Salem the Soldier

This is the portrait of Salem the Soldier from the cover of "Setting the Captives Free." I chose not to have him smiling because the underlying tone of the story was somewhat serious. But his nature is very friendly and compassionate.

The armor is Roman era, although the Helmet of Salvation is of the gladiator design, and the helmet brush is added for appearence. The Breastplate of Righteousness covers the upper body all around. Some Pastors like to teach that it only covers the front, to show there is no retreat in spiritual warfare, but this is historically inaccurate. When you are in a battle, most of the time the bad guys are all around you. The Sword of the Spirit is a calvary sword, so it is a little longer than the standard infantry blade, and is slung from the hip. Then of course you have the Shield of Faith and the studded sandals, the preparation of the Gospel of Peace.

The Christian Soldier and the Armor of God, as described in Galations and II Timothy.


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