Allies - Standing With Israel In The Coming Storm

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Allies - Standing With Israel
In The Coming Storm
Allies - Standing With Israel In The Coming Storm

They have not wanted peace at all; they have wanted to be spared war—as
though the absence of war was the same as peace.—Dorothy Thompson

Professor Daniel Pipes' recent analysis, "Israeli Jets vs. Iranian Nukes," in response to the Whitney Raas and Austin Long's (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) paper, "Osirak Redux? Assessing Israeli Capabilities to Destroy Iranian Nuclear Facilities," is yet again another harbinger of the impending clash between Iran and the West. Professor Pipes postulates that the widest possible dissemination of this paper could deter Iran from proceeding with its nuclear weapons program.

Although that proposition is laudable, it is not probable. While the West hopes current and building financial and trade sanctions leveled against the theocratic Islamic state and current president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will bring about a more compliant attitude, many people familiar with the conflict and the geo-politics of the region are not so optimistic. The draw of the prestige and influence of a nuclear weapons capability on the part of the Iranian leadership is just too strong.

Furthermore, with the hobbling of the Bush Administration both at home, with their crippling adherence to PC norms dismissing fundamentalist Islam as the foundational source of the "war on terrorism" as well as abroad because of the effectiveness of the burgeoning global "Marxist/Islamist Alliance," Ahmadinejad and the Mullahs continue to placate a world terrified to deal with the reality of what they are certainly facing in the future with the existence of the "Islamic bomb" ... and the regime continues on its merry way building their program of looming nuclear tyranny.

Only the U.S. has the sure capability to smash this imminent nightmare to rubble, hopefully buying the Iranian dissident community, both in Iran and the expatriate bloc, time to induce a change in the Iranian government. The clock is ticking as the environmental disaster resulting in a military strike on a more mature nuclear program becomes too harmful. Likewise, the threat of a Middle East arms race, as other countries in the area seek to counter the Mullah's influence in the region opens the doors to further nuclear proliferation-and the greater chance of a nuclear weapon falling into the hands of Islamic killers worse than Ahmadinejad.

"I do not doubt that the new wave which has begun in our dear Palestine and which today we are also witnessing in the Islamic world is a wave of morality which has spread all over the Islamic world. Very soon, this stain of disgrace [i.e. Israel] will vanish from the center of the Islamic world - and this is attainable." - Iranian President Ahmedinejad at Tehran World Without Zionism Conference

Then there is Israel. Ahmadinejad has stated specifically "Israel must be wiped of the face of the map," and, "I have no doubt that the new wave that has started in Palestine, and we witness it in the Islamic world too, will eliminate this disgraceful stain from the Islamic world," voicing the long held hopes and objectives of Islamists globally. There was little response from the rest of the world. What is Israel supposed to do? Wait and hope the Islamists achieve their stated goals? The Jew-haters of the world would like that.

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"In a fragmented world rife with greedy thieves and specious politicians, the DG (Director General of the IAEA) is like the little Dutch boy trying to stop the dike from flooding by plugging the hole with his finger." - Yossi Melman, in "The Nuclear Sphinx of Tehran"
Trust in the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and its Director General, Mohamed ElBaradei? He recently said, "...You do not want to give additional argument to some of the "new crazies" who want to say let us go and bomb Iran," referring to the U.S. and the Bush Administration. Ahmadinejad and the mad Mullahs must have been pleased. One can see why the IAEA is an ineffective organization with mushy thinking like this. Yossi Melman said in his recent book, "The Nuclear Sphinx of Tehran," "In a fragmented world rife with greedy thieves and specious politicians, the DG (Director General of the IAEA) is like the little Dutch boy trying to stop the dike from flooding by plugging the hole with his finger." Indeed.

Up to this point it has been believed by many the Israelis did not have the capabilities to carry out a military option of the scope needed to answer a tangible threat like this, therefore they have to put up with pretty much every offensive demand put on them by the U.S. in behalf of the U.S.'s own self-serving interests in the Middle East. But apparently they do.

So it falls to the Israelis, or America, to face Iran, and in response to ElBaradei's insipid remarks, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice stated, "The president of the United States has made very clear what our policy is. That policy is supported by all of the members of his cabinet-and by the vice president of the United States ... The president has made clear that we are on a course that is a diplomatic course, but it is a diplomatic course backed up by disincentives for Iran to continue its activities." And Iran continues to build.

Israel may have, yes, will have to move against this very tangible threat, as the American Gulliver is tied down by the Marxist/Islamist Lilliputions of a mediocre, morally bankrupt world incapable of seeing and dealing with the Islamist menace—unless the Bush Administration can retake the initiative and turn this course around. Global events are narrowing our options down to two choices: Deal with the realization of the threat, which is nuclear arms proliferation throughout the Islamist world and a catastrophic nuclear incident, or the repercussions of dealing decisively with that threat and facing the fallout on another plane.

These are the decisions we, and our leadership, have to face. For Israel, in the current Israel and Jew-hating environment, coupled with a blind and irrational global anti-Americanism, Israel will certainly face a furious backlash as every hate-filled Islamist and screaming radical leftist individual and organization comes unglued, even more than they already are. The now and again fickleness of America's relationship with Israel, even though America's and Israel's interests are truly mutual, leaves her response under duress less sure.

Thus, be warned, my American Evangelical/Christian friends and supporters of the Nation of Israel, of all stripes. The spiritual and cultural freight train which is the association we are all a part of may be massive, impacting America at all levels, from the local church to Washington DC. But the value of all this global and American Evangelical "support" of Israel is soon to be tested as more than mere whimsical, happy talk-or a true caliber cultural/political force in the nation and world acting as a bulwark against the Jew-hate always looking for a new trigger to manifest itself more openly.

Pray for America and Israel and our equally fallible and flawed leaders. Just as important, be prepared, today and in the near future, to let the American administration know clearly we will not silently stand by as they are pressured to further distance themselves from our only true ally in the Middle East, Israel, as they defend themselves from a mutual enemy. Standing solidly together, we can face any challenge.

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Allies - Standing With Israel In The Coming Storm
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Allies - Standing With Israel In The Coming Storm

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