamic Relations, Inc., filed a defamation lawsuit against Andrew Whitehead, of Anti-CAIR (or ACAIR), a grass-roots project whose name explains its mission: to expose the largest, most vocal, and dangerous Islamist organization in North America. ... Then, on June 20, 2005, CAIR filed an amended motion that substantially cut back on its libel claims, retaining just portions of two of the original six statements.
    29 July, 2005
    Defend Freedom!·How CAIR Put My Life in Peril [Moderate Muslim Khalid Duran Attacked by Wahhabi Lobby]·
    "CAIR is the principle front organization of a coalition of Islamist (or fundamentalist Muslim) groups that have taken root in America over the past two decades. Most are spin-offs of the Islamic Association of Palestine (IAP), such as the American Muslims for Jerusalem, the Holy Land Foundation, and the Islamic Institute. These are extreme groups, and some have even come under federal investigation for alleged support of Middle Eastern terrorism..."
    29 July, 2005
    Defend Freedom!·CAIR lawyer for FL doctor indicted for conspiring to provide material support to Al Qaeda...·
    Saudi funded front group for Hamas paying for Sabir's defense is defendant in 9/11 terrorism lawsuit... [Militant Islam Monitor]
    29 July, 2005
    Defend Freedom!·Muslim-rights voice indicted in jihad plot.·
    Ex-CAIR rep with group tied to al-Qaida, attorney also serves as lawyer for Hamas.
    29 July, 2005
    Defend Freedom!·A Bad Day for CAIR·
    September 10th, 2003 will forever be remembered as a grim day for the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). On that day, the eve of the second anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, CAIR faced up to its own terrorist connections. It ran away from testifying before an influential Senate panel that heard a barrage of incriminating evidence about the group and its connections. It saw one of its former officials plead guilty to terrorist-related crimes in Federal Court. And, it was stood up by two Department of Justice officials at an immigration symposium in Florida.
    29 July, 2005
    Defend Freedom!·Weblog CAIR Named as a Defendant in 9/11 Terror Lawsuit·
    A class action lawsuit in the name of John P. O'Neill, Sr., stemming from the 9/11 atrocity, has named the Council on American-Islamic Relations as a defendant.
    30 December, 2004
    Defend Freedom!·Backgrounder On the Fiqh Council of North America and the Council on American-Islamic Relations.·
    Members of FCNA connected to Islamic extremism and terrorism ... The Terror Ties of CAIR Officials, Fundraisers & Trainers.
    29 July, 2005
    Defend Freedom!·The American Islamic Leaders' "Fatwa" is Bogus·
    This morning a group of American Islamic leaders held a press conference to announce a fatwa, or Islamic religious ruling, against "terrorism and extremism." An organization called the Fiqh Council of North America (FCNA) issued the fatwa, and the Council on American - Islamic Relations (CAIR) organized the press conference, stating that several major U.S. Muslim groups endorsed the fatwa. ... In fact, the fatwa is bogus.
    29 July, 2005
    Defend Freedom!·Pipes on CAIR·
    "The true obstacle to bridging differences in the United States, he repeats, is Islamism, principally its "worst, most aggressive, and most prominent" practitioner, CAIR...."
    29 July, 2005
    Defend Freedom!·THE THREAT AMONG US (Cal Thomas)·
    "Among those "future goals," according to a CAIR press release, is the elimination of references to "Judeo-Christian" when describing the heritage of the United States. Instead, CAIR and other Muslim groups prefer "Judeo-Christian-Islamic" or "Abrahamic." CAIR wants this new phrase used "in all venues where we normally talk about Judeo-Christian values, starting with the media, academia, statements by politicians and comments made in churches, synagogues and other places." Notice the absence of the word "mosques "in this statement. Muslim groups want Jews and Christians to tolerate them, but there is not a similar call for mosques to include Jewish and Christian beliefs."
    29 July, 2005
    Defend Freedom!·CAIR's Hate Crimes Nonsense·
    Of twenty "anti-Muslim hate crimes" in 2004 that CAIR describes, at least six are invalid and further research could likely find problems with the other fourteen instances.
    18 May, 2005
    Defend Freedom!·Whose Side Is CAIR On?·
    Basim Elkarra, executive director of the Sacramento, CA branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), was not pleased. His reaction to the arrests: "We're interested to see to what extent they're using informants, and whether there's entrapment." ... CAIR has repeatedly stated in the past that it is committed to partnering with law enforcement to battle radical Islam. However, instead of congratulating the FBI for capturing two Muslims who posed a threat to public safety and cast the Muslim community in a bad light, CAIR seems to be more concerned about "entrapment" and "informants."
    21 Sept, 2005
    Defend Freedom!·They CAIR, Or Else...·
    Forgive me if I interpreted the words incorrectly, but where does it say anything about not hurting anyone's feelings or pointing out facts even though they may be painful? With that, where does the Council on American-Islamic Relations get off going around suing people and getting people fired for stating what is to this day a fact that cannot be honestly refuted: Islamic fanatics want to kill everyone not Islamic?
    23 Aug, 2005
    Defend Freedom!·CAIR Fights to Block Sale of Book on Mohammed·
    CAIR took issue with an advertising description of the book that touted it as explaining "why Mohammed couldn't possibly be a true prophet." CAIR was angered by the ad's assertions that "Mohammed posed as the apostle of God . . . while his life is marked by innumerable marriages; and great licentiousness, deeds of rapine, warfare, conquests, unmerciful butcheries, all the time invoking God's holy name to sanction his evil deeds."
    31 Mar, 2005
    Defend Freedom!·Anti-CAIR * Defending America from The Council on American-Islamic Relations.·
    We are a group of concerned Americans dedicated to eliminating the Islamist terrorist threat to the United States Constitution. We believe that the Council on American-Islamic Relations,(CAIR), is a clear and present danger to our Constitution and our way of life. We will continue to expose CAIR's involvement in supporting Islamist terrorists, terrorist-sponsoring organizations and groups in the United States.
    29 July, 2005

    We are a group of concerned Americans dedicated to eliminating the Islamist terrorist threat to the United States Constitution.

    Defend Freedom!·CAIR Backs Down from Anti-CAIR·
    In a stunning setback, the Council on American-Islamic Relations' defamation suit against Andrew Whitehead of Anti-CAIR has been dismissed with prejudice.

    The Anti-CAIR website, www.anti-cair-net.org , reports a "mutually agreeable settlement," the terms of which are confidential. However, Whitehead notes that he issued no public apology to CAIR, made no retractions or corrections, and left the Anti-CAIR website unchanged, so that it continues to post the statements that triggered CAIR's suit. Specifically, CAIR had complained about Whitehead calling it a "terrorist supporting front organization founded by Hamas supporters" that aims "to make radical Islam the dominant religion in the United States." It also objected to being described as "dedicated to the overthrow of the United States Constitution and the installation of an Islamic theocracy in America."
    21 April, 2006
    Defend Freedom!·Taqiyya and kitman: The role of Deception in Islamic terrorism·
    Taqiyya and kitman or 'holy hypocrisy' has been diffused throughout Arabic culture for over fourteen hundred years since it was developed by Shiites as a means of defence and concealment of beliefs against Sunni unbelievers. As the Prophet said: 'he who keeps secrets shall soon attain his objectives.'

    New NEFA Report: 'The 1993 Philadelphia Meeting: A Roadmap for Future Muslim Brotherhood Actions in the U.S.'"The 1993 Philadelphia Meeting: Roadmap for Future Muslim Brotherhood Actions in the US"

    This document is an exclusive report produced by the NEFA Foundation based upon exhibits entered into evidence by the U.S. Justice Department in the recent U.S. v. Holy Land Foundation case. For more information on the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in North America, see the October 2007 NEFA report, "The Muslim Brotherhood in the United States" and to view a complete library of HLF exhibits see: http://www.nefafoundation.org/index.cfm?pageID=24

    America At War

    War With Iraq - Making The Case ----------
    Back To The Top

    09 April, 2003, Baghdad, the capital of Iraq falls to Coalition forces. God bless America, and God bless the men and women of the American military deployed at all points overseas. America's thanks and appreciation to you and the Bush Administration for having the guts to follow through on this critical operation! This article and research archive is not being updated, except for relevant articles relating to the ongoing U.S. presence in Iraq.

    ·"Iraq For Sale - The Documentary"·

    ...These things should not be surprising, though. The atheist left and progressive liberalism have done absolutely everything they can to divorce faith and ethics from the government and public sphere. Yet, it was Chuck Colson who said, in part, "…How important moral restraints are to capitalism. Capitalism is the freest and best economic system known, but without respect for moral truth, it can quickly degenerate into a system of pure avarice. In today's relativistic environment, these moral restraints are being weakened—and thus capitalism, as in this case, becomes exploitive."

    Have you ever wanted to find more information on government spending? Have you ever wondered where federal contracting dollars and grant awards go? Or perhaps you would just like to know, as a citizen, what the government is really doing with your money...

    ·The Pig Roast Is Almost Over.·[Posted at Free Republic]

    Defend Freedom!·"Imagine That: Wikileaks Docs Show There Were WMDs in Iraq"·

    The WikiLeaksters seem to have inadvertently done history a bit of a favor in the their obsession, with the help of heavy-breathing media mouthpieces like the New York Times, to release classified military documents. ... It seems that some of those documents reveal the utter untruthfulness of a core claim of Iraq War opponents, namely that "We now know that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq." ... This contention, not nuanced in any way (i.e., not "no stockpiles" or "not that many," but instead absolutely none), is part of leftist folklore....
    24 October, 2010

    Defend Freedom!·"Why Iraq Was Inevitable."·

    ...Had, moreover, Bush failed to act when he did, the consequences could have been truly disastrous. The next American President would surely have faced the need, in decidedly less favorable circumstances, to pick up the challenge Bush had neglected. And since Bush's unwillingness to do the necessary thing might rightly have cost him his second term, that next President would probably have been one of the many Democrats who, until March 2003, actually saw the same threat George Bush did.
    17 July, 2008

    Defend Freedom!·"Iraq Update from Dr. Victor Davis Hanson (UNCLASSIFIED)"·

    This e-mail is being circulated at the highest levels of the Dept of Defense and Congress. If you have never really understood the situation between the Sunni and the Shiite - read this. If you want the most up to date information on why our highest ranking officers think we are on the verge of handing al Qaeda and Iran an massive defeat (and soon) read on. If you want the most intimate portrait of what is going on in country, plus his personal observations of Gen. Petraeus from actual time spent with him, read on. If you want to read about how he ridicules the academic left and contrasts them versus the professional military, read on. The account of this PhD is shaking things up - because it is true. Read the end where he gets shelled while leaving as well. [Posted at FREE REPUBLIC]
    21 April, 2006
    Defend Freedom!·Confluence - Abandoning Iraq Would Mean Catastrophe Elsewhere As Dominoes Likely Fall·
    By: Steve Shippert

