Officer Street Survival In These Politically Incorrect Times



The Code Of The Warrior
Old School Law Enforcement
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In These PC Times.


  • Officer Street Survival In These Politically Incorrect Times


           As author of Salem the Soldier's COPS place and within the scope of my efforts as the former non-sworn Vice President of the Inland Police Officer's Coalition, I was hammered from a few different sources because of a critical email commentary I forwarded to the forums I frequent.  It was authored by a LE officer, who I happen to respect in law enforcement matters, concerning a certain video-taped arrest; Police apprehending a car-jacking suspect who engaged in a reckless chase with officers. Like so many of these videotaped Police actions, it was broadcast all over the nation with the ensuing firestorm of controversy.  One officer, himself a veteran, who challenged my endorsement of this particular commentary, went so far as to say: "I hope you don't lose your credibility within the LE community on this one issue. We only saw the 'media's' lens view."

           At that point, after not expressing myself as clearly as I could have, I still presumptuously set forth, in this very same article, to chronicle my views on LE "use of force" and Police "brutality." Being what some would consider a young man, I felt I had spent enough time among LE people to state an opinion; knowing a little bit about a whole lot of law enforcement related things. But being a not so young man, I learned a long time ago that the best way to learn is to keep your mouth shut and your ears open. That being so, in the following weeks, as I had put this article on the shelf, I then, quite haphazardly, found myself in the private company of a few veteran American law enforcement officers, from different parts of the nation and from very different backgrounds.

           I perceived very quickly these weren't just run of the mill cops. It was written in between the lines of their articles and commentary; the way they presented themselves to the online LE community.  All are law enforcement veteran retirees, with extensive credentials, qualifications, and service records. All hold to the Warrior Ethic–the "Old School" philosophy of Police work. And all are great men. Officer Leroy Pyle, San Jose PD (Ret.) Joe Horn, LA Sheriff's Department, Detective (Ret.) and Bruce Emmott, New York PD and New York Police Honor Legion (Ret.) are all senior contributors and writers with the Second Amendment PD. Spending time with these LE veterans was about to bring me further into the world of professional law enforcement than I had previously traveled.

           Officer Pyle wrote originally:

    Officer Leroy Pyle, San Jose PD       "Btw, Mike, on the chance that the "guys" have a question about your inclusion on this very limited list, it is because you impressed me with your understanding of the issues and willingness to participate in the cops forum from the beginning. I went to the IPOC website to find that you hold a high position on a cops website and, obviously, the respect of the cop host.

           That prior experience shows in your comments and opinions, and I appreciate the opportunity to bounce these messages off someone outside the "crotchety-old-guys" window :). I'm thinking of making you the official civilian rep in the 2ampd Infernal Affairs Unit!"

           But before we go any further, it's imperative to note that the first officer who challenged my perceptions, well, he was right. As I was in the process of writing this original article, a friend forwarded this newsclip concerning this one arrest incident in question:

    Beating Inquiry May Take Months.

           Hours after the videotaped police beating of <snip>, officers involved in the melee told investigators that <snip> was biting and grabbing the patrolmen trying to arrest him. They said <snip> was kicked and punched to make him let go.

           In brief interviews with Homicide Division investigators, the officers said that<snip>, who stands 6-foot-2 and weighs 245 pounds, had hold of three officers. He bit down on the thumb of one, held a grip on the testicles of another and clutched the thigh of a third. The officer who was being bitten was screaming, "Get him off me! Get him off me!"

           Yes, what the media showed was most certainly not what was really going on, on the ground.  Once again, a few Police officers were in a fight of their lives.

           But onward....


           “Through their teachings about the nature of aggression, competition, and physical and mental struggle, the warrior traditions provide a practical guide to living in a difficult and challenging world. Each embraces a spiritual code to serve as a path of personal development, combining bravery and gentleness, exhibiting a fierce compassion for others, and emphasizing self-mastery, will, and patience as well as courage and integrity.” (From the cover of The Code of the Warrior, by Rick Fields.)

           There are universal truths that permeate all Greek Trojan warriorsocieties, that are written in the histories of nations both new and ancient, especially concerning the "Warrior" class and traditions.  From the Scythians, to the Vikings and the Normans, to the Romans and the Praetorian Guard, to the Huns and the Vandals, to Alexander the Great and Hannibal, to the Germans, to the Swiss Guards, and down to the British and the SAS.  Then in our own nation, we have the histories and traditions of the U.S. Army with the 101st Airborne and the Rangers, as well as our Air Force, the Navy and the SEAL Teams, and then the U.S. Marine Corps with the legendary Force Recon Marines.  All these represent the Warrior class in society; all distinctively exclusive and separate from regular society, with different customs, protocols, and rites.  All go forth to do battle on the behalf of their nation or to protect the defenseless.

           I recall the videotape of a USMC ritual called "blood-winging" or "blood-pinning," in which the pointed studs of gold "jump wings" are pushed into the chests of Marines who have successfully completed jump school. The pins are awarded after a Marine has made 10 parachute jumps. It was played on a well known television newsmagazine.

           The CO's in charge were recommended for discharge, as well as ten Marines involved disciplined.  The PC Liberal term ascribed to this behavior was "hazing," a politically correct, indeed a pejorative, term ascribed to such a warrior rite as this.  But any true Warrior knows these rites are all part of the Warrior culture; rites of passage with deep meaning and importance.  They show to their peers, as well as in the mind of the individual soldier, they have achieved unto a higher plateau and position within their exclusive community.  That they earned those jump wings, or any award, regardless of their race or social standing.  Indeed, to show "Esprit De Corps."

           But it was all portrayed as oh so "scandalous."  There was nothing scandalous about it.  None of these Marines did anything wrong.  Not a thing!  It was the morally bankrupt Liberal influence that has infected American culture and society exerting its putrid influence over a culture and exclusive community it knows nothing about, or has any business meddling in.

           In my personal life experience and Biblical perspective, these truths are also clearly laid out throughout the canon of scripture—some things that other Christians might have never noticed.  Men, warriors, called exclusively by God out of the masses.

    Roman Tribune - Praetorian Guard        In Exodus 15:3 we read: The LORD is a man of war: the LORD is his name.

           Reading such a clear statement concerning the nature of the LORD in the Bible shocks many today, especially "Christians" of the Liberal persuasion, who are not familiar with the warring aspect of God's plans.  Conflict and warfare within the temporal realm is indeed a parallel to and mirror of the unending conflict in the spiritual. The LORD is a man of war, therefore, the Warrior class, in their different forms, are God's exclusive men. History shows through the ages that He builds and tears down nations with these men; they bleed the ground on His behalf. They guard the streets of the empires that have been built on the blood and sacrifice of their peers, from the predators, hoodlums, and enemies which continually roam them. He knows who they are, as well as they knowing who they are.

           If you have ever read the Bible, you will have noticed that every Warrior, every notable man that God called, He called them face to face. In Genesis 17: 1, Abraham was called, face to face. In Exodus 3:4, Moses was called, face to face. In Joshua 5: 14, Joshua, a perfect warrior whose tactics and exploits are still studied in military schools, was called, face to face. David was called, after spending much time as a lad alone in the presence of God, face to face. In Judges 6: 12, Gideon was called, face to face. And in Acts 9: 4, Paul the Apostle, knocked to the ground, was called, face to face.

             These types of men never received their calling through other men, but dealt with God, face to face. God used all these men in ways that have impacted history in notable ways, for good or for evil.  They were independent minded and different from the multitude.  You can see the same mindset, the class exclusivity, in the histories of the Caesars, Trajan, Washington, Jonathan Netanyahu, Patton, Chesty Puller, and Hackworth, et al, perfecting courage, self-reliance, and ferocious personal initiative.

            Within the modern day Police force in America, there is also a Warrior protocol and class distinction that clearly separates them from regular society.  At any time, their lives are hazarded on behalf of the society they are tasked to protect.  At any time, any one of them might find themself in "the arena," and may fall in defense of their community and country.

              A bonafide Warrior can spot the "wannabe's" and the frauds pretty quick. The Warrior ethic can't be faked.  This is an intangible society which knows no historical, national, racial, or temporal social bounds.  I, as a private citizen, have never had to serve on a battleground as a soldier of this nation, or hazard my life on a regular basis, as a Police officer, on the streets of America. Therefore, there is immediately a class distinction, a lack of insight, working knowledge,and experience, separating me, as a private citizen, from those who have. I'm quite comfortable in recognizing that. That's just the way it is, as we all have specific roles in this life.  Personally, as a citizen of this country, I am in their debt.

