Some of the story behind Salem the Soldier

Some of the story behind the creation of Salem the Soldier and
the Christian spiritual warfare story, "Setting the Captives Free."

Some of the story behind Salem the Soldier

This is Salem and Samantha

"Salem and Samantha" Copyright © 1983-2010

Some of the story behind Salem the Soldier

       As you're looking around at all the nonsense that is going on in this nation, with all the turmoil and "scandal" that seems to be constantly afoot, buildings being bombed and people so angry, you might be getting a strange, uneasy feeling in your guts. Me too. Another angry citizen Especially if you are a Christian and wondering where in the world all this is heading. The sailing continues to get a little rougher everyday in America.

       It's intriguing that America is at the epitome of world influence, and that unmatched in recorded history, yet is so wracked by such extreme social and political turmoil; the American people,Christian or not, all but abandoning the political process in frustration, which is the keystone of their freedom and voice. That is truly unfortunate, as this is simply surrendering to hopelessness and despair. I feel that is the main reason why I was motivated, finally now, to have the story of Salem and the "Special Forces Division of the Army of Heaven" produced and put to paper, and not just a story that continually swirled around inside my heart.

       All through the Bible there are accounts, especially during times of great national crisis on the part of Israel, of a single man or woman, or a small group of the same, standing up and being counted by God, being used by God, to intervene on the behalf of the nation and to reach out to people. If the spiritual realm truly is a parallel and mirror dimension to the temporal, then even as there are special operations groups in the military forces of man's history, there are Special Forces fighters in the Army of Heaven. And even today, in America, there are those of that same group standing up and being used by God in a mighty, yet most of the time, simple way. The elite fighters. I have met some of them. Most are very ordinary people. So I wrote about them, every one of them, within the story of Salem the Soldier. Basically, one man's stand against the extremism and faithlessness that would seem to prevail.

       But concerning the tenuous direction of our nation and the current purposes of the people of God in it's future -- a newspaper clipping I keep, one of many like it that have been written, by a nationally syndicated columnist who, at the time of its crafting, had just returned from a world-wide vacation trip, states this:

       "American ideas of democracy and capitalism are marching over the world to the drum of American power and prosperous example. Because there is a global village, at least in communications and business, and because the American free market is the economic keystone to much of the world, the United States now probably has more reach and influence than any country has ever had in recorded history.

       In fact, the questions asked an American family pinballing from country to country are usually variations on "How do you do it?" How do people get so much money? Where do the jobs come from? How are the movies made? How can people do that, whatever they want? How do people stay so happy?"

       How indeed.

       The God of the Bible has obviously blessed America, in a very profound, tangible, and clearly formidable way. Now, today.

       "... For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall much be required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more." Luke 12:48

       And today, we, as American Christians, being blessed above all others in the True Church, by being able to live here, have the door, the opportunity, above all our peers world wide and those who have lived before us in Him, to seize the opportunity to influence the world through the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ like never before. Now, today, with the awesome resources we have access to through the freedoms afforded us by the U.S. Constitution and the advent of the Internet (also any other freely accessed resources that come to mind), we have a wide open field of fire that, with prayer and complete faith in His will and the Power of His Holy Spirit, not our own wisdom, understanding, and pre-conceived notions, gives us the obvious ability -- the chance -- to not only impact the American nation, but the whole world, for good, for His will! That people everywhere would come into a real and life-changing relationship with Him. Possibly changing the course of history as we perceive it. That is the only way to impact this nation in a truly lasting and formidable manner.

       And seeing the many problems and challenges that are now facing the United States; the integrity, the very fabric of our society stretched to the limit, it is clear the Lord has hearkened to the prayers of His people to intervene on the behalf of this nation, in restoring the national uniqueness and stability that has made it a peerless witness to the world. Many will debate as to the influence that Christianity, and the true Church, has had on the building of this nation and its greatness, but in the long run it is undeniable. His people and their faith, personal initiative, and courage, have been the driving influence behind America's rise to greatness.