    Click for larger version...Such is the context of the three major ground fronts against al-Qaeda. In Afghanistan, we have stopped at the border and granted reprieve. In Somalia, our aid-wielding foreign services leadership has ignored those who engage al-Qaeda in a fight for their broken country and their very lives. And in Iraq, where we are face-to-face with the enemy who has killed so many of us and seeks to kill more (at home and abroad), much of our elected Congressional leadership seeks to disengage the fight. All in the name of "counterterrorism."
    This begs the obvious question: If U.S. political leadership currently lacks the will to confront and defeat al-Qaeda terrorists where they mass to confront us in the battlefields of Iraq, what confidence can the American people possibly derive that the current Congressional leadership can muster the will to defeat them elsewhere?
    And elsewhere they will certainly be. The national security consequences could be grave.
    24 May, 2007
    ·Where We Fight·
    On which battlefields will we wage war against al Qaeda?
    Defend Freedom!· Post-Invasion Intel Showed WMD Went To Syria·
    Among the captured documents of the Iraqi Intelligence Services is a memo written in Arabic that describes pre-war intel from an Iraqi source working in Syria. Dated July 13, the memo itself was written after the invasion, but it describes the movement of trucks from Iraq into Syria just before the American invasions.
    25 July, 2006
    Defend Freedom!·Baathist papers confirm Hussein's terrorist ties (FR's jveritas credited)·
    Lebanese-born Joseph Shahda translated for FreeRepublic.com a March 11, 2001, top-secret letter addressed "To all the Units" from Air Brigadier General Abdel Magid Hammot Ali and Air Colonel Mohamad Majed Mohamadi. The subject is "Volunteer for Suicide Mission." It reads, "We ask to provide ... (Command of Ali Military) Division with the names of those who desire to volunteer for Suicide Mission to liberate Palestine and to strike American Interests."
    06 April, 2006
    Defend Freedom!·Declassified Truth (Pre War Iraq Terrorist Connections)·
    The War On Terror: The government is finally getting around to unloading some of Saddam Hussein's secret documents. A look at just a few pages already leads to some blockbuster revelations.[snip]...
    17 March, 2006
    Defend Freedom!·THANK YOU AMERICA·
    I have the very good fortune to be working for a PR company hired by the Iraqi Kurds to help promote a media campaign that begins on Wednesday, November 9, 2005 here in the United States. ... Tomorrow is the launch of a TV ad campaign where the Iraqi Kurds say "Thank You" to America for liberating them from the oppressive regime of Saddam Hussein. Please watch the ads and post your thoughts. ... "Thank You America" is the first of 3 ads that will run in the United States (beginning on Fox News Channel) and then thanking British and American troops in Europe and the Middle East. [Posted by Impeach98 at Free Republic]
    08 November, 2005

    Defend Freedom!·Original IRAQ Article series·
    This is the original IRAQ series of articles and research papers posted here in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq.
    08 November, 2003

    America At War

        Prof. Daniel Pipes --------------------------
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    Defend Freedom!·DanielPipes.org·
    A nationally known scholar well versed on current challenges facing the Middle East, as well as the nation of Israel.
    11 January, 2002
    Defend Freedom!·Daniel Pipes - In The Arena At UC Irvine·
    "...The event coordinator introduced Daniel Pipes and he began his presentation. Having followed Daniel Pipes closely since 9/11 and reading his books and writings till I was bleary-eyed, I was more than familiar with a lot of his positions. He is certainly not crippled academically by political correctness. The giggling and inaudible snide comments started and then fifteen minutes into the event, one Islamist youth stood up in the middle of the crowd and started shouting, "Daniel Pipes! Daniel Pipes! Daniel Pipes!" The rest of the Islamist youth, on this queue, then stood up and began to loudly shout in unison, "Anti-Israel! No to oppression! Anti-Israel! No to oppression!'"
    02 February, 2007
    Defend Freedom!·An Islamist Apology·
    Something possibly unprecedented has occurred in the battle with radical Islam. A leading Islamist organization has retracted its slurs against me and issued a public apology. This offers a small but important step in blocking the advance of Islamic extremism....
    29 July, 2005
    Defend Freedom!·Do you believe in modernity?·
    If militant Islam is the problem and moderate Islam is the solution, as I often argue, how does one differentiate between these two forms of Islam?
    26 November, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·CampusWatch.org·
    An affiliate organization of the Middle East Forum directed by Daniel Pipes. Focusing exclusively on the hard-Left activities of militant Islamicists on our college and university campuses.
    15 September, 2002
    Defend Freedom!·Education by murder - Daniel Pipes on the slow American awakening·
    Pipes believes that still greater horrors will in all probability follow before a genuine sea-change occurs. ... Pipes calls the reluctant move to belated understanding akin to "education by murder".
    22 September, 2002
    Defend Freedom!·When the authorities deny terrorism·
    Downplaying the radical Islamic ritual murder of Christian Egyptian family in Jersey City, N.J. is part of a much wider problem—one that's been ongoing for years
    23 Feb, 2005
    Defend Freedom!·Why the Left Loves Osama [and Saddam]·
    "...More recently, it appears that none of the millions of antiwar demonstrators have a bad word to say about Saddam Hussein nor an iota of sympathy for those oppressed, tortured and murdered by his regime. Instead, they vent fury against the American president and British prime minister...."
    19 Mar, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·(The AMC) "Mainstream" Muslims?·
    FBI directors don't make a habit of breaking bread with organizations their agents may soon be investigating, perhaps even closing.
    15 June, 2002
    Defend Freedom!·Jihad and the Professors·
    "But of course it is bin Laden, Islamic Jihad, and the jihadists worldwide who define the term, not a covey of academic apologists. More importantly, the way the jihadists understand the term is in keeping with its usage through fourteen centuries of Islamic history...."
    03 November, 2002
    Defend Freedom!·The Enemy Within·
    "There is no escaping the unfortunate fact that Muslim government employees in law enforcement, the military and the diplomatic corps need to be watched for connections to terrorism, as do Muslim chaplains in prisons and the armed forces..."
    24 Jan, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·Europe vs. America·
    "Things looked so clear in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, when the forces of civilization stood on one side and the barbarians on the other..."
    14 Jan, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·What is Jihad·
    "What does the Arabic word "jihad" mean?
    One answer came last week, when Saddam Hussein had his Islamic leaders appeal to Muslims worldwide to join his jihad to defeat the "wicked Americans" should they attack Iraq; then he himself threatened the United States with jihad..."

    31 Dec, 2002
    Defend Freedom!·A Christian Boom·
    "...Christianity is the religion currently undergoing the most basic rethinking and the largest increase in adherents. He makes a good case for its militancy most affecting the next century..."
    26 November, 2002
    Defend Freedom!·Death to America·
    "America's war on terrorism did not begin in September 2001. It began in November 1979..."
    08 Sept, 2002

    title  title

    Militant Islam Reaches America and 'Miniatures'
    Author: Professor Daniel Pipes

    America At War

    The White House --------------------------------
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    Defend Freedom!·The White House·
    The center of the war on terrorism, and foreign policy.
    20 Jan, 2009

    Due to the change in the direction of American foreign policy due to the rise of the Obama Administration, we will be chronicling the degrading of America's global security posture, as well as Israel's continued isolation, in the years ahead.

    Defend Freedom!·New U.S. Intel Chief: Support of Israel Not a U.S. Interest·
    A flurry of reports over the weekend said that the former U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia, considered a sharp critic of Israel, is to be named to a top intelligence post in the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama.
    21 Feb, 2009

    Defend Freedom!·The Forgotten Man [Jon McNaughton]·
    21 May, 2011

    Defend Freedom!·The U.S. Office of Homeland Security·

    The US Office Of Homeland Security

    On the new server.
    22 February, 2003

    America At War

     Jon Christian Ryter -----------------------------
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    Defend Freedom!·The Muslim Brotherhood.·
    The White House knew that what was happening in Egypt was the second salvo in a multifaceted attempt by the Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow every pro-western government in the Mideast. The protests in Tunisia and Egypt were not citizen-instigated or citizen-led freedom protests—just as the union-orchestrated protests in Wisconsin over collective-bargaining rights were not spontaneous citizen protests. The AFL-CIO filled the streets of Madison, Wisconsin will 70,000 union protesters bused in from around the country. Radical Islam supplied thousands of protesters in Tunisia and Egypt. Many were intimidated, coerced and threatened if they did not appear in the streets. Some marched willingly, believing that, at the end of the protest, there would be real democracy in Sharialand....
    07 June, 2011
    Defend Freedom!·Shariah America·
    At an Arabfest in Dearborn, Muslims put up a booth that said: "Islam: Got Questions? Get Answers." This is a video you really need to watch. The question you will be asking yourself when you finish this video is: Is this America? ....
    10 August, 2009
    Defend Freedom!·OIL PIMPS - The Death Of The U.S. Oil Industry·
    Democratic senators and congressmen pretended they are not in the pockets of the Seven Sisters as they grilled five of the highest paid businessmen in America about how much money they earn, stupidly suggesting by their sarcasm in the hearings that gasoline has reached the $4.00 gallon threshold in the United States because these guys earn from $7 to $32.7 million a year (when the stock options are included). The charade served only as comic relief as everyone pretended there was some sort of meaningful substance in the hearings as Senate Democrats threatened them with a windfall profits tax (that will immediately be passed on to US consumers in the form of even higher prices)....
    01 June, 2008
    Defend Freedom!· Education Jihad - Surrendering Our School Systems To Islam·
    The Constitution of the United States does not provide any individual in, or agency of, the federal government with the legal prerogative to restrict any American citizen's right to worship God in any manner that citizens chooses. More important, the federal government is barred by the Constitution from showing favoritism or disdain to, or for, any religion, or mandating that the people of the United States either practice a specific religion, or be forcibly indoctrinated in any religion's doctrine.
    The Constitution does not stipulate—nor even imply—that a legal or moral wedge should separate the tenets of Christianity from the principles of law other than to mandate that "...Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..." All of the restrictions contained in the 1st Amendment were placed on the government. None were placed on the people. Yet, the United States government has flip-flopped the intent of the 1st Amendment and now places all of the restrictions on the people—but only if the restricted class of people are Christians.
    22 July, 2007
    Defend Freedom!·A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Jihad·
    "America is now under siege.... Because al Qaeda and Muslim extremists in the Iraqi and Syrian governments helped plan and execute the attack on America on September 11, 2001, the United States is obligated to wage war on those who brought death and destruction to American soil. If we do not, this nation--and the American people--will never be safe. It is unfortunate that we have been caught up in a dichotomy of events that will ultimately set the stage for final showdown of mankind in the Valley of Megiddo. But first will come the defeat of Iraq and, with the help of the peacemaker, King Abdullah of Jordan, breakthrough peace in the Mideast."
    22 March, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·What The Bush Administration Is
    Not Telling America About Iraq