           Are you a young person who seeks to defend our way of life and the unique freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?  A lot of the young men in this nation who presume to "defend" the Second Amendment and US Constitution, need to spend time, with their mouths shut, in the presence of the Old Guard, those who have genuinely hazarded their lives for this nation. You learn things you'll never know otherwise; things that can't be taught in history books.  The understanding of many in the younger generation concerning many things is seriously deficient

           "A warrior is not proven only in combat, but also in life. He lives by a code, not because codes are "honorable" or a fad, but because that is how a warrior thinks and so it is how he lives. Combat is an extension of that code, not the source. The rigidity of military discipline reflects his mindset and the two feed off each other, the man strengthened by the military and the military strengthened by the man. His code in peacetime is the same as that in the military: do your duty, protect the weak, protect the community, face the bully, stand tall, stay aware, think ahead, be ready, be loyal, avoid aggression if possible and, if not, win and win fully. Respect and honor are earned by actions, not granted by birth. There are a thousand military codes spread throughout history, but I believe they all say the same thing at heart: Live with honor, and let not your death be born by the pallbearers of disgrace, cruelty, weakness, and fear. Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, On Combat ...

           "Warriors, as we have seen, have a mission beyond themselves. The true warrior is dedicated to something greater than personal survival and comfort." (From the cover of The Code of the Warrior, by Rick Fields.)


           It's important to clarify exactly what a Warrior is not. The younger generation that has come of age these past few decades and escaped the scars of war, conflict, and any real sacrifice on the part of freedom have developed a view of the Warrior ethic that is quite different from the older generation.  Outside of the professional environment, standards, and demands of the American military, much of their protocols have been gleaned from TV and popular culture media sources.  A lousy source, to say the least.  So we'll hear from that older generation who knows the right way....

           Officer Joe Horn writes, in response to this Cato Institute paper, Warrior Cops: The Ominous Growth of Paramilitarism in American Police Departments: "It is an excellent reference to the concerns of many citizens and law enforcement officers as well.

           I've noticed that a lot of modern and young ninja wannabes get glassyeyed about wearing BDUs and fritz helmets and carrying MP5s, leg holsters for their M9s, flak vests, and cool web gear without the slightest idea of what regular Army soldiers and Marines endure in hardship and training to be who and what they are.

    FBI SWAT Team working the standoff where veteran LAPD SWAT team leader, Randal Simmons was killed in 2008.       The militarization of law enforcement in the US is scary because I'm here to tell you that I served 8 years in the Regular Army, and soldiers are trained to kill people and break their equipment and infrastructure. That's not what civil cops do, and I have grave reservations about the encroaching federal influence in domestic local law enforcement. I also have grave issues with cops adopting a military mindset....remember what the Germans did with uniforms and iconography.

           Maybe you've not met some of these hotshots, but I have met a few and but for very strong leadership from supervision, some of them are disasters waiting to happen. Waco was a result of many fubars but the military aspects of that operation were unmistakable and tragic. Cops died, citizens died, and I expect that two uniformed deputies could have walked up to that church and served a warrant on Koresh before all that happened without as much as a ruffled feather.

           I could be wrong, but there was a reason the founders didn't want a standing army and we shouldn't turn our cops into ninjas, soldiers and assault shock troops. There is no justification for it by crime rate, types of crime, incident frequency or statistically. I may have been a warrior in the 101st, but I damn sure wasn't a warrior in the L.A. Sheriff's Department. I was a cop. We serve the citizens 99 percent of the time and go to battle very seldom, and rarely even the with firearms. We need to get closer to the citizens on the beat, not widen the gap with cool looking BDUs, fritz brain buckets and black boots und zen vee haff our German MP5s....

           I'm so sick of these weenies whining about being outgunned."

           Officer Bruce Emmott writes:

           "Being a "warrior," in my opinion, has nothing at all to do with paramilitarism. The warrior ethic is a state of mind, a way you go about your work, the way you feel about what you do. I always considered myself to be a warrior, and thankfully even people who didn't much care for me told me "you're a warrior" on many occasions.

           I rather think Joe and a few others here are warriors as well—real street cops with a sense of who they are and the importance of what they do. Like the military, the police service has it's REMF's, and it has its warriors. It's the warriors who go out there day after day, night after night—in the face of critics within the job and from outside—and do the work that HAS to be done to keep the streets safe for everyone. "

           The Warrior culture being an integral part of Cop culture, I personally have no doubts as to the ability of qualified, level-headed LE personnel being able to differentiate between the Warrior ethic of a battlefield and the lower intensity conflict which is modern day civilian law enforcement. These two gentlemen are a perfect example.  

           Yet, from the urban concrete jungles of the inner cities to the outlying, more secluded jurisdictions, law enforcement is coming under an unprecedented attack, not from a tangible, physical enemy, but from within the political forums, those arenas engaged in the "War Of Ideas."


           Within our current political and social environment, the result of four decades of complacency and carelessness on the part of Conservative American society has definitely become evident.  Especially in regard to the concerted attack on the traditionally Conservative world of professional law enforcement.

           For clarification, when I use the term, "our current political and social environment," I'm refering to the racially/socially charged circumstances that Liberalism and these militant Socialist activists has whipped up in recent years, indeed, the past four decades, to advance their overt Socialist agenda in American society and government.  This assertion has gone past the realm of the "ramblings of the paranoid, lunatic fringe" and into our daily newspapers.  Chuck Baldwin exposes this ongoing tactic clearly and eloquently in a commentary I have called "Liberalism In A Nutshell."

           It has fostered this warped idea that somehow the criminal is the victim, a product of his environment, and that he is to be "understood" and not punished at all for his anti-social behavior. Most have heard the pseudo psycho-babble foisted on intelligent society by these goofy Communist "social engineers" and burned out, drug addled 60's flower children who call themselves "professors" now.  The ensuing liberal ideas infecting society are that "it's not his fault," but extenuating circumstances and the oppressive structure of "white male dominated Capitalism," or that he "ate too many Twinkies®." The print and broadcast media is more than willing to provide commentary and ample exposure and air time in defense of these warped and corrupt ideas, painting professional LE in the worst possible light.  But there is a method to their madness, whether you choose to look at it from a temporal or spiritual perspective.

           It is becoming abundantly clear what the long-term goals and agenda of the radical and extremist Liberal Left are, concerning the independent local LE departments. These are the proponents of a nationalized Police force, the incremental Federalization of the American law enforcement community. A basic tenet of Socialism, so anathema to American history and ideals—to freedom—is control.  Time after time, we read in the mainstream press about another local LE department or big city agency that is "under investigation" by the Feds because of some purported abuse or corruption on that department's part, then the inevitable "Federal Consent Decree" is enacted which basically declares that department under Federal supervision. I did a Yahoo! search on Federal LE investigations, "consent decrees," and police brutality investigations. This is going on all over the nation. Most of these locales have their own online newspapers. It's all right out there in front of God and everybody.

  - Los Angeles will not accept consent decree....(Yes, they will)
           [ ]
  - Los Angeles will not....

           Montgomery County Police and
           Racial Profiling: DOJ Extorts Agreement!

            racial_profiling_DOJ_agreement.htm ]

           Montgomery County....

  - Pittsburgh settlement could be model for LAPD....
           [ ]
  - Pittsburgh settlement....

           ACLU in the Courts: Pittsburgh....
           [ ]
           ACLU in the Courts: Pittsburgh....

           Pittsburgh, PA. Consent Decree
           [ ]
           Pittsburgh, PA. Consent Decree

           Law News Network -- Consent Decree Reached Between New Jersey....
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           Law News Network -- Consent....

           U.S. Department of Justice Consent Decree with the City of Columbus....
           [ ]
           U.S. Department of Justice....

           Suit claims 30 years of bias by city police - (Cincinnati)
           [ ]
           Suit claims 30 years of bias....

           Consent Decrees - Law Enforcement Forum (Officer.Com)
           [ ]
           Consent Decrees - Law Enforcement Forum....

           Feds Threaten To Take Over Ohio Police (LEAA Online)
           [ ]
           Feds Threaten To Take Over Ohio Police....

