A note from the Author

A Note from the Author. . . .

A note from the Author

The Author, Michael A. Baker
       Believe it or not, I am not out here to "make money."

       My primary objectives are to help my brethren and fellow citizens of this great country survive these spiritually violent and confusing times, so we all can safely make it to the other side.

       Internet marketing consultants portray Web customers as "impatient" and "impulsive" and they feel if an online salesperson doesn't have the latest digital gadgetry (i.e. credit card access) to speed up the purchasing process, then most people will not bother with pursuing the final securing of a desired item. I find that to be a very shallow, superficial and insulting portrayal of the class of people that I feel will be traversing these pages on a regular basis.

       The Lord Jesus, Salem, and everything pertaining to true Christianity, is militant and at odds with the consumeristic, secular, "need for immediate gratification" way that things are marketed these days in America, and not the way I do things. This is a basic outfit.

       Also, if you send me your mailing address, I won't sell it in a list to someone else, I won't mail you any other materials in violation of your privacy, nor will show up on your doorstep asking for food or money.

       Relax. I'm safe.

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A note from the Author
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A note from the Author