    "...Unlike the "former" Soviet Union whose penchant to destroy America with its vast nuclear arsenal was held in check by the philosophy of mutually-assured destruction [MAD], Iraq will not be deterred by the knowledge that launching a nuclear, biological or chemical strike against the heartland of America will bring catastrophic retaliation against them since the radical Muslim is convinced that the highest calling in life is to die as a martyr to Islam in a Jihad against the infidels. [ Jon Christian Ryter" ]
    11 September, 2002
    Defend Freedom!·POSSE COMITATUS·
    Bush attempts to implement Lincoln Civil War era Constitutional rights abrogations in the "war on terrorism."
    05 August, 2002
    Defend Freedom!·BIGGER GOVERNMENT ~ Enlarging The Bureacracy·
    When government is inept, increasing its size does not increase its efficiency. [Office of Homeland Security related]
    22 June, 2002
    Defend Freedom!·Media Bias—RE: Afghanistan ·
    ...The mainstream media tries hard to convince the American people that they have no bias in how they report the news. Unfortunately, the mainstream media is biased beyond the pale. That bias has translated into the redefinition of public opinion in America, with the media determining the “correct views” that Americans are supposed to hold on a myriad of subjects that cover every aspect of life not only in the United States, but their world view as well.
    05 November, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·The Lord of Martyrs·
    Bin Laden saw his “divine” role as that of driving all “infidels”—particularly the western infidels who controlled the economic life of the modern world—out of the Muslim nations of the Middle East as he drove the Soviet military from Afghanistan. Bin Laden was convinced that the Americans, more than any other nation, were responsible for the downfall of Muslim influence in the world.
    21 December, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·Islamic Brainwashing.·
    Now part of "politically correct" California public school culture.
    19 January, 2002
    Defend Freedom!·Johnny Walker's Defense.·
    The defense Walker's lawyers believe will get their client off.
    12 January, 2002
    Defend Freedom!·Radiological Dispersal Device - RDD·
    Osama bin Laden's terrorists are preparing to conduct a RAD War in the United States. U.S. intelligence agency learns that bin Laden purchased nuclear waste that will allow him to build and detonate a "dirty bomb." US Intelligence believes the material has been "delivered."
    31 October, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·Liberty's Lamentations·
    Political opportunists use the public's fear about terrorism to further abrogate the Constitutional rights of Americans.
    27 October, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·The Terrorists. . .The Hatemongers. . .The Guilty·
    The man who planned the attack...And the terrorist "General" who carried it out.
    01 October, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·"Fatwa" Issued·
    Wahhabis cleric issues "fatwa" on the Saudi royal family.
    15 October, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·War between Isaac and Ishmael·  
    . . .The descendants of Isaac and Ishmael and the descendants of Jacob and Esau, all claim the land that God very clearly intended to give to the Jews.
    10 October, 2001

    The website of author Jon Christain Ryter

    Jon Christian Ryter · Copyright � 2001/2013 · All Rights Reserved.
    America At War

    Israeli Flag      Nation of Israel ------------------------
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      I head the Christian Supporters Of Israel List at Free Republic! Stop by and keep up to date on current events in Israel, as we deal with the threat of terrorism against the Promised Land -- and sit back and watch G-d and the IDF crush it. I also have a blog I update from time to time with more notable events and threads that happen on the Free Republic forum.

    Welcome to Katif.net - We, the residents of the Israel's very own Harvest Belt ('Gush Katif'), want our story and message to be known to the whole world.'Gush Katif' has become the front lines in the global
    war of ideas over the future of Israel through
    the 'disengagement.' Watch here as events transpire in Israel!

    A Stab In The Heart [Video]
    IsraelNationalNews - A Video on Gush Katif [Video]
    The Nature Of Bruce [Personal Commentary]

    America At War

    Defend Freedom!·Allies - Standing With Israel In The Coming Storm·
    Professor Daniel Pipes' recent analysis, "Israeli Jets vs. Iranian Nukes," in response to the Whitney Raas and Austin Long's (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) paper, "Osirak Redux? Assessing Israeli Capabilities to Destroy Iranian Nuclear Facilities," is yet again another harbinger of the impending clash between Iran and the West. Professor Pipes postulates that the widest possible dissemination of this paper could deter Iran from proceeding with its nuclear weapons program.

    Although that proposition is laudable, it is not probable....
    17 June, 2007
    Defend Freedom!  •Gauthier: "Jerusalem legally belongs to Jews"
    Jacques Gauthier is a great friend of the Jews but first and foremost his loyalty is to the law.
    05 January, 2011
    Defend Freedom!·The Rhetoric of Nonsense - Fabricating Palestinian History·
    Stating nonsense to suit one's purpose is only one of three obvious Palestinian rhetorical strategies. Lying, knowingly distorting the truth, is another. A paradigmatic example of this is "Pallywood," the staging of scenes for news cameras. These have ranged from orchestrated street scenes and rioting, which sometimes include fake casualties who leap off of stretchers when out of sight, to destroyed structures and grieving families, to manipulated photographs. Above all there was the so-called Jenin massacre of 2002 and the Muhammad al-Dura case in 2000....
    24 June, 2012
    Defend Freedom!·Jews Wake Up!·
    When the history of our times is written, this week will be remembered as the week that Washington decided to let the Islamic Republic of Iran go nuclear. Hopefully it will also be remembered as the moment the Jews arose and refused to allow Iran to go nuclear. ... With the publication of the recommendations of the Iraq Study Group chaired by former US secretary of state James Baker III and former congressman Lee Hamilton, the debate about the war in Iraq changed. From a war for victory against Islamofascism and for democracy and freedom, the war became reduced to a conflict to be managed by appeasing the US's sworn enemies in the interests of stability, and at the expense of America's allies
    08 December, 2006
    Defend Freedom!· A Rabbi's warning to U.S. Christians·
    Considerably more intellectual energy is being pumped into the propaganda campaign against Christianity than was ever delivered to the anti-smoking or anti-drunk-driving campaigns. Fervent zealots of secularism are flinging themselves into this anti-Christian war with enormous fanaticism. ... If they succeed, Christianity will be driven underground, and its benign influence on the character of America will be lost. In its place we shall see a sinister secularism that menaces Bible believers of all faiths. Once the voice of the Bible has been silenced, the war on Western Civilization can begin and we shall see a long night of barbarism descend on the West. ... Without a vibrant and vital Christianity, America is doomed, and without America, the West is doomed. ... Which is why I, an Orthodox Jewish rabbi, devoted to Jewish survival, the Torah and Israel am so terrified of American Christianity caving in.
    18 March, 2007
    Defend Freedom!·HISTORY of Israel & "Palestine"·
    Take a close look at this PRESENT DAY MAP of the Middle East in which you can see that 22 Arab and/or Muslim [Iran is not considered Arab] nations completely engulf Israel. If someone can explain to me how "expansionist Israel" has "taken over" the Middle East, please email me! The Arab countries occupy 640 times the land mass as does Israel and outnumber the Jews of Israel by nearly fifty to one. So much for Arab propaganda!
    12 August, 2005
    Defend Freedom!·"Road Map" to Armageddon·
    We are in the late stages of the awesome fulfillment of Bible prophecy, behind which lies the omnipotent hand of God himself: "I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem..."(Zec 12:2, 3). That remarkable prophesy is being fulfilled today. Never before in history have all those surrounding Israel been united to destroy her. This significant development in history and Bible prophecy has come about through the rise of Islam. Bush wants a "democratic, viable" Palestinian state living in peace with Israel, but no democracy exists, or can exist, in a Muslim society. Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. Bush is trying to create democracy in Afghanistan and Iraq. If that could happen, it would shake the entire Muslim world. Islam cannot survive in freedom. No wonder there is such fanatical opposition from Muslims worldwide, even for the capture of that sadistic mass torturer and murderer, Saddam Hussein.
    01 January, 2004
    Defend Freedom!·When Should We Stop Supporting Israel?·
    "...And so for the present, Palestinian leaders shouldn't be too surprised that Americans increasingly find very little in their society that has much appeal to either our values or sympathy. If they continually assure us publicly that they are furious at Americans, then they should at least pause, reflect, and ask themselves why an overwhelming number of Americans—not Jewish, not residents of New York, not influenced by the media—are growing far more furious with them."
    19 June, 2004
    Defend Freedom!·Thank You for Your Protection·
    "We only met an hour before, but we suddenly were deeply connected to each other. We embraced, the Mezuzah protruding from his pocket and his rifle strapped across his chest. I looked at him with tears in my eyes and said, 'Rachamim, thank you for your protection'; and he looked me back in the eye while placing his hand over the mezuzah I gave him, and said 'Avraham, thank you for your protection.'"
    01 August, 2006
    Defend Freedom!·Jesse Helms: Setting the Record Straight·
    "...I have long believed that if the United States is going to give money to Israel, it should be paid out of the Department of Defense budget. My question is this: If Israel did not exist, what would U.S. defense costs in the Middle East be? Israel is at least the equivalent of a U.S. aircraft carrier in the Middle East. Without Israel promoting its and America's common interests, we would be badly off indeed."
    19 June, 2004
    Defend Freedom!·Searchlight - Jon Courson Ministries·
    The definitive teaching series of our times. MIDDLES EAST: War and Peace. This series by Pastor Jon Courson is the best I have heard in almost two decades. Biblical, historical, and in advocacy of G-d's chosen people, the Jews and the Nation of Israel. Buy the series, or listen to it online!
    04 January, 2004
    Defend Freedom!·Our Letter To President Bush·
    ...Concerning the Nation of Israel and Palestinian terrorism. [Posted at Free Republic]
    20 August, 2003

    Night - By: Elie Wiesel  Night ~
    Author: Elie Wiesel
    I first heard of "Night" when an Evangelical Pastor mentioned it in a lesson concerning the Middle East and Islamic terrorism directed against the Jews and the Nation of Israel. I've spent much time on Holocaust sites and research, but this account brings forth the personal details of the horror. I recommend it because it belies the brutal hatred of the Jews which still beats in the heart of the European Union, as well as the heart of the Islamic world.

    This also begs the question: Why are we—or rather, the Nation of Israel—even thinking about compromising with this terrorism today?!

    Defend Freedom!·Islamist Religious Genocide and Israel·
    "...The secularized West cannot and does not understand this basic religious motif for the Palestinian's refusal to accept Israel as a valid political entity within the vast Islamic world. It is up to Christians to speak boldly about this subject, and to point out to all parties in this conflict that genuine coexistence in our globalized world is a must. The continual refusal to accept the existence of Israel as a sovereign state leads to more violence and to acts of terror that spill beyond the borders of the Holy Land."
    22 January, 2004
    Defend Freedom!·The European Solution·
    ...In short, the Geneva initiative that the EU stands so squarely behind, calls for the end of Jewish sovereignty in Israel and the reinstitution of an international mandate like that of the League of Nations.
    [Caroline Glick of the Jerusalem Post, posted at Free Republic]

    16 November, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·Why Evangelical Christians Support Israel·
    "...The slogan "land for peace" is a cruel chimera. The Sinai was given up. Did that bring lasting peace?-No. Southern Lebanon was given up. Did that bring lasting peace?-No. Instead Hezballah rode tanks to the border of Israel shouting, "On to Jerusalem!" Now, as many as 10,000 rockets aimed at Metulla, Qiryat Shemona, and all of Northern Israel have been put in place throughout Southern Lebanon." [Pat Robertson at Free Republic]
    17 December, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·Ask For Death!·
    The Indoctrination of Palestinian Children to Seek Death for Allah — Shahada
    by Itamar Marcus - Director, Palestinian Media Watch