           CONSENT DECREE IN SETTLEMENT OF CLAIMS (City of Willis, Texas)
           [ ]
           CONSENT DECREE....

           There are a few more I have researched, within smaller jurisdictions, but I couldn't find them right off. The one article I have read—pretty compelling—concerning this newer trend is on the John Birch Society website. Yes, I know these people have garnered a "racist, conspiracy" reputation over the years, but the article is pretty insightful concerning the legal aspects of this trend, especially on a separation of Federal/States power issue. They also have a few other "pro-local LE" articles posted. Read them with a critical and analytical, but logical, perspective.

           Nationalizing Our Police (
           [ ]
           Nationalizing Our Police (

           Those who, holding big government ideologies and beliefs, benefit from these trends. They ridicule these things as "conspiracy theories," the employment of the logical fallacy of "prejudicial language," in a furtive attempt to deflect people's attention from them, yet these trends are all chronicled in the mainstream press. From what I hear, the Riverside PD (CA) has had the threat of something like this hanging over them, in the aftermath of the Tyisha Miller shooting, and I believe the threat of that impending imposition influenced ex-RPD Chief Gerry Carroll to engage in the actions which led to his "resignation."

           Resignation Of The COP ~
           [ ]
           Resignation Of The COP ~

           You'll notice that all of these situations are rooted in allegations of racism, racial bias, and LE departments that need to be "reformed," etc., and are fueled on the pretext of civil rights violations.

           I have been doing this for a number of years now, running with the cops. As a private citizen, I have yet to meet one sworn LE officer who gave a hoot about what color or ethnic background somebody was or came from. In their minds, a criminal is a criminal, regardless of their ethnic background or skin color.  The vast majority are consummate professionals and absolutely level-headed and fair minded.

           Officer Joe Horn writes:

    LA Sheriff Joe Horn, Detective, ret.       "Mike, if a black patrolman works in a white town or neighborhood and makes ten felony arrests a day, why isn't he called a "profiler"? But, if a honkus uniformus works in a black or hispanic beat, and all you arrest are blacks or hispanics, you become a racial profiler. This is just more kneejerk response to the Sharptons, Jacksons and Edelmans, who, if not denying the crime rates among their constituents, try to convince us that they really think their constituents should be able to loot, burn, rape, rob, and steal to their hearts content because of slavery and oppression. They think being arrested for a crime is unfair after 'all' they went through.. As far as I can tell, Jackson, Sharpton, et al, have never broken a sweat in a real job besides being race hustling poverty pimps...."

           On the contrary, the racial profiling "phenomenon" has brought forth much commentary from credible and eloquent LE people condemning it as another sham and political tool utilized by particulars within the political and Liberal activist community to divide people and demonize and manipulate the professional LE community to their own ends (maintaining their political power base).  They have to undermine the confidence in the Locally controlled Police department so there is little resistance to them stepping in on a Federal level and obtaining control.  

           Indeed, the proper term is "criminally profiling" from the LE perspective.

           Racial Profiling ~
           [ ]
           Racial Profiling ~

           Racial Profiling: Who Is Stereotyping Whom?
           [ ]
           Racial Profiling: Who Is Stereotyping Whom?

           Personally, I have to ask what makes the Federal law enforcement community morally superior to the Local one to stand in judgment against them? The Feds certainly aren't without blemish.  Indeed, their own conduct in many areas within the scope of the national LE forum has done much to damage their own credibility.

           Joseph McNamara, a retired police chief of San Jose and Kansas City who has written extensively about the LAPD recently said this about the city of Los Angeles entering into a consent decree with the Federal government, quoted from the Los Angeles Times:

           "...However bad things are at the LAPD, however, McNamara believes the city is making matters worse by entering into a consent decree with the Justice Department. "The federal government doesn't know how to run anything, especially police departments," says McNamara. "The record of federal law enforcement agencies is even worse. This tendency to give all power to the feds makes things worse and you spend more money. The tradition of local policing is really a sacred one for a free society, but we seem willing to trade it away. The FBI is not accountable like a local force. Willie Williams got fired and L.A.'s new mayor will probably fire Bernard Parks. On a local level, at least there is some degree of control and accountability. But who controls the Justice Department? No one."

           Note well I believe the Federal law enforcement community has their place in the national LE framework.   Nuclear arms proliferation in third world countries and the growing threat of weapons of mass destruction; bio-chem weapons--anthrax and sarin gas; small, easily concealed and transportable tactical/theater nuclear weapons, being unleashed on an innocent and naive American public are becoming an ominous threat. America's enemies from overseas are many, envious of our prosperity and very annoyed by our pushy, intrusive political foreign policy as well as the documented abuses of the greedy American corporations here and overseas (i.e. the "Globalists").  Unless you have another avenue to offer for dealing with international terrorism or crime on a global scale? I think it's a little out of the league and beyond the resources of the local Sheriff.

             But the Federal LE community, in recent years, is definitely over-stepping their bounds in many areas, pertaining to local American LE affairs.

           Lets examine these different aforementioned groups' tactics–the weaknesses they are exploiting.  The extremist Socialist Left is pushing for the Federalization of the Local Police force, whether we choose to accept that as fact or not.  The avenue they are exploiting is the decidedly "Old School" Conservative cop culture, the Warrior culture already examined, clashing with society's morally bankrupt condition and ensuing wishy-washy ability to stand up to crime.

           Officer Devin Chase (Iron Sharpens Iron) writes:

           "The longer that I'm in this career, the more I know that true officer safety involves more than just keeping yourself from being shot. Officer safety means getting to finish your career, not having your career finished for you, through a physical attack, or more likely through a political or media attack."


           One active duty "Old School" officer wrote this in response to the aforementioned video, concerning his department, the way things used to be, and the way they are now. I thought it was great.

           "Hey Gang, I haven't seen the [video] yet but if you think I have one iota of sympathy for the maggot, your dreaming. Frankly, and I know this may shock some of you if not all, I think anytime these turds shoot police, endanger the public, or commit some other anti-social criminal behavior, they should get hammered. Let me tell you why before you go nuts though.

            I work for <snip> here in good ole Southern California. I grew up in a city just north of <snip> and even then <snip> put the fear of God in all who dared to cross the line. When I got hired twelve years ago, <snip> was relatively crime free, yet it was surrounded by some of the worst cities in Southern California. Why was it like that? Because if a maggot came into the city and tried his brand of anti-social behavior then tried to fight us, he was flogged. Most of our prisoners went to the "13th" floor of USC medical to be put back together. Those guys told their buddies who in turn told their friends and they pretty much stayed out of <snip>.

           Well, here we are twelve years later and guess what? The city is just like any other "inner city" and we now have gang members everywhere. We are a "kindler, gentler, police department " and the crooks love it. Now before you get on your soapbox and wring your hands, we were a department that was for purposes, pretty much lawsuit free. Why is that? Because these maggots knew what was going to happen. They were "old school" crooks who believed that if the cops caught them and they fought, stand by for the Wrath of God.

           Todays crooks, along with the demonic media, are told to fight, shoot it out with the cops, take them on long and deadly pursuits, and hey if those rotten cops touch you and give you an owwee, you can sue them and take away their jobs! Now combine that with citizens who want a crime free world with perfect cops and you have what we have today.

           So that being said, I'll repeat myself and say I have absolutely no mercy for that [sic] maggot. I had two friends shot and nearly killed when I first started police work and I realized this is a war where maggots play for keeps and kill cops. No, I'm old school, and before the age of touchy, feely, waa wa teachings, cops kept our streets safe. We don't have that anymore do we? You see we changed but the crooks didn't. Well I feel better now. Hope you out there in IPOC land didn't have a seizure reading this."

           Did I have a seizure? Yeah, laughing appreciatively there are real cops like this still out there roaming our streets!  Those without the resources or ability to defend themselves surely depend on officers like this. This officer has stated the most basic principles of effective street patrol and civilian law enforcement, while also clearly modeling and parallelling the restraining influence of the Holy Spirit in the spiritual realm.  I whole-heartedly agree with his philosophy, as proven in this Tuesday, September 26, 1998 letter to our local paper, the Press-Enterprise:

           To Win The War On Crime ~

           An interesting contrast in the articles you read in the paper these days. First, the one decrying the reputation of "brutality" surrounding the LAPD's Hollenbeck Division. Next, the little 3-year-old shot and killed in Cypress Park. The Mark Fuhrmans aside, do you think maybe the people of professional law enforcement know exactly what they are doing in dealing with these animals? Yet we continue to assault them under a barrage of criticism.

