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President George Bush
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500                                                        11 September 2001

RE: World Trade Center/Pentagon Terrorist Attack ~

Dear President Bush:

         At this point, the situation with these horrible attacks on the American nation remains fluid. From the national response to help deal with the monumental disaster relief on the ground, to the initial investigations into who was truly behind this mass murder of American citizens, we are only just beginning to dig ourselves out of the rubble. The rubble of the WTC complex and Pentagon, as well as the rubble of our own national complacency and indifference.

         We would like to voice a few concerns, Mr. President, and at this early hour, we believe we speak for many, many other fellow Americans, especially those without the strength and spiritual resources, in the face of this horror, to voice their shock, sorrow, and indeed, furious anger.

         I have communications and maintain friendships with active duty law enforcement and Fire/Rescue professionals nationwide. Personally, I benefit greatly from their strength, caliber of spirit, courage, and valor. Did you notice the immediate distinction in the media between the myriad civilian casualties and that of LE/Fire/EMS? American society instinctively responds so. While everybody else is running away from the terror and alarm, these men and women of valor are running the other way. While the civilian population was evacuating the WTC complex, these people were on the ground and inside, doing their duty of protecting lives; saving lives, in the face of immediate peril to themselves. Then the other plane hit; then the buildings collapsed.... The sight of those dust covered Firemen wandering back and forth dazed....

         This was certainly the NYPD’s and NY Fire/Rescue community’s finest hour.

         On another level, you stated in your national address the Federal government will hunt down and “punish” those responsible for this. We have heard at this point there will be a vote to “condemn” this in the Congress. The voices of denunciation from our “allies” has been typical; not to be criticized, but typical.

         This is all real inspiring and cheerful, but they are all just empty speeches and blustery declamations. The original WTC bombing; the attack on the USS Cole; the bombings of the U.S. Embassies in Africa; now this; our response as a nation to these crimes has been tepid, lukewarm, almost barely evident in the apprehension of a few minor foot soldiers involved, and has belied a lack of caliber and fortitude in our national character.

         The political pundits and talking heads in the national media commented that “America can never be the same,” and that, “Americans will have to give up essential personal freedoms and liberties,” to effectively deal with these terrorist threats. Most of the high-profile commentators, and those they interviewed, were borderline hysterical and irrational, as they alluded to more draconian measures being needed to assure American society’s “peace and safety,” and sought to saddle the American people with their “victim” mentality.

         Baloney! We adamantly and purposefully disagree, as we believe they do not speak for the majority. We refuse to kowtow and submit to the fear and terror of these international criminals, cowering and trembling in dread of their next aggression. All due respects, Mr. President, but to hell with them. America does not run. We refuse to accept further ineffective and useless “security” measures and encroachments on the American way of life by the Federal framework, as who is a “terrorist” can quickly become blurred and ambiguous depending on who is in power, as with the previous administration. This is nothing but a defeatist and defensive posture, regardless, and no way for an American to live. To hell with international opinion; to hell with the fascillating support and waffling of our “allies” who would abandon us because of political expediency and their own personal welfare.

         Mr. President, these people who are attacking American interests only understand one concept. Force. President Ronald Reagan had a low tolerance level for terrorists, and flew the U.S. Air Force into Mohammar Khadafy’s backyard, and we had peace. Sir, your own father had an even lower tolerance level for thugs and thieves (like these thieves who would steal American’s hard won freedoms), and marched the U.S. military right up to Saddam Hussein’s front door, and we had peace. Is it not surprising that the residual influence of the previous administration’s lack of moral weight has brought us to today? Because there is no deterrence. Bellicose words, and certainly, “laws,” have no meaning to criminals. Any street cop understands the most basic philosophy of this. They only comprehend decisive action and force. Until the price these people have to pay -- the immediate endangerment of their own personal interests and holdings -- is so offensive, is so unimaginable, wherever they are found in the world, that even the thought of “eternal reward” is not an option, these attacks will continue. The precedent has been set. But this has been our own fault.

         Therefore, we call on you, Mr. President, as the senior Federal representative, to finally set that much needed new precedent and policy. A sustained and tangible precedent, immediately and today, with AMERICA stamped exclusively on it. The young warriors of the U.S. military stand-by ready to answer that call, anytime and anywhere -- with or without the support of our allies. We call on the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to, with audacity, cunning, and skill, identify those responsible for this, and to avenge their LE peers who did, and have, fallen in the line of duty. We ask you, Mr. President, to legally free them to pursue this call for justice, by formally declaring war with those larger overseas groups who, when finally and unequivocally identified, executed this mass murder. And we ask that it would be just as furious, wherever it may be, worldwide.

         We call, as American citizens, for justice and judgment. Certainly the innocent thousands who fell beneath the WTC catastrophe call for the same. Certainly the dusty badges of those NYPD and NY Fire/Rescue warriors who fell beneath the cataclysm call for the same. The American public, and most certainly the sworn enemies of this great country, will be watching closely in the weeks ahead, ready to test your administration’s caliber and resolve in the face of this challenge to our freedom and, yes, our national sovereignty. With this act, they have called America out into the street. We hope you will be able to make the right decisions, the ones few others have the stomach to make, in answering that threat.

         Mr. Bush, we cannot, we will not, live in a prison of fear. We are not victims. We are America.

         In closing, our heartfelt sympathies, sorrowful thoughts, and faithful prayers, are with the citizens of New York, the New York City Police Department, New York Fire/Rescue, the Pentagon staff, and their families and friends. May they continue to stand tall, may they never surrender.

         Our Deepest Respects and Regards,

   Michael A. Baker

         Michael A. Baker

         PO Box 6508
         Corona, California 92878-6508



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