    20 July, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·Killing Jews in Context·
    "Put simply, the basic premise is that the Jews have only themselves to blame for the acts of those who want to kill them. Where have we heard this before? ... Unfortunately, this is not the first time that this specious argument has been made with respect to the Jewish people. Those making this argument today, like so many before them throughout history, take the death of Jews much too casually."
    05 June, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·The Warnings Of "Night" ~·
    "...What was amazing were the warnings to the Jews of Europe of the gathering storm, if not to Elie and his family right there in Sighet, Romania."
    04 February 2004 [Personal Commentary]
    Defend Freedom!·The Nature Of Bruce·
    "... It is certainly not my intent to trivialize the circumstances in the territories by reducing them to the level of a children's movie, yet sometimes axiomatic truths are revealed to us on the whole in the most simplest of ways. Two small fish engaging in a warm, fuzzy group therapy with natural predators suggests the same lunacy evident in the discourse surrounding the current disengagement and the Jewish residents of Gush Katif and the Northern Shomron. " [Personal Commentary]
    12 June, 2005
    Defend Freedom!·Blood Brothers·
    "...On behalf of the vast field of Evangelical Christianity in America, I would like to refute a few of the charges being leveled against those who support Israel and clarify some things."[Personal Commentary]
    29 June, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·Israel and a Road Map to Destiny·
    "...Thus, the existence today of Israel is not for the Jews, but for the will and plan of G-d, that G-d would be glorified in the eyes of the world. ... And President Bush and Prime Minister Sharon just stepped in His way." [Personal Commentary]
    04 June, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·Arab sermons: O God, destroy the usurper Jews, the vile Crusaders, and infidels...·
    Just a small sampling of the rhetoric coming out of the mosques in the Middle East. A religion of peace? This is a religion of war, regardless how the Islamic apologists want to portray it!
    02 July, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·The Israeli Government's Official Website·
    By the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    03 November, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·Embassy of Israel - Washington D.C.·
    The Nation of Israel's Embassy in Washington D.C.
    03 Nov, 2002
    Defend Freedom!·The U.S. and Israel: The Road Ahead·
    "But Palestinian violence is a much more serious and difficult problem than even Dennis Ross now admits. It is the product of an environment that fosters, shelters, encourages, and rewards acts aimed at nullifying Israel's very existence. And that environment is itself the creation not only of the Palestinians, or of the Arabs, but also of the international community—including the United States. To change this situation requires changing not just the actions and attitudes of Palestinians but the policies and practices of others, again including the United States...." [Free Republic]
    02 May, 2003

    Road Map GIF

    Defend Freedom!·Don't Fatwa Me·
    "The Rabbi quotes Talmudic Law: "He who comes to slay you, slay him first", which is not unlike our own President's commitment to taking out hostile, threatening regimes before they become successfully-made-good-on-the-threats, murderous regimes. If yellow tape is an unacceptable outline for our nation, why should it become acceptable in our Jewish neighborhoods?" [AnnaZ]
    08 June, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·The 'Right Brothers' Fly by Road Map·
    "...Arab insistence that the vast Middle East be theirs, all theirs, even though Jews have always lived there, reveals more than a quaint intolerance imbuing infidels with "the cooties". It bares the dripping fangs of their monstrous intent—ethnic cleansing and greedy expansionism." [Free Republic / Arutz Sheva]
    22 June, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·What part of homicide bombing doesn't the world understand!? — Not for the apathetic, squeamish.·
    Forward this page and let those who just "don't get it" — or refuse to get it — see for themselves. If this can happen in Israel, it will happen in America! [Graphic]
    19 May, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·The Threat Inherent In A Palestinian State·
    "...The obstacle to peace in the region isn't the "plight" of the Palestinians or their lack of a state—it's Arab revanchism coupled with Islamic fundamentalism. The idea of a sovereign Jewish state anywhere in the Middle East, is intolerable to devout Moslems and Arab nationalists alike—a sacrilege to the former and a mortal affront to the latter." [Don Feder - Free Republic]
    14 May, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·Road Map to Hell - Part I & II·
    "Epilogue In brief, we may state without exaggeration that we are facing a Road Map to Hell, a document whose consequences are no less severe than those of the British White Paper of 1939. The Oslo Agreements were child's play compared to this Road Map...."
    09 May, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·The 'Final Solution,' Phase 2·
    "...Five million are clustered in an embattled salient on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean, facing hundreds of millions of enemies. Ron Rosenbaum writes, 'The concentration of so many Jews in one place -- and I use the word 'concentration' advisedly -- gives the world a chance to kill the Jews en masse again.' " [George Will]
    02 May, 2002
    Defend Freedom!·The Disaster·
    "Since Britain's infamous White Paper, with the exception of the UN's "Zionism is racism" resolution, it is hard to find any other international document that is so palpably anti-Israel (i.e. anti-Jewish). The Quartet - the USA, the EU, the UN and Russia - has done a "superb" job of creating a document that, in its essence, is nothing but a death warrant for the Jewish state...."
    09 May, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·The Arab Occupation·
    "That is, of course, unlike America, where Abraham Lincoln said, "We do not care who your grandparents were. We care who their grandchildren will be." In America, your achievements count, not your red blood cells. However, a society and culture run by blood, has no problem shedding blood. That is why "occupation" is the anti-Christ, or rather the anti-Mohammed for them. "Occupation" means there is a different blood type in the country, and that presence is unacceptable. How dare dirty American blood trample on our holy soil... ?"
    09 May, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·Why Peace Can't Work: Arab intransigence.·
    "The latest issue of Commentary magazine leads with an article by Abraham Sofaer about the dicey future of Arab-Israeli negotiations. It is a sober recital by the State Department's former legal adviser of the obstacles that stand in the way of a permanent peace. In his article, Sofaer describes the Palestine educational system as "an abomination." He writes...."
    09 May, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·A Matter Of Honor·
    "...Shamefully, though, we have shunned our ally from manifest participation in our "coalition of the willing." Like a faithless teenage girl afraid to be seen with an unpopular friend, we prefer to associate with Israel out of public view."
    06 May, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·A 'Road Map' Drawn By Fantasists·
    "It's based on the foolish notion that Israelis and Palestinians will act like diplomats sitting in a conference room in Brussels. This is the error intelligence professionals call "mirror-imaging"; it's made by analysts who expect that people with different cultural experiences will act as they themselves would act ... In the same way, the Quartet's road map assumes that both Israelis and Palestinians will swiftly forgive and forget all the recent violence. It assumes that Palestinians want precisely the peaceful democracy that the diplomats want them to want, and that they will immediately repudiate terrorism and accept the principle of two states living side by side, a solution they rejected in 2000...."
    09 May, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·Netanyahu speaks before the US SENATE·
    "...Contrary to popular belief, the motivating force behind terror is neither desperation nor destitution. It is hope - the hope of terrorists systematically brainwashed by the ideologues who manipulate them that their savagery will break the will of their enemies and help them achieve their objectives - political, religious, or otherwise.... Defeat this hope and you defeat terrorism. Convince terrorists, their sponsors, and potential new recruits that terrorism will be thoroughly uprooted and severely punished and you will stop it cold in its tracks...."
    09 May, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·DISPUTED TERRITORIES: Forgotten Facts About the West Bank and Gaza Strip·
    In 1967, Israel fought a desperate war of self-defense and despite dire odds, won. As a result, the Jewish State not only survived, it also came into possession of additional lands, including territory that is of vital importance to its security ... The Six Day War and its consequences still affect the Middle East today. A clear understanding of how and why the territories came into Israel's possession in 1967 and an awareness of Israel's connection to these areas are essential components of any fair and balanced discussion of their current status.
    09 May, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·The Myth Of The Palestinian People·
    "The general impression given in the media is that Palestinian's have lived in the Holy Land for hundreds, if not thousands of years. No wonder, then, that a recent poll of French citizens shows that the majority believe (falsely) that prior to the establishment of the State of Israel an independent Arab Palestinian state existed in its place. Yet curiously, when it comes to giving the history of this "ancient" people most news outlets find it harder to go back more than the early nineteen hundreds...."
    09 May, 2003
    The most widely accepted myth of Arab propagandists is that Jewish communities (AKA: settlements) in Judea and Samaria (AKA: The West Bank) are an obstacle to peace. The opposite is true: They are a barrier to the final jihad planned by Yasser Arafat and his unholy warriors. [Don Feder]
    27 September, 2002
    Defend Freedom!·Myths of the Middle East·
    An article from World Net Daily
    12 Jan, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·Myths & Facts: A Guide to the Arab-Israeli Conflict·
    From US-Israel.Org
    12 Jan, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·Pictures From Israel After Suicide Bombers·
    Prof. Zvi Gimmon, M.D. of the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, presented pictures from daily life in Jerusalem today.
    09 June, 2002
    Defend Freedom!·9 Year-Old Gunmen·
    It is seeing things like this that robs the objective mind of any hope for the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. These are nothing else but lambs being prepared for the slaughter. ... Forward this around to your friends and lists. This is the next generation in Palestinian culture, the ones to lead the State of Palestine living "in peace" side by side with Israel.
    07 August, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·Good Jew, Bad Jew·
    Good Jew Bad Jew, the graphics. If a picture is worth a thousand words, these two graphics expose the hypocrisy of the UN and the international community concerning their treatment of Israel during her self-defense war on terrorism.
    14 June, 2002
    Defend Freedom!·Jewish-History.com·
    Jewish-American History on the Web. Maintained by a friend at Free Republic.
    01 January, 2004
    Defend Freedom!·Arabs for Israel·
    We can support the State of Israel and the Jewish religion and still treasure our Arab and Islamic culture. There are many Jews and Israelis who freely express compassion and support for the Palestinian. It is time that we Arabs express reciprocal compassion and support. The existence of the State of Israel is a fact that should be accepted by the Arab world. Israel is a legitimate state that is not a threat but an asset in the Middle East. Every major World religion has a center of gravity. Islam has Mecca, and Judaism certainly deserves its presence in Israel. Diversity should not be a virtue only in the USA, but should be encouraged around the world. We support a diverse Middle East with protection for human rights, respect and equality under the law to all minorities including Jews and Christians.
    26 May, 2004
    Defend Freedom!·Spies Like Us·
    "...Can no one else see these signs? Am I the only one who sees this? On Erev Shavuot, we will be given a choice between following Torah and following false spies! It is so clear, and so simple. ... The giving of the Torah was the moment that Jews made a covenant with G-d regarding the land of Israel. G-d promised the land; Jews promised that they would take possession of the land. That, my friends, occurred on Shavuot, at the base of a mountain very near Aqaba."[Salem The Soldier's Homepage - America At War]
    02 June, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·Suicide·
    "...I just finished reading the most gut-wrenching quote I have ever read, supposedly from the mouth of Sharon, in which he says, "It is time to divide the land." ... Really? . . . and who are you, or President Bush, or any of the other four "Quartet" leaders to say that it is time to divide the land--the land given to me and my children and my children's children by the Original Owner, G-d?...."
    [Salem The Soldier's Homepage - America At War]

    25 May, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·My Arab Student·Â 
    "...I thought about Hagar again, last December, when I stood overlooking one of the "refugee" camps that the UN set up over 50 years ago. My friend who pointed out the camp told me that other Arabs in the neighboring villages won't hire the people from the camps – they want to keep them there. Also, my friend added, if the people leave the camps, they have to give up their handout from the UN. So, they are stuck being pawns for the "Palestinian cause". " [Free Republic]
    26 April, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·Domestic Violence·
    "Why is it that in our own country Jews must live in fear, while those who want to destroy us walk in freedom?"
    26 April, 2003



    The Jerusalem Connection

    Friends of Israel!


    America and Israel -- allies against the WORLD

    America At War

    War with Iran --------------------------------------
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    Follow America's most critical foreign policy challenge of our time in struggling to stop Iran from gaining a weapons grade nuclear program at FreeRepublic.com.