           If we as citizens cannot stomach what it takes for professional law enforcement to win the war on crime, then we have no right being shocked when an innocent family is ambushed on a dead-end street by a gang of vicious predators. You cannot have it both ways.

           Michael A. Baker

           One officer said in response to the previous commentary:

           "The citizens want us to protect their cars, their properties and their lives....but they don't like to see the way it gets done." Being a civilian myself, obviously that isn't true. Still, a good portion of mainstream law-abiding society which supports unequivocally the local LE department shouldn't be rolled together with the street naive, Walmart shopping, "Soccer Mom" types and Liberal hand-wringers who don't, decrying the "brutality" of the hard-core reality of policing the streets of modern day America.

                In my opinion, one of the most clear portrayals of the realities of being a cop on the mean streets of America, is Ranger Mike's commentary on the Amadou Diallo shooting which took place in New York.  Straight Conservative cop mind-candy!

              Going a little bit deeper, another one of the most jarring examples to me of the divide in understanding between civilian and cop culture–simply perceptions–was the commentary veteran NYPD Officer Bruce Emmott delivered to a young man who is seeking to become a leader in the Second Amendment community, a discussion which happened in private. It pertained to a disagreement that had taken place–hypothetical situations were laid out; demands were made concerning the responses of professional law enforcers in the forum.  

           Remember, this was a straight civilian (I know the background—I was one of them at one time) with little, if any, military or LE life experience or insight, in the presence of combat and Police veterans, men with service strips, seen and unseen, all the way to the ends of their sleeves.

           The basis of the confrontation–all simply traced back to noncom ignorance and lack of understanding these glaring cultural differences. Officer Emmott, a highly decorated LE veteran, writes:

           ...You've commented that you consider me to be one-sided in this affair. Correct, absolutely. Cops stick together out of necessity - a fact you haven't been able to comprehend, apparently. Attack one of us - you attack us all. I believe Leroy's position is the correct one in Officer Bruce Emmott, NYPD ret.this situation, and naturally I will favor his judgment over yours - or anyone else's,  for that matter. What makes you think I would NOT be that way? When I see you and your friends making statements that are anathema to me - do you really think I would consider you a friend or supporter? You've made many mistakes in this situation, not the least of which is underestimating who you are up against. For you to say that someone in the list is feeding you what is going on only shows me two possibilities: One, that there are some cops who were never REALLY cops - cops who have not seen the elephant or had to depend on other cops to survive, and two, that we cannot really trust most civilians. Anyone who knows me is aware that I have had, for a long time, a very low opinion of many cops - due in large part to the proliferation of cops with no military background or background in discipline, or lower standards overall. You can relate to that, I think. That is one of the reasons I retired, after all.

             But that doesn't diminish my support for the INSTITUTION of police work. So - while I feel entirely free to criticize individual cops (which I do frequently) and how they conduct themselves - I do so from the position of having BEEN one. You don't have that luxury, which is something I tried to make you understand. You simply cannot waltz into a society of warriors and act as you do. That may be de riguer in the company you keep and in your generation, but in my generation and among my peers it doesn't wash. It's kind of like walking into a bar near Fort Bragg wearing a flash, when you have never been part of the Brotherhood. We have what are known as "challenge coins" to sort out the phonies our built-in antenna pick up. The cops are much the same - we have certain phrases that clue us to the bonifides of wannabes. I include some cops in the wannabe category too, as a matter of fact. Guys who go around boasting and posturing are the objects of as much disdain as any other wannabe. Guys who have seen the elephant rarely if ever talk about it. I can assure you - I can talk about it if I wanted to. I mention on my website that I was/am a member of the Police Honor Legion, but what I didn't go into is why I was so honored (and I never will). Rest assured you don't get in that group by ASKING to be a member - you have to have the bonifides and you are then proposed by current members after a lengthy investigation. Simply having a gong doesn't get you in, because all cops know how those things work. Apx 200 members out of 30 thousand should give one a clue. Am I cocky sometimes? I guess so. I think I earned the right, but I don't posture.

           I guess I could write a few PAGES concerning this situation, but to what purpose? I don't think you're capable of understanding us (as you've admitted) so there is nothing to be gained from further collaborations with your group. Reading your recent comments and your bio has left me with the opinion that this is all about [you] and nothing else.

           Leroy has pointed out that you have a talent for organization and rallying people to your cause. He's right - you do. You've taken an issue and run with it, and in so doing brought a lot of attention to a cause we all believe in. The problem with all of it is your motives, which are not so clearly defined. I haven't gotten a handle on exactly what you have in mind yet, but I'm sure collaboration with police officers is not a big part of it. Officer Bruce Emmott - NYPDI think its a means to an end. Cops have so little public support that they gravitate to just about anyone who gives them something to cling to. I suspect you realize at least that much. But I caution you that MOST cops are very good at seeing the BS behind the posturing. In time, the real agenda for your apparent support for the police will be evident to all. Some people just don't have as well developed senses of smell as others, that's all.

    Officer Emmott continues:

           ...You are not, were not, and never will be a cop. You are clueless what cops are about and what the job is about. You have shown yourself to be incapable of understanding cops or their feelings. You will not ever be part of our world, and by your actions have shown us you are one of those we cannot trust - since you don't trust us. We have seen the enemy, and the enemy is you.

           Try being the man you claim to be and drop this nonsense out of hand and you MIGHT regain some credibility. In our world, manhood has to be proven. Respect and recognition is given to those who have seen the elephant and paid the price of their commitment - it does not come from demands or threats. Personally - I doubt you have it in you.

           No - you are not the strong supporter of police you claim to be. You support those officers who follow your narrow definition of what honor is - meaning allegiance to what YOU think is correct. If you'd like to talk to a civilian who really supports and understands cops, reach out to Mike Baker. You might learn something.

           Deputy Joe Horn writes this in correspondence to a certain high-profile, well respected individual within the Second Amendment activist community who had stooped to exploiting active duty law enforcement to benefit their organization.  It made some points concerning citizens and the law I felt worth seeing repeated:

           "I read with dismay your recent alert about the VA incident. Per your alert, it happened almost a year ago and I do not recall hearing about it and I consider myself to be fairly current on civil rights, 2nd Amendment issues, and police misconduct cases of note.

    Deputy Joe Horn       Your alert makes a series of allegations, of stopping with No Probable Cause. Stopping for no reason? I heard that from every criminal I ever arrested. Threatened arrest for possession of 1st Amendment materials? Nonsense. Threatened arrest for possession of ammunition. In what charge? Finally, she is arrested for refusing to identify herself. Bingo!

           Now, obstruction of Justice? If you are stopped by a traffic officer or other officer for an infraction or traffic violation you will be asked for your license, registration and insurance per the laws your elected reps, not the cops, have passed with your input or without it. If you do not have a driver's license in your possession, they can still verify you have one when they ask you your name so they can verify it, give you your ticket, and you are on your way. If you refuse to identify yourself while operating a vehicle, you will be arrested and detained until prints identify you.

           Do you have any independent corroborative information to offer in reference to this event? What has been written is very subjective and is not journalism unless you compare it to left wing journalism from which we all suffer attacks of this nature and deplore it from the housetops.

           It seems there is a tendency to attack the local police by fund-driven 2A organizations, when in fact, rank and file LE are the majority 2A supporters. By now, the trooper's arrest report and the preliminary pleadings have long since been accomplished and are public record. Did you obtain them? If not, why not? We at 2AMPD don't like bad cops and there are a few around, just like there are criminal "citizens" who don't represent gun owners any more than the handful of bad cops represent me or our members or the 800,000 cops in Local LE that daily deal with millions of interactions with no ill effects. None.

           So, what is your point? Do you subscribe to the Local Law Enforcement Firearms Confiscation Hysteria/ theory? Are you going to join the fringe groups that have called all cops nazis, and called for their deaths simply for being cops? Where are you going with this and what is your point?

           This did not even involve the 2A and sounds more like a contest of will. What ever, your subjective characterisations simply reduce the the value of future Alerts as the veracity will be questionable with tabloid sensationalism such as this. I hope you don't stoop to this sort of "reportage" again.

