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Suicide ~
By: 'Michelle Nevada'

Q: What is the difference between G-d and Sharon?
A: G-d doesn't think he is Sharon.

I just finished reading the most gut-wrenching quote I have ever read, supposedly from the mouth of Sharon, in which he says, "It is time to divide the land."

Really? . . . and who are you, or President Bush, or any of the other four "Quartet" leaders to say that it is time to divide the land--the land given to me and my children and my children's children by the Original Owner, G-d? Sure, maybe there are those among us who would like to think that Sharon and the other cabinet ministers who voted with him are making a "tactical" move, and that there is no possibility that the "Palestinian" state will ever exist. This idea is made of two ingredients: the belief that the PA is incapable of stopping terrorism, and the hope that our leaders have not gone completely insane.

However, I am not letting them off the hook with this "tactical move" idea. Unfortunately, the word that comes to my mouth is "heretic." Only someone who has lost all religious understanding, only one who believes that G-d is somehow in the same league with fairys and imaginary friends, could have voted to divide the land of Israel--even for a "tactical" reason. These are men who no longer fear G-d, it seems to me, and the whole idea of a group of these men leading Israel is so painful and disgusting that I feel, right now, like I need a shower.

I feel like a widow that has just learned that her beloved committed some heinous crime, and I hide from the television news and the newspaper headlines that scream the betrayal of this government against the birthright of all Jews.

Now, I knew that Lapid was a heretic. He has single-handedly lead the charge to throw G-d from the land of Israel. To see that he and his minions have voted for the Road Map Plan is absolutely no surprise, and I have to at least congratulate the Shinui for being absolutely honest about their intentions from the first, even though the people who voted for them might not have actually believed them. Those who voted for this party might have been a little irked by the religious right and felt that Shinui would be a nice counterbalance to the right-wing religious parties, but I believe strongly that the people who did vote for Shiuni do, in some part of their being, still love G-d and Mitzvot. I think that many of them may be ashamed of the vote they gave to these madmen, or at least I hope so. But that is my hope speaking now.

My greatest disappointment is at the feet of those I didn't see as heretics before: Likud. No matter how much someone wants to play a tactical game to win PR votes with the peoples of the world, there is something dark and slimy lurking in the corners of a vote to divide the land of Israel, even for "tactical" reasons. Such a vote clearly shows me that these ministers fear the UN more than they fear G-d, and I shake to consider the ramifications of such a vote--not internationally--but spiritually.

Will fire and brimstone come from the sky? Well, it is possible. More likely is that those who stood behind Israel, who looked to her to maintain her strength, who saw the election of Sharon as a positive thing, will now buckle. Their spirits will flag, and they will find the whole idea of supporting a country that is suicidal to be less than savory. Inside the country, there will be those who are faced with a tragic decision: protecting themselves or protecting their homes, their life's investments, and the most important religious sites known to Judiasm. Meanwhile, the Arabs will become emboldened, and they will begin taking over the homes and farms of Israeli citizens. After all, they have just been told that the lie they told has been believed, and they now own the land that they have lied about so long. The lie has won, and they are victorious.

Q: What is the difference between G-d and Sharon.
A: Only G-d can protect us from what Sharon has done.

Michelle Nevada lives in a small town in rural Nevada.
She can be contacted at


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