    Defend Freedom!·Factsheet: The Menace of Islamic Fascist Republic of Iran: its ideology, its actions and threats·
    Since its Islamic Revolution, it is been regraded as one of the most oppressive regimes on earth....
    12 February, 2012
    Defend Freedom!·Iran preparing now for Armageddon·
    Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has held several secret meetings with his economic and military advisers in recent days to prepare for the possibility of war with the United States. ... Khamenei has been heard to say that the coming of the last Islamic Messiah, the Shiites' 12th Imam Mahdi, is near and that specific actions need to be taken to protect the Islamic regime for upcoming events. ... Mahdi, according to Shiite belief, will reappear at the time of Armageddon.
    01 February, 2012
    Defend Freedom!·Iranian Video Says Mahdi is 'Near' ·
    New evidence has emerged that the Iranian government sees the current unrest in the Middle East as a signal that the Mahdi—or Islamic messiah—is about to appear. ... CBN News has obtained a never-before-seen video produced by the Iranian regime that says all the signs are moving into place—and that Iran will soon help usher in the end times.
    03 April, 2011
    Defend Freedom!·Iran Leaders: The Coming is Upon Us—Israel Shall be Destroyed!·
    Several months ago I was informed by my contacts in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard that the Basij had started a project that had the approval of the Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The purpose of the project was to inform Muslims across the globe of the immediate coming of the last Islamic messiah. The Iranian leaders, now more than ever, feel that all the stars are aligned for such event. [REZA KAHLILI is the pseudonym of a former Iranian Revolutionary Guard member who worked undercover as a CIA agent for several years in the '80s and '90s.]
    April, 2011
    Defend Freedom!·Iran Film: Iran Plans to Conquer Israel, World·
    A feature-length documentary film, produced by a top adviser to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, claims that the cataclysmic events that will usher in an era of Muslim world domination are about to begin, triggered by actions launched by Iran and its Lebanese ally, Hezbollah. ... Iran's Ahmadinejad repeatedly talks about the coming of the 12th imam, a Muslim messianic figure whose "reappearance" will make Islam victorious over the entire world. [Ken Timmerman]
    28 March, 2011
    Defend Freedom!·Exposing Iran's End Times Vision·
    Reza Kahlili, a former member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps who spied for the CIA, obtained and released a secret documentary produced by the Iranian regime last month that claimed that President Ahmadinejad, Supreme Leader Khamenei and Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah are the incarnations of prophesied figures. Their religious command is to lead a final war that destroys Israel to trigger the arrival of the Hidden Imam. The publication of this video has thrown a wrench into the regime's plans by embroiling it in a political crisis. [Ryan Mauro]
    22 April, 2011
    Defend Freedom!·Analysis: Why Is The New Iranian Video About The Soon Coming Of The Messiah Significant?·
    Please pray that many Christian leaders around the world will see this as an important moment to teach Bible truths in love and with great courage, that Jesus of Nazareth is the only true Messiah and the Savior of the world, and that He is coming back soon. As Jesus Himself said in John 14:1-3 and 6, "Do not let your heart be troubled; believe in God, believe also in Me. In My Father's house are many dwelling places; if it were not so, I would have told you; for I go to prepare a place for you. If I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself, that where I am, there you may be also ... I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me." [Joel Rosenberg]
    04 April, 2011
    Defend Freedom!·The Point of No Return [The Atlantic]·
    "...What is more likely, then, is that one day next spring, the Israeli national-security adviser, Uzi Arad, and the Israeli defense minister, Ehud Barak, will simultaneously telephone their counterparts at the White House and the Pentagon, to inform them that their prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has just ordered roughly one hundred F-15Es, F-16Is, F-16Cs, and other aircraft of the Israeli air force to fly east toward Iran—possibly by crossing Saudi Arabia, possibly by threading the border between Syria and Turkey, and possibly by traveling directly through Iraq's airspace, though it is crowded with American aircraft. (It's so crowded, in fact, that the United States Central Command, whose area of responsibility is the greater Middle East, has already asked the Pentagon what to do should Israeli aircraft invade its airspace. According to multiple sources, the answer came back: do not shoot them down.)"
    04 Sept, 2010
    Defend Freedom!·Editor's Notes: A losing battle, so far (The Secret War with Iran)·
    "...Bergman's combination of overview and revelation makes for a horrifying read. Essentially, his book demonstrates an ongoing incapacity - by Israel, the US and the rest of the free world, but, critically, featuring Israel as the first potential casualty - to internalize the extent of the Iranian threat and act effectively to thwart it. The powers that are faced off against expansionist Islam have consistently underestimated the cunning, viciousness and determination of the chief state sponsor of that ideology, Iran, and its various offshoots, proxies and allies, notably including Hizbullah and Hamas."
    04 Jan, 2009
    Defend Freedom!·We must attack Iran before it gets the bomb·
    "...A nuclear Iran would be as dangerous as "Hitler marching into the Rhineland" in 1936 and should be prevented by Western military strikes if necessary, according to a leading hawk who recently left the Bush administration. Former US ambassador to the UN John Bolton said Iran should be attacked before it develops nuclear weapons. ... John Bolton, who still has close links to the Bush administration, told The Daily Telegraph that the European Union had to "get more serious" about Iran and recognise that its diplomatic attempts to halt Iran's enrichment programme had failed."
    17 May, 2007
    Defend Freedom!·The Case for Bombing Iran·
    "...Once upon a time, under the influence of Bernard Lewis and others I respect, I too subscribed to this school of thought. But after three years and more of waiting for the insurrection they assured us back then was on the verge of erupting, I have lost confidence in their prediction. Some of them blame the Bush administration for not doing enough to encourage an uprising, which is why they have now transferred their hopes to sanctions that would inflict so much damage on the Iranian economy that the entire populace would rise up against the rulers. Yet whether or not this might happen under such circumstances, there is simply no chance of getting Russia and China, or the Europeans for that matter, to agree to the kind of sanctions that are the necessary precondition."
    June, 2007

    Defend Freedom!·Five Minutes to Midnight·
    "Observing the events of today—the hesitation and uncertainty, the stubborn clinging to the fantasy that the enemy can be appeased if we just keep talking and find the right diplomatic solution—I now feel that, for the first time, I really understand the leaders of the 1930s. Their illusion that Hitler could be appeased has always seemed, in historical hindsight, to be such a willful evasion of the facts that I have never grasped how it was possible for those men to deceive themselves. But I can now see how they clung to their evasions because they could not imagine anything worse than a return to the mass slaughter of the First World War. They wanted to believe that something, anything could prevent a return to war. What they refused to imagine is that, in trying to avoid the horrors of the previous war, they were allowing Hitler to unleash the much greater horrors of a new war.

    Today's leaders and commentators have less excuse. The "horror" they are afraid of repeating is the insurgency we're fighting in Iraq—a war whose cost in lives, dollars, and resolve is among the smallest America has ever had to pay. And it takes no great feat of imagination to project how much more horrible the coming conflict will be if we wait on events long enough for Iran to arm itself with nuclear technology. Among the horrific consequences is the specter of a new Holocaust, courtesy of an Iranian nuclear bomb."
    11 August, 2006
    Defend Freedom!·Full text of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's
    letter to the American People

    Iranian President Ahmadinejad
    Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wrote a letter to the American people. We align ourselves square with Blogger Texas Rainmaker in their response to this erratic and rambling correspondence. Very well said.
    30 November, 2006

    Defend Freedom!·Iran Declares War·
    "...President Ahmadinejad's letter to President Bush, widely interpreted as a peaceful overture, is in fact a declaration of war. The key sentence in the letter is the closing salutation. In an eight-page text of the letter being circulated by the Council on Foreign Relations, it is left untranslated and rendered as "Vasalam Ala Man Ataba'al hoda." What this means is "Peace only unto those who follow the true path."

    It is a phrase with historical significance in Islam, for, according to Islamic tradition, in year six of the Hejira - the late 620s - the prophet Mohammad sent letters to the Byzantine emperor and the Sassanid emperor telling them to convert to the true faith of Islam or be conquered. The letters included the same phrase that President Ahmadinejad used to conclude his letter to Mr. Bush. For Mohammad, the letters were a prelude to a Muslim offensive, a war launched for the purpose of imposing Islamic rule over infidels.
    11 May, 2006
    Defend Freedom!·Don't go wobbly on Iran·
    By Jeff Jacoby.
    "...What is not stressed enough is that Iran is not just a potential menace—it is a clear and present danger right now. The radical Islamists in Tehran bankroll the world's deadliest terrorists. They foment violence in Iraq. They lied for 18 years about their nuclear activities. They persecute democratic activists and oppress women. They declare that their goals are ''a world without Zionism or America" and ''the destruction of Anglo-Saxon civilization." It was they who began the war we are in—the global conflict between Islamofascism and the West—with their seizure of the US embassy in 1979."
    29 January, 2006

    Defend Freedom!· Analyst: U.S. Planning Iran War, Not Attack·
    U.S. contingency planning for military action against Iran's nuclear program goes beyond limited strikes and would effectively unleash a war against the country, a former U.S. intelligence analyst said on Friday. ... "I've seen some of the planning ... You're not talking about a surgical strike," said Wayne White, who was a top Middle East analyst for the State Department's bureau of intelligence and research until March 2005.
    20 January, 2007

    Iran Alive Ministries

    The "Dooms Day" Clock by the
    Bulletin of Atomic Scientists is
    now set one minute closer to midnight. [January 2013]

    America At War

    Yellow Ribbon America's Military and LE — Current military news and events from Military.com! ----------------
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    Defend Freedom!·Citizen Soldier - InternetArchive·
    [Although now defunct, hosted at InternetArchive] Hosted by Paul J. Tetreault, Jr., Esq. Comprehensive military resources from a Biblical and Constitutional perspective!
    21 October, 2001
    To the Citizen Soldier Website

    ·Why Allah Can't Fight For Himself [.PDF]·
    This is a .PDF file I recently found on an old computer of mine. It was produced in 2002 by then online friend, Paul J. Tetreault, Jr., Esq. It was originally produced to be printed out as a pamphlet to be handed out. It shows, from the Koran, why in Muslim's minds, killing infidels (unbelievers) is logical and merciful, than shows from the Bible the proper response of Christians to this. An excellent resource!
    08 May, 2011

    ·USS New York·

    The USS New York, built with steel from the World Trade Center, sails into New York harbor on its maiden voyage and delivered a 21-gun salute near Ground Zero. [Click to enlarge]
    On 02 November, 2009, in a scene reminiscent of the USS West Virginia (BB-48), damaged at Pearl Harbor, but subsequently salvaged, deployed in service in the WWII Pacific theater, and present in Tokyo Bay for the Japanese surrender, USS New York, whose bow includes 7.5 tons of steel recycled from the 2001 WTC terror attack, heads up the Hudson River on her maiden voyage. This is a truly powerful message to global Islamist supremacism of the resilience and resolve of the American people to oppose it wherever it seeks to harm U.S. citizens and national security.