           We in and and retired from LE are not the enemy. Apathetic, lazy, non-activist, paranoid gun owners who don't vote because they paranoidly fear being on a voter or tax roll are. If gun owners voted, we wouldn't be having this conversation. I look forward to balance from you in the future."


           Is the "Old School" way of thinking and philosophy (effective, proactive Police work) going to continue to work in these racially/socially charged and politicized times? Not without some conflict and LE casualties, not with live audio and cameras in the sky and on every corner, not with a morally bankrupt, mush-minded public so quick to kowtow to the Socialist/Liberal spin and "interpretation" of high-profile LE related media events. Not without righteous cops being burned by it.

             That's the end result of all this socialist/liberal ideology and activism. Now they are targeting the very heart and core of the law enforcement community; the Warrior ethic; the very standards that maintain the quality of American life, whether in the law enforcement community, or any aspect of our society.

           Officer Joe Horn responds to this article which is one of many that has been printed in the Los Angeles Times concerning the Rampart Division turmoils in the LAPD:

           "Do you all SEE how they ignore the administrations of Willie "Refrigerator" Williams, and Bernard "Sleepy" Parks, their hiring standards, affirmative action BS and the PC feelings based Training....and their non-existent supervision and their non-existent LEADERSHIP! That's the LAST place you put affirmative hires.

           Those Affirmative Action Chiefs have damned near destroyed one of the finest Police Departments in the world. I weep for the good cops within that Dept., and I hope they weather this well...."

          That "subculture" is the very Warrior Ethic we have all been talking about, the very core of Police society, the very society represented by these experienced and very qualified men. I don't know how bad the gang situation is in various national locales, but here in in sunny So. Cal. they are vicious little animals.  No, they aren't "children" as the liberal press portrays them.

          And the radical Socialist/Liberal left wants to start "engineering" Police culture to match their warped ideas of what they believe to be a "kinder, gentler" institution? In light of the reality of policing the modern streets of America? Good, gosh....

          I am continuously amazed at how the Liberal Left exploits the media's influence to advance their agenda. I'm continuously amazed at how naive, clueless, and oblivious mainstream society is to the personal hazards (in light of correct statistical perspectives) that American professional law enforcement faces every day out on the streets.

           Chaplain Bill (ret.), President and founder of the Inland Police Officer's Coalition comments on the very real violence they face on the streets of America.  After his department endured the politically generated controversy surrounding the Tyisha Miller shooting in Riverside (CA), he and his peers were mandated to attend a P.O.S.T. certified in service school at the Simon Weisanthal Center in Los Angeles.

           Chaplain Bill, in follow-up correspondence to the Center, challenged them on the content of the presentation by saying, "...One of your instructors had the audacity to tell the class of police officers that '...We had no enemies, criminals are not our enemies, crime is!'  I ask you, who commits the crime? A criminal does."

           Chaplain Bill, in the presence of his peers there, as well as a few senior officers from his department also present, queried the instructor, "...Why don't you tell RSO Deputy Eric Thach's widow that the criminal is not our enemy?" RSO Deputy Thach had just lost his life, while executing his duties as an American Police officer, prior to this in service school. He was treacherously shot in the back with a heavy caliber weapon, ambushed by a criminal who fired at him from behind a window while burglarizing a house.


           Chaplain Bill comments further, focusing a little more narrowly on contending with the enemy in the arena of battle,

    Chaplain Bill (ret.)       I have heard officers quote: "I don't get paid to take these chances or to get shot!" Oh, then who does the citizen call, for crying out loud? Our job is to lay our life down for a total stranger, if necessary. I have seen officers in LAPD make u-turns in the opposite direction from the location of a known "shooting in progress" or any other anticipated violent radio call. Why? Because they have the "eight for eight syndrome." Which means they get paid for eight hours and that's all their going to give.

           When I was serving with the LAPD, the LAPD's shooting policy has an over-emphasis on "finding cover." Then "maintaining cover."

           What a lot of officers do is they "run for that cover" for their safety, as their first consideration, rather than attempting to "stop the threat" while doing so; this gives the suspect time. An officer possessing the true "warrior ethic" will not just run for cover; this gives the armed gunman an opportunity to escape. A true warrior would place suppression fire towards/at the suspect, while he's attempting to take the cover as well.

           Cover is only an option. And if the cover is too great a risk to obtain, we then need to remain engaged in the gun battle. Never retreat, never create a "fatal funnel" for the enemy. Cover is not a place to "hide." It is a place to increase your chance of survival and that's all! If we hide behind our cover, then we have become a coward.

           As in my November 1991 shooting, I had to leave my cover and engage in further gun battle, so that the suspect would not escape, kill my partner, or another citizen."

           In his personal testimony, among his other OIS's, he chronicles the same November gang related shooting that he barely escaped from.

           Pulling up to a church while on patrol in Los Angeles, five gang members, equipped with stolen handguns, started firing at Chaplain Bill and his partner.

           Chaplain Bill recounts the scenario: "When I confronted the gang members, I was immediately met with a hail of gunfire. It wasn't the kind of shooting that lasts two or three seconds and then it's over. This shooting lasted about 30 to 40 seconds. This gun battle included laying down suppression fire in a defensive manner, offensive shooting on the move, walking and running, and skip shooting underneath cars."

           While under fire, Chaplain Bill exited the unit and moved to the rear of the vehicle.  Chaplain Bill ~ IPOC President and FounderHis partner was in the front seat in the line of fire.  Chaplain Bill moved to the left, leaving the vehicle as cover and laid down suppression/cover fire so his partner could escape the vehicle and join the gun battle.

           His partner exited the unit and took cover behind the right front wheel, using the engine block as cover between himself and the assailants.  As Chaplain Bill continued in the gun battle, he expended his remaining ammunition.  Shouting, communicating, to his partner that he was out of ammo and to cover him, he realized his partner was non-responsive.  Chaplain Bill popped the trunk of the unit while under fire, retrieved a pre-loaded magazine out of his war bag, reloaded his weapon—then transitioned from a defensive mode to an offensive one.

           Chaplain Bill comments, "This gang member, one of five, had every opportunity to flee, to avoid an arrest; indeed to avoid being shot.  But he chose to not avoid harms way, but had the will and audacity to continue the engagement of the gun battle, to kill a Police officer."

           "At the point I'm realizing, I have to take all necessary steps, I have to shoot to kill.  Department policy was to shoot to stop, but it was necessary to shoot to kill, to use the maximum amount of force necessary to stop this guy."

           Chaplain Bill continues, "In the middle of this shooting, I'm worried about civil litigation; is the department going to criticize me, is the shooting going to be within policy guidelines?  I already know it is, but how will the administration perceive this?  You have to realize, this is only seven months after the Rodney King incident."

           At this moment, this was not a Police officer who was concerned about "community Policing," a "kinder, gentler" LE presentation, or this gang member's "unfortunate, unfair" upbringing or "oppressed" background.  This was not a Police officer who was worried about reaching out to the community.

           No, at this moment, this officer was a tasked metropolitan soldier, a Warrior entering into an ancient and unseen arena, within a much wider theater of battle.  This was a trained man of caliber, a man of superior mind, heart, and body, contending with the worst that society could throw against him.  Not engaging a poor, misguided youngster, but being forced to deal decisively with an urban predator.  And prevailing.

           Paramilitarism?  Excessive use of force?

           Chaplain Bill relates the followup to this personal OIS: "...Later, after the shooting, we discovered that the suspect was wanted for a murder which took place Halloween night (two weeks prior).

           He also robbed an off-duty LAPD Sergeant one year prior.  He stabbed the Sergeant in the back while the Sergeant was withdrawing money from an ATM machine in LA.  The Sergeant, critically wounded, then drew his concealed off-duty weapon and shot the suspect in the chest.  The suspect was soon to be freed by the judicial system, only later to be killed by me....

           The justice system sentenced him to death, by releasing him...."  

           Note well that Chaplain Bill was recommended to receive the LAPD "Medal of Valor" for this incident.  This never went through.  Chaplain Bill's partner froze under fire, fleeing in the face of "the Beast."  In the racially and politically charged environment that this shoot-out took place in, it was thought the awarding of this commendation would make Chaplain Bill's partner "look bad," casting him in a negative light.

