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10 Big Myths about Copyright Explained

Brad Templeton clearing up some common misconceptions about intellectual property law on the Internet.

Copyright Act for the 21st Century

US House Resolution #3048; SPONSOR: Rep Boucher (introduced 11/13/97); A bill to update and preserve balance in the Copyright Act for the 21st Century; to advance educational opportunities through distance learning; to implement the World Intellectual Property Organization Copyright Treaty and Performances and Phonograms Treaty, and for other purposes.

Copyright Clearance Center Online

A not-for-profit organization created at the suggestion of Congress to help organizations comply with U.S. copyright law through its collective licensing programs, providing authorized users with a lawful means for making photocopies from its repertoire of more than 1.75 million titles.

Copyright Resources

A well-organized, interesting collection of reference sites representing both users and producers.

Digital Future Coalition

Committed to striking an appropriate balance in law and public policy between protecting intellectual property and affording public access to it. Representing over 2 million Americans, the DFC is the result of a unique collaboration of 39 of the nation's leading non-profit educational, scholarly, library, and consumer groups, together with major commercial trade associations representing leaders in the consumer electronics, telecommunications, computer, and network access industries.

Digital Information and Copyright

From Notre Dame

"Keeping it Legal: Questions Arising out of Web Site Management"

By Jamie McKenzie from the June 1996 issue of From Now On. Oriented towards the educational community.

Stanford University Libraries: Copyright and Fair Use

Resources on the web having to do with copyright and fair use.

U.S.Copyright Office

Library of Congress.

Copyright Basics

United States Patent and Trademark Office

US and International Legal Materials

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

Geneva, Switzerland; one of the 16 specialized agencies of the United Nations system of organizations.

Yahoo! - Government:Law:Intellectual Property:Copyright

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