    To reinforce this message, the USS New York, with a crew of 360, and up to 700 combat ready Marines, is designed to support all three of the Marines' primary mobility capabilities - the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV), Landing Craft Air Cushion and MV-22B Osprey. May the appearance of her bow, with steel forged in the furnace of 9/11, off shore of any overseas Jihadi territory strike fear in the hearts of those opposed to her mission. The USS New York is a new gun-slinger in the war on Islamic terror. Navy Welcomes USS New York [pictures]
    02 November, 2009

    Defend Freedom!·Radicalization in the West and the Homegrown Threat - New York PD·
    ...Police analysts studied 11 cases from the past six years to better understand terrorist patterns. ... Their 90-page report highlighted how ordinary people in Western nations, with unremarkable jobs and with little or no criminal histories, sometimes come to adopt a terrorist ideology. It found a similar dynamic at work in recent terror plots in Britain, Spain, Canada, Australia and the Netherlands. [This report was acquired from the NYPD web site.]
    24 September, 2007

    Defend Freedom!· Navy NewsStand - Photo Galleries (Military Ops Pictures!)·
    This is the most comprehensive place to go if you are looking for pictures and graphics related to our military operations overseas. Most submitted by active duty personnel in action.
    01 Jan, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·Soldier's For The Truth·
    SFTT is an affiliate of Hackworth.com the Pentagon watchdog outfit headed by retired Colonel David Hackworth. Up to date military ops/information can be obtained here first.
    21 October, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·The Military Must Revive Its Warrior Spirit·
    By William C. Moore, a retired U.S. Army major general.
    30 September, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·America's Resolve·
    A letter to America from Dr. Tony Kern, Lt Col, USAF (Ret.) Former Director of Military History, USAF Academy.
    21 September, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·Osama Bin Laden - FBI's Most Wanted·
    The FBI's Most Wanted Poster. And The Hunt Is On....
    21 September, 2001
    FBI Osama Bin Laden deceased notification
    Osama bin Laden, the face of global terrorism and architect of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, was killed in a firefight with United States Navy SEALS 01 May, 2011, then quickly buried at sea in a stunning finale to a furtive decade on the run.
    Defend Freedom!·International Terrorism and Immigration Policy·
    by Steven Emerson, January 25, 2000, United States House of Representatives, Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and Claims, House Subcommittee on Immigration and Claims, Hearing on International Terrorism and Immigration Policy.
    21 September, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·A letter from Richard Kidd·
    This letter was written by a very bright and Afghanistan street-smart West Point grad to his classmates. He knows the terrain, the enemy and the weather in Afghanistan from being there, not from books. Hackworth ~
    21 September, 2001
    Colonel Hackworth's Website


    The Warrior Song!

    America At War

    These are the online recruiting sites for the various branches
    of the United States Military. Click through for information!

    US Army RecruitingUS Navy RecruitingUS Air Force RecruitingUS Marines RecruitingUS Coast Guard Recruiting

    America At War

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    Defend Freedom!·Denying Islamists Federal Security Clearances ·
    Federal departments and agencies tasked with safeguarding the U.S. must first safeguard themselves against Islamist infiltration. Recent news items about Muslims having security clearances rejected or revoked suggest that at least some government entities are forgoing political correctness and taking this problem seriously. More need to follow suit, but the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is determined to make life difficult for them....
    29 January, 2112

    The Third Jihad

    "The Third Jihad"

    After the FBI releases a radical Islamist manifesto describing how to weaken America from within, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, a Muslim American and former physician to the US Congress, decides to investigate. The Third Jihad is about what he discovered.

    How is radical Islam operating inside the West? Is a subversive "cultural jihad" underway? How does radical Islam plan to bring America to its knees? What is the endgame?

    'The Future of War' - from Global Guerillas Warfare is rapidly evolving. Torrential improvements in technology and globalization have combined to make it possible for small groups of violent individuals to go to war against nation-states and win. In fact, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are actually accelerating the process of development. How effective are these new methods of warfare? Here's a narrow example. In the summer of 2007, a "defunct" guerrilla group attacked a critical part of a natural gas pipeline in Mexico. This caused a cascade of failure that shut down the just-in-time manufacturing system in the northern part of the country. Network effects turned a $2,000 attack in $2.5 billion in damages. It was so effective, the group did exactly the same thing a month later. Nobody was caught. .


    ThreatsWatch.Org was established in 2005 as the means to disseminate information on national security threats in an accessible, interactive and contextually aware form. In 2007 ThreatsWatch.Org became the web-based publication of the Center for Threat Awareness (CTA).


    Welcome to the Counter-terrorism Blog, a unique, multi-expert blog dedicated to providing a one-stop gateway to the counter terrorism community.

    The Official Website of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF)!
    The Official Website of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF)!

    An officer of the Golani Brigade during morning prayer after entering the city of Ramallah

    Defend Freedom!· cia.gov·
    They've taken their lumps, but do not count them out.
    21 September, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·dea.gov·
    Great background resource for drugs and terrorisms varied links.
    21 September, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·defenselink.mil·
    Choose your poison people. This is another great website to refer to for research on terrorism, counter-terrorism and the military solution.
    21 September, 2001
    Defend Freedom!· ds-osac.org·
    For traveler advisory information. If you need to travel abroad, please visit this site and check for any advisory posting on the region you're traveling to.
    21 September, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·dssrewards.net·
    The Rewards for Justice Program was established by the 1984 Act to Combat International Terrorism, Public Law 98-533. Under the Rewards Program, cooperating individuals and their immediate family members may be eligible for relocation to the United States or elsewhere, and they are assured complete confidentiality. Rewards, totaling millions of dollars, have been paid in dozens of cases. Innocent lives have been saved and terrorists put behind bars.
    21 September, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·fbi.gov·
    Okay. You want to know about counter-terrorism; start here.
    21 September, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·fema.gov·
    FEMA's website of resources, updates and overall "need-to-know" information.
    21 September, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·justice.gov·
    Not only terrorism, but how the laws will be strengthened to fight it.
    21 September, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·military.com·
    Tremendous site for anybody with or without a military background who wants to know what is going on regarding any branch of the Armed Forces; yesterday and especially today.
    21 September, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·ncix.gov·
    Office of the National Counter-intelligence Executive
    21 September, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·nsa.gov·
    Where Cryptology hits the road running. Good FYI research site.
    21 September, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·terrorism.com·
    Exactly what it says it is. Outstanding site for doing the research on the who, what, where and why of terrorism.
    21 September, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·treasury.gov·
    Along with Justice, here is where we can research how we can slam terrorism economically.
    21 September, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·specialoperations.com·
    The Units, the news, the books, the training; both domestic and international. Good resource.
    21 September, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·stratfor.com·
    Strategic Forecasting: Excellent resource for updates on Global Security, Politics, and Economic issues.
    21 September, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·state.gov·
    Official site for the U.S. Government regarding Counterterrorism.
    21 September, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·intelweb.janes.com·
    Jane's - IntelWeb is home to the Terrorism Watch Report (TWR) and Intelligence Watch Report (IWR) series, which track and monitor international terrorist groups and insurgency movements, intelligence communities, economic espionage and computer security issues. Subscription information is available by clicking on the appropriate button on the frame to the left.
    21 September, 2001


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    The FBI's Field Offices are located in major cities throughout the United States and in San Juan, Puerto Rico. In addition, resident agencies are maintained in smaller cities and towns across the country. The locations were selected according to crime trends, the need for regional geographic centralization, and the need to efficiently manage resources.


    Salem The Soldier's Homepage for the
    American Law Enforcement Community!

    Click To Enter Salem the Soldier's COPS Page!
    The author of this site is non-sworn.


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    Defend Freedom!·Edwards: Move Past War on Terror·
    Democrat John EdwardsDemocrat John Edwards Wednesday repudiated the notion that there is a "global war on terror," calling it an ideological doctrine advanced by the Bush administration that has strained American military resources and emboldened terrorists.

    In a defense policy speech he planned to deliver at the Council on Foreign Relations, Edwards called the war on terror a "bumper sticker" slogan Bush had used to justify everything from abuses at the Abu Ghraib prison to the invasion of Iraq. [Suicidal Democrat Thinking]
    23 May, 2007
    Defend Freedom!·ILLEGAL DIPLOMACY·
    Speaker of the House, Democrat Nancy PelosiHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi may well have committed a felony in traveling to Damascus this week, against the wishes of the president, to communicate on foreign-policy issues with Syrian President Bashar Assad. The administration isn't going to want to touch this political hot potato, nor should it become a partisan issue. Maybe special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald, whose aggressive prosecution of Lewis Libby establishes his independence from White House influence, should be called back.

    The Logan Act makes it a felony and provides for a prison sentence of up to three years for any American, "without authority of the United States," to communicate with a foreign government in an effort to influence that government's behavior on any "disputes or controversies with the United States." Some background on this statute helps to understand why Ms. Pelosi may be in serious trouble. [Posted at Free Republic here]
    11 April, 2007
    Defend Freedom!·A Gathering of Eagles·
    A pure, grass-roots effort, the Gathering of Eagles' volunteers matched the massive Soros-funded anti-war machine sign for sign, chant for chant, and marcher for marcher. The contrast was most stark right before the entrance to the Memorial Bridge, where Eagles gathered with a field of American flags--while anti-Bush, 9/11 conspiracy nuts wrapped themselves in a figurative blanket of yellow "Out of Iraq" placards.
    17 March, 2007
    Defend Freedom!·The Gathering Storm·
    By Rick Santorum
    Rick Santorum is now a Senior Fellow with the Ethics and Public Policy Center [EPPC] and will establish and direct a program, titled America's Enemies, that will focus on identifying, studying, and heightening awareness of the threats posed to America and the West from a growing array of anti-Western forces that are increasingly casting a shadow over our future and violating religious liberty around the world.
    18 March, 2007
    Defend Freedom!·Baathist papers confirm Hussein's terrorist ties (FR's jveritas credited)·
    Lebanese-born Joseph Shahda translated for FreeRepublic.com a March 11, 2001, top-secret letter addressed "To all the Units" from Air Brigadier General Abdel Magid Hammot Ali and Air Colonel Mohamad Majed Mohamadi. The subject is "Volunteer for Suicide Mission." It reads, "We ask to provide ... (Command of Ali Military) Division with the names of those who desire to volunteer for Suicide Mission to liberate Palestine and to strike American Interests."
    06 April, 2006
    Defend Freedom!·War cannot be waged 'peacefully'·
    "...So what did the residents do? Well, not only did they not evacuate, but neighbors formed a human shield at the targeted house and, guess what? ... The Israel war planes were called off. So now, every time the Israelis give the 30-minute warning which, apparently, is policy, the "human shields" of women and children head for the targeted house, secure in the knowledge that the Israelis won't attack."
    26 November, 2006

    Defend Freedom!·"If Darkness Can Dawn": FReeper Review of Mark Steyn's "America Alone"·
      "...For those who may have read his wake-up-call column, It's The Demography, Stupid, the realizations of that foray have contributed much, it appears, to the birth of this book. As the title of the book suggests, things look nasty and we're on our own. Actually, that's an optimistic way of looking at it, for as the contents suggest, more stands in our way than just a bloodthirsty, implacable enemy." - AnnaZ at FREE REPUBLIC on Mark Steyn's new book, America Alone.
    11 October, 2006

    Defend Freedom!·Victor Davis Hanson: The Brink of Madness. A familiar place·
    "When I used to read about the 1930s — the Italian invasion of Abyssinia, the rise of fascism in Italy, Spain, and Germany, the appeasement in France and Britain, the murderous duplicity of the Soviet Union, and the racist Japanese murdering in China — I never could quite figure out why, during those bleak years, Western Europeans and those in the United States did not speak out and condemn the growing madness, if only to defend the millennia-long promise of Western liberalism.... In short, if we wish to learn what was going on in Europe in 1938, just look around."
    04 August, 2006
    Defend Freedom!·Thank You for Your Protection·
    "We only met an hour before, but we suddenly were deeply connected to each other. We embraced, the Mezuzah protruding from his pocket and his rifle strapped across his chest. I looked at him with tears in my eyes and said, 'Rachamim, thank you for your protection'; and he looked me back in the eye while placing his hand over the mezuzah I gave him, and said 'Avraham, thank you for your protection.'"
    01 August, 2006
    Defend Freedom!·Islam, a Religion of Peace? Some links...·
    An ongoing collection of contemporary news, research, and academic resources on Islam posted at Free Republic by longtime FReeper Backhoe! Great resource.
    14 May, 2005
    Defend Freedom!·MY REVIEW OF SEPTEMBER DAY- By Jeff Head·
    "FreeRepublic's own Larry Schweikart (Freeper LS), has really knocked one out of the park with this historical, fictional depiction of events leading up to 911, of the attack itself, and of the aftermath of the attack. To my knowledge it is the first historical, fiction novel dealing with the events...and Larry does it in a grand, and very direct and professional style in keeping with his other great literary works like, "A Patriot's History of the United States," and "America's Victories: Why the U.S. wins wars and will win the War on Terror"."