           Why the controversy? His partner was the wrong color.

           No matter. . . Chaplain Bill holds a much higher commendation in the hearts and minds of his peers within the unseen society of the Warriors, a fraternity where affirmative action, racial quotas, and the arbitrary dictates of mere men have absolutely no bearing or relevance in the induction of individuals into this exclusive class.

           Rather, personal merit, duty, honor, and courage, does prevail within this exclusive realm.


           Officer Leroy Pyle is a model for any other active duty law enforcement officer who would take a stand on principle in the face of the status quo and "political correctness," as well as the coercion and intimidation of the ticket-punching, self-serving, promotion-minded LE leadership.  Renown nationwide for his public stand concerning the Second Amendment and civilian gun ownership, he has contended with many a formidable adversary in the arena of American politics.

            Officer Pyle discusses his exploits in this regard, while denouncing the fear-mongering levelled against the men and women of professional law enforcement by activist groups within the Conservative community,

           “I really am dismayed at the extent of the fear of cops and government displayed by supposed “activists”.

           I resent it, actually, and for a couple of reasons. The first, obviously, is the great amount of energy expended to renounce all law enforcement based on the anecdotal incidents of errors or abuse. We denounce Sarah Brady for using an incident such as the recent office shooting to paint all gun owners as the evil empire, but are more than willing to accept the same emotional rhetoric and obviously bigoted “news” if it serves our purposes. Seems a bit two-faced to me.

           And second, the fear and paranoia is for the weak. Weak minded and weak willed. I spent years in legal battles with my chief and the city council. I didn’t fear them. They were politicians that held different political philosophies than I did, and I fought them. It must be easy to fear “the government” or “the cops” if you dehumanize them instead of thinking of them as people. I had tremendous support from cops and politicians, so it is difficult to accept this constant anti-government refrain of fear and paranoia. I didn’t like all of them, for sure, but I wasn’t afraid. And I didn’t just talk a good story like so many keyboard commandos are locked into, nowadays. When my attorney attempted to fight the Infernal Affairs complaint against me for my public appearances in favor of 2AM Rights, he pointed out that my chief had posed in full uniform for HCI ads and had used his letterhead to solicit HCI donations. The City Council determined that what HE was doing was EDUCATIONAL and what I was doing was POLITICAL. The IA complaint held. So I didn’t like them, but there was nothing to fear. One of those council members went on to Congress!

           And Dick Mountjoy and Tom McClintock are politicians that will always have my greatest respect. They were California politicians who support the 2AM and came to my defense during my more activist days. They served me a subpoena to testify in favor of firearms rights in the legislature. The subpoena was intended to protect me from the wrath of the chief. Even so, the Speaker of the House, a Democrat, took every opportunity to berate me during the appearance. Him, I didn’t like, but there are very many politicians out there who are very respectable and worthy individuals. I testified a few times before committees in DC, too, at the invitation of very pro-gun legislators. And it was apparent that there are very many anti-gun legislators, too! I didn’t fear them.”


           This conflict between civilian culture, in all its forms, and professional law enforcement in America, is I'm afraid, an outward representation of a much deeper problem in American culture. I've been corresponding with professional law enforcement people for a number of years. I can tell you with certainty, the divide between cop culture and civilian culture is extremely wide. Always will be, I guess. As I have laid out, it's two totally different worlds. I thought I was pretty enlightened in the world of professional law enforcement. But as more time passes, viewing the conduct of the civilians and the active duty and retired law enforcers online has shown me I was not.

           Police officers have an incredible amount of influence over the civilian population. Just having a uniformed officer come into a convenience store or pull up next to you in a cruiser on the street elicits a response from the surrounding civilians. Civilians, most of the time, get all excited and goofy around uniformed Police officers. That's just the way it is.  The authority, the presence of a representative of the law—there's many different reasons.

           Whether it's the Conservative right-wing and Second Amendment community, and those who are under the influence of that particular group, the same community that spawned the original "jack-booted thugs" comment these many years ago, or the extremist Liberal-left, they all advance their agendas through fear-mongering and demonizing the law enforcement community. It's a tool; just another faceless, voiceless community to exploit. They're not going to change their tactics, because it works.  Fear, whether irrational or not, motivates people.

           Do you understand? Officer Joe Horn nailed it when he wrote:

           "They view us, American citizens, cops, as the enemy. What's new? The Left calls us Pigs, the Right calls us Nazis.

           Way kewl......SEIG! oink, SEIG! oink, SEIG! oink...."

           You, the American professional law enforcement community, always have been, always are, and always will be, caught in the middle. These people, the fearful civilian and the exploitive political community, will never fully grasp that—nor want to, continually striving to manipulate and grasp at the LE community as pawns and objects to be influenced to their own ends, because you bear the badge.

           Will that ever change? No, that goes without saying.

           Rather, focus on denying the current opposition their opportunities to attack–modify your behavior and tactics to deny your enemy territory and ground.


           I most certainly understand that everybody doesn't believe like I do. The field of professional law enforcement boasts a wide array of people from many different backgrounds and upbringings, including the officers mentioned in this article. But if I may offer a few suggestions from a Biblical perspective?

           So many righteous cops have found themselves under attack because they got loose with their speech, especially in a public setting; something they said that was off-color and crude, only to be recorded somewhere or repeated by someone else who overheard it and exploited it in the current political environment.

           Is this "politically correct" censorship?  You bet!  Is this a blatant violation of the First Amendment and an inexcusable double standard?  You bet!  Is an officer being  fired for "inappropriate" comments a crime itself?  You bet!  Is a criminal being portrayed as a "victim of circumstance" by being a "product of their environment" infuriating and reprehensible?  You bet!  But that's where we are at, living under the influence of this goofy Socialist/Liberal social engineering.  So adapt to it.

           As a civilian, I have the luxury of stating pretty much whatever I want, to get sloppy in my speech without such severe repercussions. A Police officer, or anyone else working in an official capacity as a community figure, doesn't have that same luxury. Yet all of us as Christians, whether in LE or not, are held to a higher speech and personal community presentation standard than the world.  The circumstances may change–get more difficult–God's standards do not.  Yet, we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. (Philippians 4:13).  Including prevailing in these tense, politicized times.

           "That ye put off concerning the former conversation (lifestyle of the world) the old man, which is corrupt according to the deceitful lusts..." (Ephesians 4:22)

           "Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers." (Ephesians 4:29).

           "...Neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor jesting, which are not convenient: but rather giving of thanks." (Ephesians 5:4)

           Note well the many other cautions in the Bible concerning our speech and the dangers of the tongue.  "Keep thy tongue from evil, and thy lips from speaking guile." (Psalm 34:14)

           "I said, I will take heed to my ways, that I sin not with my tongue: I will keep my mouth with a bridle, while the wicked is before me." (Psalm 39:1)

           "There is that speaketh like the piercings of a sword: but the tongue of the wise is health." (Proverbs 12:18)

           There are many, many more. All through the Bible the individual is cautioned and urged to police their speech. Indeed, the Lord Himself said, "That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment." (Matthew 12:36) How much misery a Police officer would be spared in these PC times if only they held unwaveringly to the standards of Biblical speech as directed to from the beginning, denying the enemy any opening or opportunity to attack them in this area.

           The Bible says: "Set a watch, O LORD, before my mouth; keep the door of my lips." (Psalms 141:3) This watch should be in place at all times, whether on duty or off duty and on our own time.  It's not that hard to judge what is considered appropriate and what is not.  If an individual has been judged to have enough sense to bear the responsibility of the badge, it's assured they have the sense to know what is "off-color" and what is not.  I fully understand that what is "inappropriate" is totally arbitrary these days, especially with the wobbly criteria established by the erratic and asinine thinking of the liberal left, but basic sensibility and courtesy is a guide not too hard to follow.

           To be clear, I understand fully that law enforcement people, especially on the streets, use speech and their voice as a tool, and I certainly am not attempting to deny them that effective tool with what some might feel are unrealistic standards.

           When it comes down to disarming a knife-wielding suspect, for example, on the streets, the difference between an officer stating, "Please, sir, can you drop the knife, " and commanding, "Drop the (bleep) knife, (bleep), or I'll drop you on your (bleep, bleep)!!" the effectiveness of the latter in attempting to gain suspect compliance is clear.

