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From the Christian story "Salem the Soldier" in
"Setting the Captives Free," a modern tale of spiritual warfare.

A Blue Line

       Salem the Soldier in "Setting the Captives Free," is a modern day tale of spiritual warfare, written utilizing the full symbolism and metaphors of the Bible, concerning the Christian and spiritual warfare. Although a story of today, it is told completely within the realm of the spiritual world and employs the realm and era of the first century.

       In this story, Salem and his friends, Samantha, Jesse, Roscoe, Gunnar, and Cutter John, early one morning are unexpectedly called by the Lord through their Pastor/Teacher, Rhialle the Shepherd, to stand to a higher commitment, to stand apart from the crowd, and to be used by God to intervene on America's behalf. Wearing the colors of Heaven's best and empowered only by His Holy Spirit, highly trained in the use of and employing only the full Armor of God, they understand their position in Him and their authority as citizens and Ambassadors of the Kingdom of Heaven. Laying hold on their calling, they seize initiative and the day, and strike deep into enemy territory. Sent against the stronghold of "Point Despair," in the Valley of Gehenna, that is, the "world", they embark on a mission and an outreach that will not only change their lives forever, but the future of the American nation, and through that, the whole world.

       Marching in with no other resources, no pride, pretension or safety nets, but only faith in Him and confidence in each other, Salem is apprehensive of what the day will hold. Up to this point in their lives, they have all served in obscurity and namelessness, but having mastered the principles of spiritual warfare and fully submitting to the training that God has put them through, they find themselves desiring a greater challenge in their spiritual lives. Their initiation and day has come.

       Stopping at the border outpost, "The Hill," in the mountain range that surrounds the "Land of the Great Kingdom," they pray a moment with some old friends, and then head into the world. The stronghold of Point Despair has stood for many years, and many attempts have been made to penetrate it, but on this day the timing of God and His agenda has come into play. Laying seige to Despair, Salem and his friends find themselves thrown into the iron furnace of a fire trial that tests the deepest depths of their hearts and souls. Even the angels of Heaven are ordered to stand down and not intervene, as Salem's Five battles on. Meeting and challenging the Tribunes, "Feer, Synn, and Rage" and the "Black Army" legion, everything they have learned and trained for comes to the fore, in the ultimate modern day battle between the Truth and the Light, and darkness, deception, and despair.

       And it is when they finally come to the end of themselves, forced to their knees, that they realize it is only the Lord Jesus Christ living in their hearts, their position and faith in Him, and the finished work and victory of the shed blood of the Cross, that they can prevail and make a difference in the end.


       I first developed and wrote this story about Salem during my youth and early years as a Christian (first in 1983), but not finding any open doors or real clear direction at the time, shelved the project, and knowing that the Lord had some purpose in mind for it, waited for Him to come and get me. Fourteen years later, and a lot of "basic training" on the backside of the desert, He suddenly came and got me, and with some help from my friend, Richard, the story was fully written.

       I can see now that there is a lot of changes happening to America, even as her influence continues to reach world wide, and a lot of extreme things taking place in our society. Mind-numbing violence and anarchy seems to be getting the upper hand, but this due in part to the fact we have strayed from our "high calling of God," and trusted in our own understanding and meager temporal resources to impact the spiritual arena. But I can also see this story is a clear response to a lot of these events; changes that must happen as the Lord brings America into line with end times prophecy and history.

       America currently enjoys a national world-wide influence that has never been matched in the recorded history of man, and the Church should be taking every advantage of that influence by exploiting every opportunity to bring the Gospel to the world. I think the story of Salem the Soldier was created for such a time as this. This paper back "short novel" (87 pages-8 1/2" by 12"), is evangelical in nature, exhortive in spirit, directed exclusively toward the American Church, and lightly illustrated throughout by me. There is something for everybody in here.

       The style and story content is directed more towards the "young reader," (14-30 yrs.). But I would hope every Christian, regardless of their age and standing, who serves in obscurity and namelessness but with honor and faith in the presence of God, would find some wisdom and encouragement in it. This nation has been a haven and great gift to the true Church of Jesus Christ, those who walk with Him willingly invited into their hearts, and is still worth standing for. This story is about those who are doing just that.

       I believe our Lord is doing a great work in America now, today, as more of His people are abandoning their inadequate temporal measures in attempting to impact the spiritual arena, and kneeling before God in their hearts, holding exclusively to the protocol's of spiritual warfare and simple faith and hope in Him, and are "raising the flag" one more time before the consummation of the Church age, which I believe is approaching its close. That is the underlying message of the story.

       If you think this story would be a worthy addition to your collection, or perhaps a source of comfort or encouragement to someone you know who is going through some rough times, then consider ordering a copy.

       Thanks for your time and interest!

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Thanks for your time and interest!
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