    Filled with intrigue and a characterization that represents the epitomie of the critical characters involved on both sides, Schweikart keeps the reader engaged and enthralled with action and suspense, despite the fact that the whole world is already well aware of the events. If you are interested in an exciting, riveting, and intriguing look at 911 and its aftermath, I highly recommend that you read this book.

    If you are interested in an exciting, revealing, and intriguing look at 911 and its aftermath, I recommend you read this book.
    23 March, 2006
    Defend Freedom!·NO MORE BUSINESS AS USUAL·
    By Michelle Malkin.
    "...The White House isn't merely tone-deaf on this matter. It is stone-blind. *** Afterthought: Some Bush defenders are accusing opponents of the deal of emotional hyperventilation. But it's their own blustery rationalizations that are light on evidence. And the only hyperventilating I see is coming from UAE officials crying 'Islamophobia.' "
    22 February, 2006
    [Author's Note: I agree with the condemnation of the Conservative community concerning the deal that would allow a United Arab Emirates company to manage six major U.S. ports. The Bush Administration, in their defense of this sale, have made statements showing a bias towards business interests and repeated the mantras of globalization, the idea that global prosperity will bring peace and happiness to all. Clearly, we have a long way to go to get through to the government representing us, that the war of Islamic terror takes precedence over corporate profits, and surrendering control of such sensitive areas as 22 major U.S. ports to an Islamist state owned shipping company. These people are blind. 2/22]
    Defend Freedom! After Action Report - Raven 42 Ambushed!
    (Account of defeated terrorist ambush in Iraq)

    This is the after action report regarding an ambush that was fought off and resulted in a major loss for the terrorists in Iraq a few days ago. There is video of this, taken by the insurgents. The video shows the convoy moving and get ambushed with the usual Muj gutteral uttering of Allah Akbar. You then see the tractor trailers stopped, hear AK and RPG fire. The end of the video shows the Humvees show up and surprise the Muj, driving by very close to whomever shot the video. The video then ends.

    Here is one further comment that may explain why they were so successful...and deadly. Army doctrine and training teaches that, when ambushed, move directly into the ambush. Never away, always into it. Believe me, only highly trained and disciplined troops will do that. These are some remarkable soldiers. Their discipline and ability to use their weapons speaks volumes for the officers and NCO's who trained them.
    26 March, 2005

    Defend Freedom!·American Idiot...·
    [Quote] "Excuse me? Terrorism is wrong, but their cause is right? What cause would that be? What cause justifies shredding women and children? What cause justifies 3000 dead in an hour? Is that the same cause that you agree with that took over a million innocent victims in the killing fields of Cambodia at the hands of the Marxist armies of Pol Pot? Is it the cause against Capitalist affluence and the primacy of individual existence and human dignity that you support? Do you, like the terrorists to whom you profess allegiance, hate Man's existence to the extent that you might someday strap on a bomb and murder your way into a righteous afterlife? Or do you, like Saddam, simply hate your ideological enemies so much that you'd supply money to the family of a 12 year old minion to kill himself for you and your hatred of those with whom you disagree. Perhaps you might just burn their houses down or torch their SUV, like your friends in the ELF ."
    01, November, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·Deterrence·

    [Quote] "It would be nice to live in a world full of liberals. I say that as a staunch conservative. It would be nice to live in a world that behaved like a Hollywood party or a university campus, filled with kind, educated people with lots to lose, who cherish reason and responsibility and are incapable of brutal, violent acts. If all the world were filled with decent, compassionate, rational people, life would be a bouquet. ... But it's not. There are bad people who do bad things, and there are bad countries run by bad people who do bad things who eat the kind and gentle people for breakfast. There is no denying this. Therefore, liberals are insane...."
    07 Oct, 2004

    Defend Freedom!Terror in the Skies Again (Free Republic)
    Terror in the Skies Again Part 2 (Free Republic)
    Terror in the Skies Again Part 3 (Free Republic)
    This account is a chilling record of the horrible vulnerabilites still plaguing the American airline industry, if not the very character of the American people in fighting terrorism! It has been extensively reviewed at Free Republic by many security and law enforcement professionals.

    Defend Freedom!·The Arabists Among Us·
    "Basically, it is a story of how, over the last two centuries, the children of missionaries to the Muslim world of the Middle East, have been pipelined through Ivy League schools into the State Department. Once embedded there, in the Office of Near Eastern Affairs, their love for the Arab peoples and culture has had a major determining influence on our Middle East policy, especially as that relates to Israel. As one put it, "The Jews were a distant, unreal world to us then, but the Palestinians were individuals we knew""
    01, November, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·Our Enemy Is Not 'Terrorism'·
    The U.S. Naval Institute 130th Annual Meeting and Annapolis Naval History Symposium (2004) Address by Former Secretary of the Navy John Lehman
    "...Where are we today? I'd like to say we have fixed these problems, but we haven't. We have very real vulnerabilities. We have not diminished in any way the fervor and ideology of our enemy. We are fighting them in many areas of the world, and I must say with much better awareness of the issues and their nature. We're fighting with better tools. But I cannot say we are now safe from the kind of attack we saw on 9/11."
    07 July, 2004
    Defend Freedom!·Feeding The Minotaur·
    "Much has been written about our problems with this postmodern war and why we find it so difficult to fully mobilize our formidable military and economic clout to crush the terrorists and their patrons. Of course, we have no identifiable conventional enemy such as Hitler's Panzers; we are not battling a fearsome nation that defiantly declared war on us, such as Tojo's Japan; and we are no longer a depression-era, disarmed, impoverished United States at risk for our very survival. But then, neither Hitler nor Mussolini nor Tojo nor Stalin ever reached Manhattan and Washington." [Victor Davis Hanson at NRO]
    19 June, 2004
    Defend Freedom!·Islam's Insanity·
    "Americans are largely unaware of the way, throughout the Middle East, the truth is turned on its head. Facts and evidence that is "obvious" to the Western mind is immediately declared a lie, a hoax, and a fabrication by the voices that rule the Middle East. "The story of the arms ship is but a licensed fabrication by Israel," said the editor-in-chief of the Egyptian government's daily newspaper, Al-Akhbar. To the rest of the world, it is evidence the Palestinian Authority wants nothing but war with Israel."
    01, November, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·The Great Refugee Scam·
    "The concoction of the monstrous charge that it was the Jews who had driven out the Arabs of Palestine was a strategic decision made by the leaders of the Arab League months after the Arabs' flight. ... The Arab "refugees" were not driven out by anyone. The vast majority left at the order or exhortation of their leaders - always with the same reassurance - that it would help the Arab states in the war they were about to launch to destroy the State of Israel. "
    01, November, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·The 'Right Brothers' Fly by Road Map·
    "...It is more like a leap of faith into demon canyon in nothing but a rusty old chopper reclaimed from the Oslo museum. Bush and Sharon have confounded even their staunchest supporters in their white knuckled resolve to just strap on the blinders, ignore all detours, signposts, and bloody killing fields, secure the cockpit doors and fly this dadburned 'Road Map Thingy' all the way to the black iron "Palestine Macht Frei" gates, on nothing but the leftover fuel from their first chopper ride together in 1998 as governor and tourism minister. It's the archetypal wing and a prayer."
    01, November, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·Islam -- They Are At Peace Only When At War·
    The destruction of the state of Israel is the faith of the leadership of HAMAS, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad.
    25 June, 2002
    Defend Freedom!·Catastrophic intelligence Failure
    -- Clinton's Bin Laden GATE

    In 1995, the CIA and the FBI learned that Osama bin Laden was planning to hijack U.S. airliners and use them as bombs to attack important targets in the U.S. This scheme was called Project Bojinka ... Labeviere claims that Clinton and his top aides did not anticipate that this radical Islamic network would turn against the United States. But even when it did, they figured the U.S. would gain more from it in the long run....
    25 June, 2002
    Defend Freedom!·'Why We Fight America' The Entire Earth
    Must Be Subjected to Islam.

    Al-Qa'ida Spokesman Explains September 11 and Declares Intentions to Kill 4 Million Americans with Weapons of Mass Destruction.
    25 June, 2002
    Defend Freedom!·Islamic Scholar Warns U.S. of 'Two-Faced' Muslims·
    A leader of the small worldwide Muslim reform movement is warning the West against wishful thinking as the U.S. government promotes an intensive dialogue with Islam.
    21 June, 2002


    Defend Freedom!·An Interview with the Mother of a Suicide Bomber·
    The London-based Arabic-language daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat published an interview with Umm Nidal, the mother of the shahid [martyr] Muhammad Farhat. During the first Intifada, Umm Nidal had hidden 'Imad 'Aql, the commander of Hamas's military wing "Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades," in the family's home for over a year. The following are excerpts from the interview.
    15 June, 2002
    Defend Freedom!·Top Lawyer Urges Death For Families Of Bombers·
    Lewin: 'A Policy Born of Necessity'
    15 June, 2002
    Defend Freedom!·Salman Rushdie ~ Yes, this is about Islam.·
    "This isn't about Islam." The world's leaders have been repeating this mantra for weeks, partly in the virtuous hope of deterring reprisal attacks on innocent Muslims living in the West, partly because if the United States is to maintain its coalition against terror it can't afford to suggest that Islam and terrorism are in any way related. [ The original Free Republic thread was pulled for unknown reasons ]
    15 June, 2002
    Defend Freedom!·Salman Rushdie ~ America-hating: a badge of identity·
    In spite of the military successes, America finds itself facing a broader ideological adversary that may turn out to be as hard to defeat as militant Islam: anti-Americanism, which is presently becoming more evident everywhere.
    15 June, 2002
    Defend Freedom!·This war is not about terror, it's about Islam.·
    THE war of the hour, we are told, is against "global terrorism." So declared President Bush in his speech to Congress on September 20 and Tony Blair in his oration to his Party Conference last week. It is nothing of the sort.
    15 June, 2002
    Defend Freedom!·Do not post any military information you have!·
    It is imperative during this time period that no one and I mean no one post any information they have about our military ... please do not discuss your local bases on the open forum.
    02 January, 2003

    Defend Freedom!·Some Tough Questions For the Imam·  
    "If Jihad; by definition does not include the concept of a violent 'Holy War', why do so many Islamic clerics and followers of the Muslim religion keep using it for justification of their killing of other people of other faiths or nations? Can these millions of readers of the Koran have it that wrong?"
    28 October, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·History Is The Root Cause Of Everything·
    Blame it on colonialism, blame it on Israel, blame it on American involvement overseas, blame it on Western culture. It does not matter what you blame it on, the militant brand of Islam is with us once again.
    21 October, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·Jihad In America - Online Video·
    The video which many Muslim groups in the U.S. did not want to be seen!
    (This video is no longer available free on many of the Internet sites which were hosting it. It can be purchased through Amazon.com at a relatively competitive price. See below.)
    Terrorist Amoung Us - Jihad In America: The Video
    21 September, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·Forces of Evil Learned From Their Mistakes,
    Terrorists became smarter, deadlier.