           Good Cop, Bad Mouth ~ By Larry Elder.
           [ ]
           Good Cop, Bad Mouth ~


           The Bible doesn't contain a carefully defined "use of force" policy that would suit a modern day, secular, Police department. So the shepherds of His Church, especially within the Christian law enforcement community who have served on the streets with honor and distinction, are most qualified to speak. A retired Police officer states this:

           "Time and time again, suspects resist, and may have force used against them. If the suspect is wrong, then the Cop is right. The suspect is commanded to submit to the Police Officer by God's law as well as mans.

           In closing, I want to emphasize that a Christian or non-Christian police officer's goal and desire is to only use the minimum amount of force necessary to effect the arrest, to overcome resistance, or to protect another's life."

           Officer Devin Chase says this concerning use of force: "Remember too Romans 13. Romans gives police officers the authority to use force, but it also says that we (including police officers) are to be in subjection to the governing authorities: For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God. I read this to mean that we in law enforcement should follow the dictates of our government (unless of course we are ordered to go against God's law, in which case we do not carry out that order!)."

           No amount of training can adequately deal with the "human factor." That is a standard and bulwark which has to come from within the LE community itself—and the Warrior community setting that standard, in holding to the highest levels of professionalism, restraint, and integrity, in these high stress Police actions.


           The Word of God instructs us to judge our hearts thus: "For if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged." (I Corinthians 11:31).  It is beneficial then to filter our experiences, attitudes, and personal views through the experiences of those who have gone before us, the veterans and the Old Guard, and their adventures in faith recorded in the Bible.

    Moses       Note well the conduct of Moses–the first Law Man–recorded in Exodus chapter two, and some of his errors:

           "And it came to pass in those days, when Moses was grown, that he went out unto his brethren, and looked on their burdens: and he spied an Egyptian smiting an Hebrew, one of his brethren.  And he looked this way and that way, and when he saw that there was no man, he slew the Egyptian, and hid him in the sand." (Exodus 2:11-12)

           Moses, at this time, had awakened to his heritage and was moved to stand in defense of his brethren against Pharoah's tyranny. So, in his own strength, in "the flesh," and outside of the Will of God, he murdered a man then tried to hide what he had done. The next day, it became obvious to him that it was not unknown, he found no support from his brethren, and he fled the repercussions of his wrong actions into the wilderness. At this time, this action on his part was outside of the Will of God, as his brethren, the Jews, still maintained the "slave" mentality (like much of American society) and were in no way ready to follow him in resistance against Pharoah. God knew this, but Moses, seeing with natural eyes, and not spiritual, was naive to this.  Many times incorrect attitudes and perceptions translate into improper decisions and actions.  The Lord then Providentially sent him into the wilderness to learn the ways of discipline, restraint, and obedience.

           To learn the Code of the Warrior.

           A mentor and friend of mine, R.D. Conner, once said to me:

    Author and Scholar R. David Conner       "I have learned a lot about God–about His personality, character, plans, and reasons–why He does things. I stand in constant and unparalleled awe at His Mighty Works and His unimaginable Wisdom. Constant study and repetition in His Word is the key, but one must also acknowledge whatever God says in His written Word, to gain the most from it."

           The Lord has protocols, rules, structure, and a clear way He "does things," indeed, Constitutional law and the Bill of Rights sovereignly placed in American society as a check on governmental power–and abuse–for all our benefit, regardless of what we believe.

           On the other hand, today's modern day gang phenomenon can be compared to the pillaging Huns tormenting first century Roman civilization–indeed, a "disciplining" force on the morally bankrupt, decadent Italian culture enacted by the Lord to correct that society.  Note well the Hun hordes were not an "invasion" force, coming to seize land or political power, but simply to loot and pillage–just like today's gangs.

           So many times I listen to Conservative/Christian people and read myriad articles and commentary, where the individual cries out for "somebody to do something!" concerning our current social and political turmoils.  Yet, moving outside of God's structure and protocols, in our own frustration and impatience–just like the young Moses–in a furtive bid to "do something" leads only to failure.

           Andrew Sandlin emphasises these protocols in his commentary Principled Resistance to Civil Tyranny: One Man's View:

           "Please understand: in the modern situation, to be politically inert is to refuse to render to Caesar what is his. Representative civil government means we should work to assure that we are properly represented. For Christians, this means pressing the claims of Jesus Christ in the public sphere. For this reason, Christians in the United States, for instance, should spend more time practicing civil obedience (writing, voting, petitioning, working precincts, preaching, praying imprecations, etc. ) than civil disobedience (sit-ins, tax revolts, revolutionary militias, and so forth). I repeat: the Bible does indeed justify civil disobedience, but only when civil government prohibits what the Bible requires or requires what the Bible prohibits. We must meet injustice with justice, not greater injustice."

           A law enforcement related quote I recently acquired says it more succinctly:



           So what are the options in light of all this?

           Quit.  The heck with this lunacy!  Enter the private sector.  You would be absolutely justified and who could blame you?

           Or, as law enforcement people who are clearly defined as "ministers of God," (Romans 13:4) you can choose to accept the current social and political environment pertaining to modern day law enforcement and adjust and adapt to it, continually influencing your respective sphere of influence from the inside–for the better.  Live up to the higher personal and performance standards demanded of it.  The LE community talks about backing each other up; partners covering their peers under fire. Surviving politically means the need for LE people to recognize the hazards of the current political and social environment and continually and objectively police their ranks, watching over and cautioning their peers in the Brotherhood while in action on the streets, denying the enemy any advantage while keeping the Old School ways and the individuality and uniqueness of their respective LE agencies alive.

           I am continually amazed and deeply appreciative of the caliber of law enforcement people the Lord places me in the company of. Whether it is their service records or credentials, their vast experience, their tales of the objective, gracious, and wise use of their discretionary powers when on the streets, or that outrageous and hilarious cutting and caustic sense of humor and way they express themselves (that only a twenty years street patrol career can produce), they have always and continually stood as the best American society has to offer. Some have come from a long family history of law enforcement. Grandfathers, fathers, and now sons and a few daughters, entering this mentally, spiritually, and physically, challenging field. Consummate professionals with a very somber and deeply held commitment to the laws of the Constitution and their vows to uphold that law.

           Officers like the "Riverside Four," Chaplain Bill, Sergeant Greg Preece (RPD), and Chaplain William G. Kalaidjian (NYPD), are an example of the initial casualties—not much different than an officer who dies in the line of duty—in this war of ideologies that is at the foundation of the forces attacking the spectrum of professional law enforcement in America today. Maintaining the Warrior protocols, they are chance victims of the coercion, intimidation, threats, and political tyranny unleashed against the people in their field.

           It's easy in the face of this lunacy to relax your grip, to withdraw mentally and physically from the conflict. The honorable men and women of professional law enforcement now face many critics without, as well as dilemmas within. But remember, a quote by an unknown says: "A society that makes War against its Police had better learn to make friends with its criminals."

           A letter I sent to the local paper concerning a regional contention said this,

           "The citizens of Riverside County can only come to one conclusion about the field of law enforcement after reading the paper the past few weeks. It is clear we have suddenly evolved into a society of non-violent, law-abiding, church-going Christian people, this supported by the continuing decline in the crime statistics

           On the other hand, the men and women of law enforcement have obviously degenerated into a bunch of unrestrained, blood-thirsty, "haters of life," roving the peaceful streets of our cities like rabid dogs, blowing away innocent citizens with unmitigated, trigger-happy glee.

           I suggest all respective city councils immediately disband all local and county law enforcement agencies as they have outlived their purpose. Think of the vast financial savings to every municipality involved!

           There will be one bump in this road to utopia though. We have to float it by the widows and families of Deputy Sheriffs Haugen, Lehmann, Hintergardt, et. al., first."

           It’s only the integrity, strength of character, dedication, and commitment to the highest personal ideals, that more of the top qualified law enforcement officers don’t just abandon the whole fiasco.

           But to the men and women of professional law enforcement, nationwide, I hope you push onward. Never surrender. Because, you know the streets, you know what’s out there. The "Turner Diaries" and the Christian Identity crowd, the Aztlan adherents and the race hustlers, the anti-authority and Anarchist bunch, the bombers, as well as the plain simple criminal element that the Socialists think can be dealt with through their bizarre social engineering schemes, only to leave them to prey on the next hapless victim.

