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The Second Amendment

On Sandy Hook Elementary ~

Christiane Amanpour posted a study on her Facebook page arguing for the validity of a full firearms confiscation order, citing the success of no "mass murders" in Australia, the U.K., and Japan since a full disarmament was submitted to by these nation's citizens. In the immediate wake of the Connecticut Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting incident, this is typical of the globalist elitist's response to these tragedies. Of course this study fails to report the subsequent rise in crime, including home invasion robberies, because the populace is completely defenseless against the criminal element and the government is absolutely impotent in protecting the law abiding.

Nonetheless, Amanpour's followers lauded the idea.

What disturbs me the most is the secular media, certainly no friend of Biblical, New Testament Christianity, giving forum to self-proclaiming "Evangelical" Christian pastors to call for gun control, arbitrary gun confiscation, and the continued undermining of the Second Amendment. Daniel Darling, pastor of Gages Lake Bible Church, writing on the CNN belief blog, in an article entitled, "It's time for evangelicals to speak up about guns," is receiving positive response from some quarters. Pastor Darling, in really getting down to brass tacks, retweets a screen grab of the initial CNN graphic which states further, "Evangelicals, Speak Out Against Guns."

Let me first state up front I don't know pastor Darling's heart. But I can make some clear judgments by the content of his article. I also know history and the history of gun control. And this "Evangelical" will not speak out against guns.

Pastor Darling's article, after giving a superficial nod to Biblical truth on self-defense more than once, modifies this Biblical truth with much personal opinion. His article is riddled with the emotive terminology oft employed by secular anti-gun writers. He states in his article, "Gun ownership should be a privilege earned by good behavior and conferred only on the most trustworthy of our citizens," (what else in the Bill of Rights should be "conferred only" by someone's arbitrary standard?) than turns around and states on his Twitter feed, "And I think a national mental database is much more worrisome than banning assault weapons" (without a national database how does he think someone's "good" behavior is to be ascertained?).

The rest of his reasoning is just as erratic. Time does not permit an effective response to the many more concerns in his article; I have addressed them over the years in resources posted on my site..

Another more overt offense is where he retweets an individual's statement, "It's possible to use the Scripture to support ideas the Scripture does not in fact support. Luke 4:9-12," this, after doing the exact same thing in his article, linking to scripture to support his very weak argument calling for gun control and full bans.

As my associate Tom Pardue once stated in a debate with an Australian female police officer on these very same issues, "She is attempting to bind men's consciences without sufficient Scriptural support. ... If her conscience is bound that gun ownership is a sin, so be it, even though it isn't supported by Scripture, but she should not attempt to bind another's conscience. See Romans 14 for details of this sin."

Pastor Darling states, "New gun laws won't prevent every future crime, but perhaps a few common-sense regulations would help destroy a culture of violence that so tempts young troubled men."

No, a few "common sense" regulations will do absolutely nothing to destroy any "culture of violence." Only the Biblical GOSPEL preached with boldness and clarity will destroy the "culture of violence." Only calling men and women—this nation—to repentance of their SIN and exclusive submission to the finished work of the cross will destroy any "culture of violence." Only people being born again and bowing to the Lordship of Jesus Christ in the personal lives and churches and communities will destroy any "culture of violence."

Gun control is once again, purely cosmetic.

Pastor Darling, in his article in response to the Connecticut shooting scenario, models once again everything that is wrong with "Evangelical" Christianity in America. In his one opportunity to impact the nation for good in the wake of the shooting, his presentation is completely devoid of the Gospel! The only thing that can save this nation and change hearts and minds!

Dear valued friends and peers, the Connecticut shooting happening at this time in our history, and the draconian measures already being forwarded by neo-socialists and self-proclaimed "Evangelical" pastors is instructive.

I have argued that the American Evangelical church is at a critical and unique position in these days. For absolutely everything wrong, the evil that surrounds us, that anybody can point out wrong with America, the Gospel is being heralded to the nation, and further out from this nation, to the world! No where else in the world today is this happening. I go to a church that just this past summer broadcast the unvarnished Gospel to the whole nation—in one day.

If you were Satan, the adversary, and you saw this, wouldn't you being doing absolutely everything you could to stop this high profile preaching of the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ? Wouldn't you being pulling out all the stops to hobble this; to shut it down?

Yet many "Evangelical" Christians fail to see the connection between America's unique Second Amendment heritage - the teeth of the Constitution and Bill of Rights - and the freedom we have in this country to proclaim the Gospel unmolested.

Is not God sovereign in the creation of this nation? Were these freedoms we are provided for with no purpose? Are "Evangelical" pastors taking stands such as this wiser than He is?

Where else in this world is the New Testament church not being persecuted and tortured, especially in nations where the right to self-defense is limited or simply non-existent?

Right, pretty much no where.

Nevertheless, American "Evangelical" pastors are jumping on the gun control bandwagon, goaded by the whip of obviously satanically initiated shootings like the one in Connecticut, accepting the praise of men and this world, in a short-sighted gambit to radically alter the cultural balance and equilibrium that guarantees their comfortable pulpits.

Just amazing! How blind to history and the devices of the adversary!

Because if the current push to undermine the Second Amendment, American gun ownership, and self-defense is conceded to, much worse things than Sandy Hook can be expected down the road. God help this nation and the Spirit-filled church in this nation to listen to the warnings of more Biblical "Evangelicals" like Joel Rosenberg and Greg Laurie in these troubled times. Those Christians who know the times in America—and the wiles of the adversary—pray against that last final belch from the pit of hell over this nation that still holds hope for so many...



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The Second Amendment

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The Second Amendment

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The Second Amendment

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