    The frigid morning of Feb. 26, 1993, a dark sedan filled with four agitated Arabic men idled behind a panel truck inside the garage of the World Trade Center.
    21 September, 2001

    America At War

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    Defend Freedom!Protect America, Inc. - Terrorism Research Guide
    Terrorism is described as a tactic and strategy used since the beginning of time as a reaction to oppression and abomination. The United States Department of Defense describes terrorism as a calculated use of unlawful violence to bring forth fear directed to intimidate governments in the pursuit of goals that are normally ideological, political, or religious. Terrorism brings three factors to the table, which are fear, intimidation, and violence. Thus is a guide on terrorism information and research.
    23 June, 2010
    Defend Freedom!The Beast on the East River
    The U.N. Threat to America's Sovereignty
    and Security, by Nathan Tabor.

    The Beast On The East River.

    "...What is most disturbing to me as an American citizen is the appearance that this fatally flawed and thoroughly corrupt organization really does want to rule the world. Further, there are a lot of very powerful people who agree it should do so and are trying to help it achieve that goal in the very near future.

    If you happen to be rolling your eyes in disbelief, that reaction is perfectly understandable. After all, we are conditioned to regard such suggestions as conspiracy theories. However, this idea is anything but absurd, as the following chapters will demonstrate.

    The UN strategists and global planners have a very specific agenda designed to accomplish their desired objective. It begins with the subtle indoctrination of our children over time through the outcome-based educational system, a process of dumbing-down and mental conditioning designed to make people think of themselves as citizens of the world rather than patriots of any one nation...."

    22 August, 2006
    Defend Freedom!·Who Killed The Electric Car?·
    Your reaction would probably be a general reaction from a lot of other Americans concerning energy and the war on terror/radical Islam. Our gas dollars are funding regimes and governments promoting radical/expansionist Islam, and viable, marketable energy alternatives are being suppressed by some very influential forces whose short-term interests might not be in the long-term interests of the common good. See the half hour PBS NOW interview with the producer.
    22 August, 2006
    Defend Freedom!·Don't Mess With Sam·
    December, 2001 Jim Croce's song "You Don't Mess Around with Jim" offers unparalleled advice to people who would like to live peaceful and uncomplicated lives. As the lyrics go: "You don't tug on Superman's cape, you don't spit into the wind. You don't pull the mask off that ol' Lone Ranger and you don't mess around with Jim." Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban's dislike for Western music may have caused them to overlook this very important lesson.
    23 September, 2006
    Defend Freedom!Remarks By The President On The War On Terror
    Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center
    Thursday, October 06, 2005
    Washington, D.C.

    Author David Jonsson's response to President Bush's
    October 5, 2005, speech on Islamic terrorism.
    Defend Freedom!·Middle-East-Info.org·
    Concise information about all regimes in the Middle East. The site aims to advance democracy, pluralism and mutual respect in the Middle East. Arab and Iranian dictators oppress their subjects, sponsor about half of the world's major terror groups and imperil Israel, the Middle East's sole democracy. 360 million people in Arab states and Iran are entitled to the same freedom and prosperity enjoyed by Europeans, Americans and Israelis.
    03 April, 2004
    Defend Freedom!·An Open Letter to Jihad Land ·
    by JJ. Johnson - Sierra Times.com

    "...In my opinion, that entire village in the southwestern somewhere-a-stan province is the reason napalm was invented. Of course, most of you probably wouldn't behave this way, but it seems to be a constant in your part of the world. The bombings, the hijackings, kidnapping, torture, etc. (too many to count); most we hear, all done in the name of ..Allah.

    And you call US the Great Satan??"
    21 March, 2004
    Defend Freedom!·The Jerry Golden Report.·
    News and views from the front lines in Israel, from a Messianic Jewish perspective.
    05 August, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·My Support the War Page (Gasp!) By: Truman.·
    Terrorist don't love us. They are vowed to our destruction (read the Koran, it is right there) ... They are commanded to kill (destroy) all non-Moslems, ask yourself why...
    31 Mar, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·Deke On The War·
    Longtime online friend DEKE and his thoughts on the war with Iraq. [WARNING: This site is not appropriate for younger children or those with liberal leanings.]
    19 Mar, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·They Don't LIKE Us???·
    Provided by Joe Galloway, co-author of "We Were Soldiers" and is posted as an item of possible interest. This one is definitely NOT tongue in cheek. Sig, the author, was a teen-aged Marine who marched and fought as a rifleman to and from the Chosin reservoir in Korea in 1950. He switched to the Army, and served as a Special Forces officer in Vietnam. After Vietnam he joined the CIA, and went back to Korea. He's been there, done that, and has some specific thoughts on countries that don't "like" us.
    01 Mar, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·Words of Wisdom About Gas, Germs, and Nukes·
    By: SFC Red Thomas, Armor Master Gunner U.S. Army (Ret.)
    20 February, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·Osama bin Laden - al Qaeda·
    11,400 pages of U.S. government documents covering the activities of Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda (Arabic for the Base) network, archived on CD-ROM. Material from Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), National Security Agency (NSA), Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Secret Service, National Security Council, Department of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Department of Justice, National Archive Records Administration, Presidential Libraries, and more. An interesting resource for writers, researchers, and professional law enforcement. [The Paperless Archives ]
    28 August, 2002
    Defend Freedom!·The Terrorist Network In America·
    Current and recent militant Islamic groups operating in the United States. National map posted. [Steven Emerson]
    06 March, 2010
    Defend Freedom!·SEPTEMBER 11, 2001: ATTACK ON AMERICA·
    TRUTH USA and Cindy Furnare's site with extensive links to all things relating to the WTC and Pentagon attacks on America, as well as the war on terrorism. Great Resource!
    12 Jan, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·Bob Dumont's Story·
    "...I watched and wondered. Fire Engines and Police Vehicles came streaming in. After the first twenty minutes I caught a glimpse of the first jumper. It was from about 70 or 80 stories and you could see him twisting in the air. It is a long way to fall...." [ If you still need a reminder why we are at war! ]
    01 Jan, 2003
    Defend Freedom!·PC Indoctrination: Guidelines for Countering Racial, Ethnic, Religious Profiling·
    If you've ever wondered why reading a newspaper is like reading a manual of politically correct indoctrination, here is your answer. These guidelines are from the "Diversity" section of the Society of Professional Journalists....
    03 November, 2002
    Defend Freedom!  ·Our Personal Letter To President George Bush·
    This in response to the World Trade Center Terrorist attack.
    11 September, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·Letter To The President ~ RE: Office of Homeland Security·
    My personal letter to President George Bush concerning the formation of the Cabinet level Office of Homeland Security. [Office of Homeland Security related]
    15 June, 2002
    Defend Freedom!·Heather Mercer, et. al.·
    The text of a short email I sent out when Christian missionaries Heather Mercer and Dayna Curry were released by the Taliban and rescued by U.S. Spec Force operators in Afghanistan.
    15 November, 2001
    Defend Freedom!·Why Islam Attracts Criminals·
    What exactly is it that makes people such as suspected "dirty bomber" Abdullah al Muhajir turn to Islamic extremism? According to sociologists of religion and theologians, it is the search for security and structure in their lives.
    15 June, 2002

    Jewish World Review Website

    Jerusalem Prayer Team Website

    The American Flag

    ~ God Bless This Nation! ~

    "And Caesar's spirit ranging for revenge, With Ate by his side come hot from hell, Shall in these confines with a monarch's voice Cry 'Havoc,' and let slip the dogs of war; That this foul deed shall smell above the earth, With carrion men groaning for buriel." Shakespeare from Julius Caesar.
    The Dogs Of War.

    "If I just feed the flock and not warn the flock, I may only be fattening up the flock for the kill" -- Jon Courson, Applegate Christian Fellowship

    Patrick HenryPatrick Henry: "It is in vain, sir, to extentuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace--but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!" speech at St. John's Church 1775, Christianity and the Constitution, John Eidsmoe, p.303

    "[D]o not suppose that this is the end. This is only the beginning of the reckoning. This is the first sip, the first foretaste of the bitter cup which will be proffered to us year by year unless by a supreme recovery of moral health and martial vigor, we arise again and take our stand for freedom as in the olden time." - — Winston Churchill

    "The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing" - Edmund Burke

    The indomitable Ann Coulter"We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity. We weren't punctilious about locating and punishing only Hitler and his top officers. We carpet-bombed German cities; we killed civilians. That's war. And this is war." [Ann Coulter at National Review Online]

    "War is an ugly thing but not the ugliest of things; the decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feelings which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself." — John Stuart Mill

    "This nation at Christmas time has been brought together and ennobled by its grief. When America grieves, however, others best not think us despondent. ... America's grief ought not to give comfort to those who caused it. Rather, America's grief ought to give them pause to reflect on their future. They who have been so eager to greet Allah in Heaven may soon discover that their everlasting host is not Allah, but the smiling innkeeper at Hell." — R. Emmett Tyrrell

    "The death march of homicidal zombies in Iraq is trying to push us toward accepting the idea that acts of unrestrained violence against other human beings is now a normal part of politics. It is not normal. Any civilized person should want to resist the normalization of civilian killing as a political act -- whether in Iraq, Spain, Indonesia or Kashmir." — (06/17/2005) Daniel Henninger, Columnist, The Wall Street Journal

    "If I profess with the loudest voice and clearest exposition every portion of the truth of God except precisely that little point which the world and the devil are at that moment attacking, I am not confessing Christ, however boldly I may be professing Christ. Where the battle rages, there the loyalty of the soldier is proved; and to be steady on all the battlefield besides is mere flight and disgrace if he flinches at that point." — Martin Luther

    "World War III will be a guerilla information war, with no division
    between military and civilian participation." — Marshall McLuhan

    "It is only the warlike power of a civilized people that can give peace to the world." — Theodore Roosevelt

    "War is evil, but it is often the lesser evil." - George Orwell

    "They don't need an excuse for their hatred, and it is wrong to blame America for the anger and evil of the killers ... We don't create terrorists by fighting back, we defeat the terrorists by fighting back." — Former American President George Bush.

    America At War



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