           As Ranger Mike stated, "...The bottom line, real deal is this, we deal with thugs, rapists, murderers, thieves, hypes and people so vile that they get  labeled "Criminally Insane," given a football helmet and sent off to Happy Land, where they spend all day ramming their heads into solid inanimate objects...."

           There’s many, many innocent people without the resources and strength to defend themselves, who lay their head down at night in relative peace, trusting that out there in the night, is someone walking the wall around law-abiding society, dedicated, aggressive, and professional, ready to do violence on their behalf with the worst that society has to offer.

           Some will fall, both physically and politically, from this society of Warriors, as casualties in this conflict between good and evil. But the Warrior protocols demand that the warrior commit to a higher ideal and standard—the Code—including rising above the blind hatred and trash hurled against them by the very society they are tasked to protect.

           I think this was modeled most effectively by the patrol staff of the Riverside PD during the initial onset of the protests after the Tyisha Miller shooting  The first day, on a Monday, the RPD held a memorial service for a fallen officer in the early morning.  They then had to then turn around and work the protests.

           I recall seeing the pictures in the paper the next morning.  One depicted a few grim-faced officers in riot gear leading certain notable protesters away, including the infamous Al Sharpton, to be ceremoniously "booked."  I recall observing the black tape placed across the badges of these arresting officers in honor of their fallen comrades.

           The poignant irony in these pictures was not lost on me, or a few others.  These officers were representative of a much wider community, exhibiting the same quiet nobility and professional restraint–in the face of a blind and misguided mob–synonymous with the society of the Warriors.


           It's interesting to note, in the midst of this PC tyranny leveled against the field of professional law enforcement, the way the Jews maintained the basic tenets of Hebrew culture through the ages, before the rebirth of Israel. By and large, Jewish culture was maintained orally, through story telling and teaching by their community elders, passing these things on to younger generations.

           So too, should the old men, both serving and retired, pass the protocols of the Warrior culture on to the young officers and rookies who will be the up and coming recipients of the legacy of the previous LE generation.

            Officer Bruce Emmott writes:

           "...You can't tease anyone anymore. The job has been hit with "PC" so hard it's just not fun anymore. The very things that brought cops together - made them friends and forged the bonds that made them willing to sacrifice for each other are GONE, because nobody can laugh at themselves anymore...."

           A veteran such as this most certainly has earned the right to judge the field of law enforcement and current trends. Yet, it was Chaplain William G. Kalaidjian, N.Y.P.D. retired (and himself a member of the New York City Police Department Honor Legion),  who I previously mentioned was another casualty of this PC tyranny unleashed against the field of law enforcement, who "...believes all veterans should support the various veteran organizations because they are the educators and keepers of our nation's patriotism."

           In is inferred that the veteran law enforcers are also the keepers and educators of a standard of law enforcement and civilian policing that is slipping away, being beat down from misguided and shortsighted forces of many different types.  I know you old timers have "done your time" and have paid your dues in service to this country.  But if you withdraw now, you take with you the insights of a previous generation that are too precious to be lost.  The up and coming generations will be the ones who are left without the basic understanding of the principles and standards you have spent your whole life upholding and defending.  These things are sure not being taught in our schools.  An oral history for the young remains in your possession. Don't let it be lost!

           This same truth was clarified in a question that Officer Joe Horn answered by an unnamed individual:

           "One thing I wanted to share with you. We have found that the "older" cops understand what the issues are ... but that the "younger" cops don't always understand. Is this also your experience?

           Sadly, it's true. Many young cops born after 1965 (the date LBJ created the Dept. of Education) and subject to the new feelings based education devoid of substance have problems with self-discipline, restraint, and literacy, not to mention that the Constitution is rarely taught in context or in its entirety. Add the influence of federal training and hiring standards, imposed as the price for free federal money, equipment, and toys (Federal grants), and many also develop a siege mentality and become fear-biters, as in the Diallo Shooting, Tyisha Miller Shooting, ad nauseum.

           The old timers try to train these kids and some are squared away, but I fear that the old guard is dwindling in number and influence. What it will be like in 25 years, no one can say."

           It's important for the younger generation to remember how to conduct themselves, when in their presence, the Old Guard, that there are a few intangible protocols in force. When a rookie or a noncom stands in the presence of the Warriors, he doesn't presume to "tell" these men anything. He doesn't "demand" anything of them.  He doesn't tell them squat.

           He sits down, keeps his mouth closed, and learns the old ways, hoping to pass them on in effective defense of the freedom the veteran Warriors fought and died to maintain. I think it's just plain consideration and respecting your elders and their obvious qualifications and experience.

           Thou shalt rise up before the grey head, and honour the face of the old man, and fear thy God: I am the LORD. (Leviticus 19:32)

           They are intimidating and tough, sometimes blunt and prickly, always hard-boiled and have an extremely low tolerance level for silliness, superficiality, cockiness and patronizing attitudes on the part of their subordinates and junior peers.

           Still, seek them out.  They possess a wisdom and caliber of insight you will find no where else.

           Certainly, this PC influence gutting effective, proactive law enforcement is wrong.  A lot of innocent street level law enforcers have been unjustly harmed because of it, and it endangers law abiding society who have either been stripped of their right to self-defense or don't have the heart to defend themselves, to an untenable degree. But that is a realistic assessment and where we are at.  This society needs to return to its moral roots, self-accountability and self-reliance, to some semblance of order and decency—as well as the rule of law.  That falls into the realm and responsibilities of the American ministerial community to boldly and clearly call their congregations to that; indeed, for American society to oppose and route out these warped and skewed notions and philosophies from American life.

           Hate Groups, "Racism," And The Riverside PD ~
           [ ]
           Hate Groups, "Racism," And The Riverside PD ~

           My generation, quite uniquely, has been the only one in this nation's history to enjoy the fruits of many previous generation's sacrifices and labors, by growing up in relative national peace and prosperity.  Today's generation—the modern day Police forces—are the Warriors , the Legionnaires, who walk the streets of this "empire" protecting its people and resources.  This generation needs to spend time with the older generation, from all backgrounds, spending time talking to them, querying them extensively on their life experiences, and certainly reading their memoirs.  They are walking history books and wells of insight and rare knowledge.  My generation needs to spend time in the presence of great men, learning the Old School foundational philosophy which was an instrumental component of what made this nation great.  Doing so promises much success in their lives, whether in professional law enforcement or the private sector.

           Over the years, I have spent the presence of great men.


    Cops, More Than Warriors
    Beyond the more superficial aspects of the
    Warrior Culture in American law enforcement.

    The Military Must Revive Its Warrior Spirit
    This also applies to the field of professional law enforcement!

      LE Officer

      "Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation for 'tis better to be alone than in bad company." ~ General George Washington

      "We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm." ~ George Orwell

    Officer Street Survival In These Politically Incorrect Times

    Recommended Reading ~

    About Face

    About Face ~ the Odyssey of an American Warrior.
    Author: Colonel David Hackworth (US ARMY Retired)

           For anybody, whether in professional law enforcement, the military, or the private sector, I recommend Col. Hackworth's memoirs in About Face. He pretty closely chronicles the decline of things like integrity, duty, service, and honor in the American military, describing the self-serving, "ticket-punching" mentality of the officer corps. The things he bring forth apply to all levels of American civilian law enforcement administration as well.

    Buy the Book - About Face!


    Take Up the Shield by Tony Miano
    Ten_Four Ministries Homepage  Take Up the Shield by Tony Miano
    Written by a street cop, this unique publication compares the various pieces of law enforcement equipment to the spiritual armor that the Bible describes in Ephesians chapter 6. Real-life law enforcement stories drive home the importance of each piece of equipment.

    Although much has been written about this well-known passage of Scripture, little has been written from the perspective of a Christian who wears and uses the physical armor of the police officer every day, fighting both the physical battle against crime in our society and the spiritual battle against evil that all individuals are called to fight.

    You don't have to be a cop or a Christian to be encouraged and challenged by this book. In addition to building your faith, this book will serve as a helpful introduction to the men and women who protect you and your community.


    KILLOLOGY Research Group examines how  culture and society change when one 
  human being kills another. The lives of individuals and families in our society 
  can be literally transformed and the world can become a safer place through 
  education about the causes and impacts of violent behavior.

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    Officer Street Survival In These Politically Incorrect Times
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