       As I have been out on the Internet, and talking with many different people, it has been interesting to observe the going's on of the online Church. Especially the politics message boards of Christianity Online. Although I have met a lot of solid citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven who walk in pure faith and confidence in Him, I think it unfortunate that so many people professing to be Christians run to and fro, thinking the U.S. government or their own wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, can make an impact on the moral anarchy that is taking this great country apart. That is, salvation and guidance outside of His written Word. Many fail to take God at His word and believe His many promises that He has made to them, and basically giving up, surrender to the world and compromise. Or many are afraid to take a stand for the Truth, and that in defiance against the current "politically correct" mindset of the mainstream, have been bullied into silence and say nothing at all. As it has been said many times before, "he who agrees with everything, stands for nothing."

       Compromise accomplishes nothing.

       A friend of mine, R. David Conner, being an individual that has had a great influence on my life in the short time I have known him, once said,

       "We today are God's Poema, or Masterpiece (Greek in Eph. 2:10 from "workmanship"). In the Garden of Eden, Adam could see and talk with God, so how much faith did that take? In the Old Testament, God performed miracles which were known world wide, such as the deliverance of the children of Israel from Egypt, the routing of enemies, fire from heaven, the flood, etc. In the New Testament, we have Jesus Christ in person, so how much faith did it take to believe in Him? In the Acts period, there were miracles of raising from the dead, being freed from prison, being saved from shipwreck, etc., so how much faith did that take?

       BUT... today, all we have is a written Bible and a lot of people who say God is dead and that we came from apes. In end time prophecy, miracles will return in the sky and on the ground, and there will be angels and other strange manifestations. In the Millenium, Christ will personally sit on His Throne in Jerusalem and can be seen by anyone, so how much faith will it take to believe in Him? Mike, we are God's no.1 calling, because of our great faith and love, which no man of any other age can equal."

       God's no.1 calling in a very unique and singular time in history. How truly insightful.

       The times we live in are very unique in the history of the world and of the United States. With the advent of technology, the rise of the U.S. as the reigning world super power, and the continuing "globalization" of our societies, religions, and economies, it would seem that the Biblical prophecies of a coming one world government are coming to pass. This isn't "weird," or "paranoid," but a fact that we should face with understanding and courage. It has been foretold that all this would happen from before the time of Christ and should be understood as just another chapter in the will of God. The thing that is critical, is how we, and the true Church at large, should be responding to it. In the midst of all this "progressiveness," it is easy to slip away from the things of the Spirit, the things of true faith.

       Yet even as all this takes place, there are those few who have mastered the principles of diplomacy and Biblical spiritual warfare, of what it means to be an Ambassador of Heaven and a soldier in the Army of Heaven. These stand in unwavering faith everyday. Even as the Lord told Elijah,

       "...Yet have I left me seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed unto Baal, and every mouth which hath not kissed him." I Kings 19:18

       So do these stand against the mainstream, uncompromising in Him. In the Army of Heaven, these are the elite fighters. Being mature and solid in Him, they are acutely aware of everything they have access to in Him. HASFThe many promises of God to us, the skillfully deployed Word of God, are our only weapon against the forces of darkness who are behind the spiritual scenes, manipulating and orchestrating all this chaos and turmoil. How can the people of this nation trust in anything else? For the last thirty years, it has led to nothing but near ruin.

       I hope and pray that as we live in this society and try to live a life out in the field that would be a witness to the Truth and a testimony to life in Him, we would remember in the back of our mind the awesome responsibility that comes with having so much, having access to so much, and in the time ahead and onward, all of us would look for every opportunity and clear leading from Him to be used in a very great way. The heart and soul of the nation and its people is being fought over, in the unseen forum of the Internet; the thoughts, philosophies, and ideas pertaining to the Truth being engaged in, not only this arena, but others. And the modern day gladiators in this "War of Ideas" are you and me.

       So never surrender, people, never surrender! Seize the times, and seize the day! When the odds are stacked up against you and there is no way out, still refuse to surrender, and geared up in the Armor of God, walking in real love, patient restraint, and in His power alone, engage the enemies of sin, fear, faithlessness, and unbelief. Keep hacking away at every spiritual stronghold that would raise itself against you and the Church....

       "For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: (for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds;) Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringeth into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ...." II Corinthians 10: 3-5

       That is another aspect of what the story of Salem the Soldier and “Setting the Captives Free” is all about. That when everything we have ever clung to outside of Him has come to an end, we still push onward and fight through to another day. Because the Truth will always prevail in the end.

       A Special Forces Division in the Army of Heaven? Now, in the desperation, confusion, and despair of the end times, their legend lives on....

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword
The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword!

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